Dolores Catania can’t keep a secret within herself as she reveals the winner of the cooking competition held with Caroline Manzo!

“This was so fun even if I lost!!” as Dolores reveals her loss in the comment section

Dolores Catania
Dolores Catania loses the cooking battle source: Trend Fool

Dolores Catania reveals the result of a cooking competition held between herself and Caroline Manzo. Many people were excited to know the result but Catania gave a spoiler.

Dolores Catania can’t keep the secret within herself. Many fans are disappointed with her because of the spoiler. The cooking competition was held between Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores, and Caroline Manzo. However, the whole episode wasn’t shown yet.

Similarly, on Thursday, @bravotv posted a picture of the competitors on Instagram with the caption,

“Will these two end up thick as thieves? Watch #RHONJ’s Dolores vs. Caroline on a sneak peek of E!’s Celebrity Beef tonight at 11 pm on Bravo! 💪.”


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After seeing the post, people were excited to watch the episode but in the comment section, Dolores reveals that she lost the competition. Though, Catania commented,

“This was so fun even if I lost!!”

After seeing the comment, many replied to her comment saying not to give a spoiler. No one knows why Dolores did this but now the people will not be excited to watch the episode as before. One of the commentators replied, “Why did you give it away 🤣🤣🤣”

Further, another one said, “SPOILER ALERT 😂😂😂” and one of them also wrote, “babe IDK if we’re supposed to know that.”

Meanwhile, Caroline Manzo kept it secret as she shares the post n her feed and didn’t reveal the winner. She wrote,

“So much fun! @bravotv @eentertainment @dolorescatania @joelmchale.”

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Know More

Talking about the cooking show, E!’s description of “Celebrity Beef is hosted by comedian Joel McHale. This show is all about a cooking competition between Bravo stars. The winner of the cooking battle will receive a trophy and $10,000 for their charity of choice.

On the other hand, in the trailer of the show, Caroline while making a meatball says,

“My balls are small, but they are mighty.”

Moreover, she posted a clip of the competition last month with the caption,

“I won’t tell you who my opponent was yet, but @joelmchale is adorable and I had #CelebrityBeef”


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However, now, the fans are well known for the competition that will be held between Caroline and Catania. Besides competition, Dolores and Carolina are very good friends with each other for many years.

They both were in the show, “RHONJ” but Manzo was there till Season 5 band Dolores began from Season 7.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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