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Dave Chappelle
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Famous American comedian, actor, and producer David Khari Webber, better known by his stage name Dave Chappelle. One of the best stand-up comics in the United States is Dave. He was listed as the ninth-best stand-up comedian of all time by Rolling Stone in 2017.

Dave Chappelle | Early Life, Family, and Education

American comedian, actor, and producer Dave Chappelle is well-known. Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973.

He is 48 years old at the moment. Dave’s full name is Dave Khari Webber. Afro-American parents gave birth to Dave.

Similarly, Yvonne is Dave’s mother and his father is William David Chappelle III. When Dave was a small child, his parents divorced. Dave grew up in Silver Spring as a result.


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Additionally, Dave attended Woodlin Elementary School till the end of his education. Since his school days, Dave has been a huge fan of comedy.

Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor were two comedians who Dave once looked up to for inspiration. Additionally, Dave graduated from Duke Ellington School of Arts with a degree in theater arts.

Dave Chappelle | Professional Life and Career

Chappelle relocated to New York after receiving his diploma to pursue his ambition of becoming a top comedian.

At the Apollo Theatre, Dave performed his first stand-up routine. Dave’s dedication and never-say-die attitude got him his first acting part in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” where he played Acho.

In a similar vein, Dave contributed to the 1995 movie “Getting In.” The same year, Dave and Jim Breuer both made appearances in the popular American sitcom “Home Improvement.

Additionally, Dave had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Eddie Murphy, his childhood hero, in the 1996 hit movie “The Nutty Professor.”

After that, Dave appeared as a significant protagonist in “Half-Baked” in 1997.


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In addition, Dave had significant career exposure via Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show,” which was broadcast.

The program was such a success that Dave agreed to a lucrative contract with Viacom.

Additionally, Dave was able to establish a world record for stand-up comedy at the laugh factory Sunset Strip Comedy Club for 3 hours and 50 minutes.

In the 2015 crime comedy Chi-Raq, Dave played the role of Morris. Following Dave’s outstanding performance in “Chi-Raq,” Netflix offered him a $60 million contract.

Dave produced four comedy specials for Netflix with the titles “The Bird Revelation,” “Sticks & Stones,” “Equanimity,” and “Quincy.” Two of these four received nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards: “Equanimity” and “Quincy.

He recently agreed to a $20 million per episode deal with Netflix. Under that agreement, he published a total of six stand-up comedy albums.

Dave has received a lot of honors and awards throughout his career. He has received honors such as Grammys, Emmys, Primetime Emmys, and many others.

Dave Chappelle | Personal Life

He is currently married to his wife Elaine, to discuss their current relationship status. Filipino is Elaine’s ethnic background.

The couple were blessed with two sons and one girl. Dave has Sonal as his daughter and Ibrahim and Sulayman as his two kids. Right now, Dave’s family is content with their lives.

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Dave Chappelle | Net Worth and Salary

The estimated net worth of Dave Chappelle is $60 million.

Chappelle and Netflix agreed to a partnership in 2016 to provide standstills to the streaming service.

He reportedly earns $ 20 million for each special, and in the past five years, he has published six specials through the streaming service.

According to estimates, the 48-year-old’s Netflix contract has contributed the majority of his wealth.


Chappelle doesn’t just make his devoted fan base happy. By performing various acts of charity, he is also putting more smiles on the faces of the less fortunate.

‘Be The Change, Inc.’, a nonprofit group that leads initiatives to solve current national issues, is one of the numerous charities he supports.

Other nonprofit organizations, community leaders, decision-makers in politics, social entrepreneurs, and the commercial sector all assist with this.

His extensive list of favored nonprofits includes “BrittiCares International.” This charitable organization pledges to improve the lives of young cancer patients.


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The name was inspired by Brittania Henderson, a young child who was given the diagnosis with osteogenic sarcoma, also known as bone cancer.

Later, she battled Leukemia, a disease to which her frail body eventually succumbed.

‘The Dikembe Mutombo Foundation is another organization that Dave Chappelle is a big supporter of.

This time, he aids citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by attempting to enhance their access to education, quality of life, and health.

What Dave Chappelle Does With His Money?

Despite Chappelle’s apparent success, not much is known about his private life because he tends to be a somewhat quiet guy.

One thing, though, really strikes a chord. Dave enjoys hosting events!

He will have a sizable party in the barn for his buddies when he is away from his wife and children. It resembles a juke joint, We perform at full capacity in my neighbor’s barn.


If the actor/comedian has anything to teach us, it’s that not everything that brings you joy has to cost a lot of money.

“Turns out you don’t need $50 million to survive in these parts, just a nice smile and a friendly way about you, Chappelle continued in one of his interviews with USA Today. The best neighbors ever are you two. That is why I returned.”

He had declined a startling $50 million TV offer with Comedy Central to return to his tranquil Ohio home.


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In Yellow Springs, Ohio, Dave resides. He had resided there since he purchased the property in 2005, right before the third season of The Chappelle Show premiered.

“The town where I reside is fairly liberal. Yellow Springs is located a way to the left. Like an island of Bernie Sanders amid a sea of Donald Trump. There is a lot of red outsides, but in the city, people go places and do fun things. It is refined.”

Dave continued by stating that Yellow Springs is a laid-back city that he in the end loves. Chappelle manages his money well for someone who makes $50 million annually.

That’s likely the cause of his constant increase in net worth despite leading a modest life.

Dave Chappelle | Age and Body Measurements

As for Dave’s physical attributes, he appears to be fairly tall and slender. Dave is tall, standing at about 6 feet, or 183 cm. Like Dave, he carries roughly 75 kg.

Dave is bald and has black eyes. On the other hand, there isn’t much information available on Dave’s body measurements; we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Social Media

Facebook: 40k followers

Twitter: 1.1M followers

Instagram: 2.9M followers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much money was made by Dave Chappelle through the Chappelle Show?

Chappelle received $20 million for each of the three new stand-up comedy specials that Netflix has published.

What happened to Dave Chappelle?

Africa, South In 2005, amid season 3 of his acclaimed comic sketch series, Chappelle bolted for South Africa. Since then, he has returned to Netflix.

The Chappelle show ended, why?

In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Chappelle said that losing creative control, burnout, and the unsettling atmosphere at work were the reasons he left the program.

Quick Facts | Dave Chappelle

Full Name David Khari Webber
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Country United States of America
Height 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Marital Status married
Wife Elaine
Net Worth $60million
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Bald
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education Duke Ellington School of Arts.
Father William David Chappelle III
Mother Yvonne
Kids Ibrahim, Sulayman , and Sonal

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