Did Dorinda Medley called Jill Zarin, ‘salacious’? Medley bashes Zarin for commenting regarding her drinking habit!

“She likes a lot of attention. This is new for her and this is her moment”, says Medley about Jill Zarin in Sirius XM show!

Dorinda Medley
Dorinda Medley calls Jill Zarin 'salacious' source: Reality Blurb

Dorinda Medley replied to Jill Zarin’s comment about Medley having a drinking problem in a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” The television personality called Zarin ‘salacious’ for this.

Seems like the friendship is ending because of the things going on between Dorinda and Jill Zarin! On the reality star’s Sirius XM show Make It Nice With Dorinda Medley, someone asked Dorinda about the ongoing war between Zarin and her. Also, one of the listeners said to Medley about Zarin’s commenting on Dorinda’s drinking as well on Watch What Happens Live.
Similarly, replying to this, Dorinda Medley said,

“I think she’s very salacious” 

As explained by the television personality, Jill and she is not best of friends but they are more like acquaintances. Additionally, Jill is not in the show, “Real Housewives of New York City” since the year 2011 from season 4. Talking about Medley, she was on the show from season 7 to season 12.


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Talking about this, Dorinda commented that Zarin needed attention as she is not in the media for a long time so started this. According to her,

“She likes a lot of attention. This is new for her, and this is her moment. And I think she’s having a great moment and she should take it because it’s been a long time for her. You don’t know how long it’s gonna last, so she should just go for it.”

Furthermore, Medley also added the statement said by Brandi on Watch What Happens Live that “Jill is thirsty”. In addition to that, Dorinda said,

“Tamra said it. She’s thirsty. So go for it. That’s what I say. Go for it.”

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On the other hand, when the caller asked her if Zarin’s comment is bothering or “hurtful”. In a reply, Dorinda disagree with the hurtful word as she explained that this doesn’t matter to her. She thinks that this isn’t important as she doesn’t care. Not only this, but Medley also said,

“Things are only hurtful in life when you care. My mother always says something: ‘consider the source’ … So I think people should say whatever they want. Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true. And how about this? Who cares?”

Likewise, the American businesswoman continued,

“If the comments meant something to me, they would bother me.”

Meanwhile, she also indirectly said that working hard for the show is not enough. To be successful we can choose conflict and resolution rather than playing hard.

Dorinda Medley
Jill Zarin and Medley together

Furthermore, Dorinda Medley also explained that neither Jill nor she is close anymore but also they don’t wish each other bad. Similarly, she stated,

“I mean, she’s written to me a couple of times. We all left on a great note. So whatever was happening, I haven’t seen Jill. I haven’t even really spoken to her since the show ended. So whatever’s going on with her, I think is, maybe a bit of shadow boxing, but that’s good.”

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Did Jill Zarin say she is not going to try to talk with Medley anymore?

Jill Zarin told that she is done and will not try anymore to talk with Dorinda. As she has tried before, the issue regarding drinking is still on Medley’s head and she is not trying to understand. Unfortunately, this won’t help them to be back to normal.

In addition, Zarin said to “Housewives Nightcap”,

“I think she is terrific and I loved her. I kept wanting to try to rekindle that friendship, but I’m done. I’m not going to try anymore.” 

When they both were on the Ultimate Girls Trip, they got into a fight and Dorinda even called Jill, a “lapdog” and “thirsty.” After hearing these words, Zarin was so hurt that she couldn’t control her tears. After this incident, when Jill was asked about the reunion in the show with Medley, she replied,

“What did you just see for a week? Could you imagine that for four months?” 


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Also, she made everyone clear with her answer regarding her being hungry and not thirsty. As Jill Zarin said,

“I am hungry for success; I am ambitious and I am driven. I think thirsty is a mean word to say about somebody that they’re jealous of, as wanting something that they want, too. So, I think someone calls someone thirsty when they themselves are thirsty and throwing it on someone else.” 

We can watch Make It Nice with Dorinda Medley’s upcoming episode on Thursdays at 11 a.m. ET on SiriusXM’s radio!

Written by Keshaa Perry

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