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Douglas Lima
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In the MMA world, Brazilian mixed martial artist Douglas Lima is referred to as “The Phenom.”

By combining the calculating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the violent “art of eight limbs,” Muay Thai, Lima has crushed many of his opponents with his aggressive fighting style and clever groundwork.

According to MMAjunkie and FightMatrix, Lima is the third-best Welterweight fighter in the world. He is ranked sixth overall.

About Douglas Lima |  Family and Education

On January 5, 1988, Douglas Lima was born in Goiania, Brazil, to Fausto Lima and Cologera Lima.

Lima moved to Georgia in the USA, where he completed his high school education by attending Joseph Wheeler High School.

Moving to a strange nation where the language is different must have been difficult. The Lima brothers were lucky to have martial arts to aid them in acclimating to their move to a new country.


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Lima was an undefeated amateur Muay Thai fighter before starting his professional mixed martial arts career, winning all 21 of his matches with 17 knockouts.

Along with his brother Dhiego Lima, Dan Lambert founded American Top Team in 2001, where he began his mixed martial arts training.

Lima defeated Albert Steinbeck before making his professional debut, resulting in a rear-naked chokehold submission.

Professional Life and Career

Douglas Lima has a stellar record in mixed martial arts (MMA) with a 41-fight win-loss record of 32 wins, 7 losses, and no draws.

Conor Mcgregor is one of the few athletes, if not the only one, who can execute this feat.

The Phenom made his professional debut in 2006 by taking on Carlos Julio Molestina at Wild Bill’s Fight Night (WWBF).

Douglas triumphed in the contest by way of a knockout. It appeared as though Douglas’ career was off to a great start.

Lima won his first professional match before going on to submit Ray Perales, John Nellermoe, Steve Linton, and Nathan Osterkamp in four straight fights.


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The Phenom suffered his first career defeat to Matt Brown in 2007. The match was ended by a TKO.

Despite Lima’s customary excellent performance, it wasn’t enough to give him the win this time.

In that year, Lima had defeated Lorenz Larkin to win the Welterweight Championship. since everyone agreed upon it.

This would stand as the career high point of The Phenom for all time.

Following the match, Douglas sought to defend his title against Rory MacDonald but was unsuccessful.

Like his first fight, this one too had a different victor. Lima might have found Rory to be too much, or perhaps the one-year hiatus was the cause.


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Douglas has so far appeared in nine title matches, taking home six victories and three defeats. Lima has won three Bellator welterweight championship titles and has successfully defended one of them.

In 2020, The Phenom will fight in the middleweight division against Gegard Moussa.

Before joining Bellator MMA, Lima had achieved renowned success in the following leagues.

United States Fight League

Lima joined the AFL in 2008 when he used a fantastic knockout to win over Cody Senseney.

The Phenom was scheduled to face future Bellator superstar Brent Weedman.


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However, Lima’s failure to successfully defend his welterweight AFL title against Brent Weedman in 2008 was a major setback for The Phenom.

Lima’s final AFL appearance was in the match against Weedman.

Prince Of Cage

There was supposed to be a World Extreme Cage fight debut match between Douglas Lima and Justice Haskins, but there weren’t any because of certain issues.

Lima’s opponent in King of the Cage was Charles Blanchard. He, unfortunately, lost the contest.

After losing in the KOTC, Douglas faced Eric Dahlberg in the Best of the Best match, where he was once again defeated by a unanimous decision.

Fight Club in Sin City

Douglas Lima competed against Eddie Hernandez at the Sin City Fight Club in October 2009, and Clint Hester the following month.

In 2010, Lima became a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Greatest Fighting Championship

On September 10, 2010, Lima faced Ryan Ford. Lima won the MFC Welterweight Championship after defeating Ford.

Terry Martin and Jesse Juarez were Douglas’ opponents in the MFC, and he won both matches by submission and technical knockout.


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In his contest with Terry Martin, Lima was successful in retaining his MFC Welterweight Champion title.

After one season with the MFC, The Phenom switched to the Bellator Fighting Championship in 2011.

Douglas “The Phenom” Lima continues to be linked to Bellator today.

Douglas Lima’s powerful leg kicks

There are MMA fighters that employ check leg kicks for their protection and to keep a safe distance from their opponent, but there are also MMA fighters at a higher level who use check leg kicks to chase down their opponent with only pure destruction in mind.

The latter category includes Douglas Lima.

In his MMA career, he has shown a talent for leg kicks, particularly the low leg kick. Additionally, it is stated that he kicks with such force that they mimic a shotgun blast.

On top of that, the risky kick has been mentioned to Rory MacDonald.


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On January 20, 2018, at Bellator 192, they previously engaged in combat. Rory prevailed in a unanimous vote but had to endure significant swelling on his left leg’s shin.

At Bellator 232 in 2019, they both battled one another once more. And this time, Lima triumphed against him, taking home a unanimous decision victory in the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix final.

Lima’s first significant kick, which connected with MacDonald’s left leg and finished on his butt, came in the fourth round.

In the fifth round, Lima suddenly changed positions and attacked him from the top, disfiguring him with strikes.

The Phenom severely knocked down Michael Page

The brutal right uppercut Lima threw to Michael Page’s chin during the Bellator 221 Welterweight World Grand Prix is unquestionably remembered by those who enjoy watching mixed martial arts (MMA).

Lima took control of the fight in May 2019 when Michael was knocked off his feet in the second round by a low leg kick.

Yes, of course, the physical altercation may have ended here, but many resentments also surfaced.


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In a podcast interview, Michael Bisping expressed dissatisfaction with the competition and his desire for a rematch with the one MMA opponent he had ever defeated.

He replied, “He is just picking his opponents by hand right now,” to which Lima added some advice. But all he wants to do is fight me. Michael claimed Lima was simultaneously running away or refusing to fight.”

Lima doesn’t need to turn down whatever that is presented to him, though. Simply put, Lima was forcing Michael to face tougher opponents in the cage.

Lima, though, wished for high-profile conflicts that would boost his reputation. While I’m sitting here, I won’t decide who to oppose. This is the champion’s stance.

Regarding Kumaru Usman, Douglas Lima

The Phenom thinks the UFC would ever attempt to pit him against Kamaru Usman, who is the current 170-pound division champion.

UFC won’t take that chance. Regarding the possible contest with Usman, Lima tweeted his thoughts.

Other UFC champions show their support for Lima and acknowledge his triumph as he stands his ground against certain UFC competitors.

Here is a Tweet from Jorge Masvidal, who is currently ranked 7th among welterweights in the UFC as of May 10, 2021, celebrating his victory.

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Relationship Status

Douglas has two wonderful children, Davi and Linda Lima, from his marriage to the stunning Jessica Lima. On February 15, 2013, they exchanged vows.


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Together, they lead a practical and humble life. Their union is still going strong. They have two adorable kids.

“You can accomplish any objective if you put in the necessary effort and have faith.”

Net Worth and Salary | Douglas Lima

It was estimated that The Phenom’s net worth would be close to $500,000.00 in 2019. But given his previous successes, it is conceivable to assume that his net worth has increased as of 2022.

According to some sources, Lima earns about $230,000 annually.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

This Brazilian boxer has a reach of 74.5 inches and seems to be 6’1″ (1.85m) tall. And he weighs about 170 pounds (77KG; 12 stone). Lima has brown eyes and dark-colored hair.

Social Media

Instagram: 236K followers

Twitter: 22.2K followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Douglas Lima: How good is he?

He has perfected the technique of winning matches. Lima only has one goal in mind: to work hard to advance in the ranks. Once he is enclosed in the cage, he demonstrates his viciousness.

Douglas Lima drives what kind of vehicle?

Lima travels in an e46 BMW.

The best battles and notable victories?

The victories over Rory MacDonald, Andrey Koreshkov twice, Michael Page, Paul Daley, and Lorenz Larkin are among Lima’s best fights.

Quick Facts | Douglas Lima

Full Name Douglas Lima
Nickname The Phenom
Birth Date Jan 5, 1988
Birth Place Goiania, Brazil
Horoscope Capricon
Parents Fausto Lima  Cologera Lima
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Mix
Height 6’1’’ (1.85m)
Weight 170lb (77KG)
Reach 74.5 inches (189cm)
Age 34 Years Old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Profession MMA fighter
Style Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Stance Orthodox
Division Welterweight (2006-2019) Middleweight (2020-)
Win 32
Loss 7
Sibling Dhiego Lima
Social Media Instagram: @phenomlima
Twitter: @PhenomLima
Years Active 2006- present
Merch Half T-shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Fighting out of Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Rank Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Last Update September 2022

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