Dwayne Johnson refused to host the Emmy awards- Here he reveals why he did so?

Find out the reasons why Dwayne Johnson turned down to host Emmy!!

Dwayne Johnson reveals why he refused to host Emmy's award!!
Dwayne Johnson reveals why he refused to host Emmy's award!! source-google

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) reveals the reason behind refusing the golden opportunity to host the Emmy Award!!

Why did one of the biggest names in Hollywood refuse to host the popular award ceremony?? He is the one who is very curious about doing a new sort of job. He explores various projects as an actor/ hos production company. Maybe if you are too famous and busy then you must leave some opportunities behind.

It is the news of June, that Rock was one of the potential hosts to work at the award function. It was him and Chris Rock on the list of hosts. But Dwayne refused the offer he received at the Emmy. Even though he wanted to host the show, he refused the informal offer due to his conflict of schedule.

Dave Meltzer, one of the observers mentioned that due to his very hectic timetable he won’t have time to host the show. He was honored but still, he refused to do so.

“Dwayne Johnson turned down hosting the Emmy Awards. When he was first asked, we were told it was unlikely he would do it because of his schedule. He then officially said that and said he was honored they asked him and it comes down to nothing but schedule.”

It was the 74th Annual event of the Emmy. The primetime TV award function’s chief himself approached Dwayne that time but he declined the offer. He said in an interview that it was just the schedule.

“It was just schedule. I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing,” the actor mentioned. “That’s all. That’s really what it comes down to.”

Later on, Chris Rock was added to the list of potential hosts after Dwayne refused the event. However, according to the reports, Chris Rock also seems like couldn’t grab the opportunity to host the show as he is also busy with the “Ego death world tour” and also the Netflix comedy show.

“He’s in the middle of his tour and is preparing for the taping of his comedy special, which will be taping this fall,” the reports said

He also passes up the offer this current week.

Dwayne said about the reason, it was just schedule. I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing
Dwayne said about the reason, “it was just the schedule. I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing”

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Looks like Dwayne is planning to host the Oscars award, he was seen saying,

“We were going to turn the Oscars on their head this year and make it something special and unique and different, and start a new era of how Oscars are going to be enjoyed,” Johnson explained.



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He further mentions,

“That was the goal — audience first. I wanted to try and create a scenario where, at the end of the night, my friends who won, and my friends who didn’t win, all had, despite not winning, the greatest time. That was the goal. So — one day.”

The potential hosts of the show refused the offer, so the host is yet to be announced this year!! While the nominations for the Emmy were announced. The winner will be the one who receives the top nods. They have around 25 nominations across the categories of the awards. According to the reports, “The White Lotus” and “Ted Lasso” are tied up with 20 nods.

“Squid Game” became the first Korean series to be nominated for the award. Squid game was popular worldwide and it was also Netflix hit.

Additionally, this year The Emmy Award is going to take place in Microsoft Theatre in LA on September 12. All the viewers can watch the show on the NBC channel. As well as Other applications like Hulu, and Sling TV are going to broadcast the award ceremony at 8 pm.

In 2021, due to the pandemic also, the show was hosted with precautions and social distance. And now this year they are still struggling to find a host finally when everything seems right.




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