Does Charles Herbert Gotti Have a Wife? His Bio, Net Worth, Family, Mother, Married, Relationship

Charles Herbert Gotti is well-known because of his family criminal backgrounds. Also, he is popular the grandson of John J. Gotti. He has been following his  family’s trend and accretion like housebreaking, actual bodily harm, and whatnot.

Parents of Charles Herbert Gotti

On 28th August 1985, Charles Herbert Gotti born to parents John A. Gotti (father) and Kimberly Albanese (mother).  His birthplace is New York, Unites States. Charles has an American nationality, and is of mixed ethnicity.

His maternal grandparents were Robert Harrington and Angela Harrington. His beloved grandmother Victoria DiGiorgio.

When he was 8 years old, then conflicts arise between him and his grandparents. Then Charles left his grandparent’s home. 

Victoria Gotti and Angel Gotti are his two aunts. His two uncles named Frank Gotti and Peter Gotti Jr. Also, he has four cousins name Frank Gotti Agnello, John Gotti Agnello, Carmine Gotti Agnello, and Justine Gotti Agnello.

Family Background of Charles Herbert Gotti

We already mentioned, Charles Herbert Gotti is popular because of his criminal family background.  Charles  is the grandson of the ‘Teflon Don’ Jr Gotti is the oldest son of the Gambino crime family. 

John J Gotti became a popular criminal all over the United States in the year 1986. Also, John took over the Gambino family and regarded as the most powerful and popular mafia family in the United States. 

Does Charles Herbert Gotti Have a Wife?

Charles Herbert Gotti has been living a low profile life. So, Gotti has not mentioned any reports regarding his wife. Without any confirmation, it is hard to determine his personal life. 

Charles has always remained a hidden from media. So there is no information regarding Charles present or past  personal life. 


By profession, Charles Herbert Gotti is Drug Trafficker and Mafia and MMA fighter. In the year 2006, he accomplishes his first murder of Salvatore without the authorization of his family. Then he can seize his family’s attention. Also, he was tagged as a man of honor’ after the murder, shimmered for the new follower of the family.

Charles grandfather is the boss Jr Gotti is not so lucky in this field. He came into limelight being the grandson of Italian-American gangster John J Gotti. 

His grandfather was the boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. At the age of 14, he was arrested for the charge of housebreaking, actual bodily harm, and so on.

Then he met Anthony Morelli and both of them started drug trafficking together. In the year 2006, his  luck doesn’t seem to work in this business, so unwantedly he had to end the relationship between him and Morelli. After that, the police arrested the drug dealer Anthony on the charges of assault from Manhattan nightclub.

Rise to Power of Charles Herbert Gotti 

Charles Herbert Gotti wants to see himself as the boss like his grandfather. If the criminal keeps his terror in the eyes of the public. Then Nicholas Cesaire became target of Charles Herbert Gotti who is known as Nicky in the underground world.

Also, Nicky campers the drug consortium who was a rapper and main drug and cocaine, trafficker. Every part of the United States, he was the major supplier. He was one of the most noteworthy cocaine traffickers during that time. He gained a lot of wealth from his illegal business and lived a luxurious life.

Also, he was involved with the Gambino family when he used to bring in drugs from Colombia. On 17th May 2009, Nicky confessed to an individual that he was an infrequent FBI spy. After that, the  information got to the ears of the boss of the Gambino family. 

Nicky suddenly disappeared after two months of his confession left his recording studio. Also, his body is not found to the date then Gotti family was in Florida. In the year 2009, a detective lay to claim that Charles Herbert Gotti liquifies Nicky’s remains in a drum of acid after he murdered Nicky.

What’s Charles Herbert Gotti Net Worth?

Charles being part of the famous crime family of New York. Charles Herbert Gotti might have millions dollars of net worth but it is yet to be mentioned. According to reports, John J Gotti left an approximate net worth of $30 Million

Rhe Gambino empire left approx $400 Million before Carlo Gambino died. Pablo Escobar, remains at the peak an estimated net worth $30 billion

However, the police found 18 methadone pills, a testosterone bottle, marijuana, and cash worth $8000 when Charles Herbert Gotti got arrested.

The mafia family had an annual income of more than $500 Million. As per reports, Gotti himself had a yearly income of at least $5 Million and the boss of the Gambino crime family. Once a year, the boss had $10 to $12 Million.

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