Did Meghan Markle actually wear a microphone at Queen’s memorial? She was accused of wearing a microphone inside her clothes!

Meghan Markle was accused of behaving suspiciously and speculated that she had a microphone hidden while greeting the mourners

Meghan Markle was accused of carrying a microphone to greet Royal fans!
Meghan Markle was accused of carrying a microphone to greet Royal fans! source-google

Some critics blamed Meghan Markle for carrying a microphone under her dress while greeting fans attending the Queen’s memorial!

Meghan Markle was blamed for carrying a secret microphone while greeting Royal fans outside the Windsor palace on Saturday. But this is totally a baseless accusation according to an insider as nothing is proven.

This is just looking like some Royal fans are taking out a grudge on Meghan for resigning duties from the Royal.

“This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course, she was not wearing a mic,” a rep said

Some of the critics saw a square-shaped device in the dress of the Sussex and they assumed that it is a microphone. Meghan was walking along with her husband Prince Harry. They were accompanied by Prince William and Kate Middleton to greet the Royal fans outside the castle.

People claimed severe accusations against Meghan. They said that it is a careful strategy to gather information for her new documentary on Netflix. How can critics actually see a very minute detail which is very negligible with bare eyes??

“I can’t believe she is recording this. She is just a vile and toxic woman. I hope King Charles has told Harry she is not to come to the funeral” one twitter use pointed out

While another user said, “Another shared the same photo and added, “Is Meghan Markle wearing a mic to use the queen’s death for her Netflix reality show?”

A third user shared such a harsh and hateful comment towards the couple. They said that it was the last thing he could even think of Meghan doing. He said no more tweets regarding the pair until the funeral gets over and to just focus on Queen Elizabeth.

“I’m finally done! Meghan wearing a mic was my last straw,” he wrote. “No more tweets about this pair until after the mourning period. I refuse to focus on anything but Queen Elizabeth.”

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Some definitely accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which critics usually do but not all agree on this point. Some fans believe that it is very baseless speculation and it is the worst thing they ever heard. They said that is it not creepy that someone is scanning a dress in this manner.

“Nothing creepy about zooming in on a photo of a woman’s clothing in this manner, not at all,” a supporter tweeted in response to the criticism.

While another one tweeted saying to leave the Royal pair out of all these fake controversies and leave them alone. “LEAVE HARRY AND MEGHAN ALONE!”.

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The two pair of Duke and Duchess of Sussex met after a very long time. The last time they were seen together was in March 2020 when they appeared on Commonwealth Day.

Everyone loved the pair of Prince Harry and Meghan as Prince Harry held many gestures toward Meghan. On the other hand, Prince Williams had cold behavior toward Kate.

Prince William
Prince William and Prince Harry reunite after two years source: Hello Magazine

Meghan was also into a piece of weird news that she had an awkward encounter with royal aides over the flower bouquets. Moreover, we are expecting to hear something from the side of Markle on the passing of Queen Elizabeth!


Written by Seth Blair

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