Did Simpsons actually predict Elon Musk taking over Twitter back in 2015? Read this article for more updates!

Elon Musk credited the cartoon “Simpsons” predicted his Twitter in an episode that aired in January 2015!

Elon Musk gave credit to Simpsons over his Twitter takeover!!
Elon Musk gave credit to Simpsons over his Twitter takeover!! source-google

Elon Musk Tweeted that one of the episodes of “The Simpsons” predicted that he would take over Twitter!

The cartoon Simpsons have quite predicted the future a lot. There were many instances where the scene shown in the cartoon has actually happened in real life and it has done the impossible again! Even Elon Musk is giving credit to the cartoon for predicting his future back in January 2015.

The Simpsons did its predictions on Trump’s presidency and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance as well.  Now, Tesla CEO Musk has also given credit to his takeover of Twitter to the same show. Isn’t it strange?

The Fox animated sitcom “The Simpsons”, has hinted at his Twitter takeover in episode 12 of season 26. Musk tweeted on Saturday about the prediction.

In the episode, it is shown that Lisa Simpson is taking a staircase to feed the birds in their house which was named “Home Tweet Home”.

The episode was named “The Musk who fell to earth”. She is feeding the birds and then suddenly a bald eagle comes in and kills them. Is it a mere coincidence or maybe the person who created the sitcom is an actual future predictor?

The eagle that killed the birds then flies to a distance and then comes the savior. Savior Musk arrives in his rocket ship and the fire from his rocket actually kills the birds. Also, it is the longtime emblem of the USA, “The Bald Eagle”.

Also in the very episode, Homer Simpson says to his family to brace themselves as they are meeting with intelligence far more than anyone. It was a reference to Musk.

“Brace yourselves, family. We are about to meet a being with intelligence far beyond ours,” Homer Simpson says.

Then Musk gets off his rocket and then introduces himself saying “Hello, I’m Elon Musk”. Homer throws the bat at himself and Lisa shouts saying,

“Dad, no! Elon Musk is possibly the greatest living inventor.”

Then the scene pictures the birdhouse which is way more than advanced and then several birds were attracted to it and find their home.

“I guess humanity wants its change once birdhouse at a time,” Lisa says as Musk gets back to his ship.

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Also recently, the former president of the United States Of America, Donald Trump announced that he will hold a contest for the Republic Party nomination for the 2024 election. After this news was announced, The producer of the Simpsons shared a clip. The clip said it all, in one of the episodes, Homer Simpson and a presidential campaign sign that had “Trump 2024” written in it.

Moreover, that’s a very unbelievable kind of coincidence happening around the world. Either the world is working according to the cartoon or the cartoon creator is way more than intelligent to predict all these series of events that are happening in real life today.

There are other predictions this cartoon has made. Fans of the sitcom are well convinced that the show also gave a future hint of the World cup 2022 as well. The show predicted that England and America miserable match that happened on Friday.

In the episode that aired in 1997, “The Cartridge Family” is watching an advertisement on television. The ad represents a match that will be determining which nation will be the greatest nation on this earth. And just after a few seconds, Homer screams saying “Boring”. By this incident, many fans are convinced that the world is revolving around this cartoon.

A number of events have drawn attention as the series of events is exactly occurring in this world. Well keep watching Gossipy news and we will be back with more updates!




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