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Was a professional wrestler from the USA.

Eddie Guerrero
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Some myths never die; even if they are no longer among us, we will always remember them and appreciate them.

Eddie Guerrero is one such superstar whose fame has endured even after his death seventeen years ago.

In his professional career, Eddie, also known as Latino Heat, has won numerous titles, including the WWE and WWA World Heavyweight Championship, WWE United States Champion, and numerous others.

About Eddie Guerrero |  Family and Education

Eddie Guerrero, a first-generation wrestler from the Guerrero family, was born on October 9, 1967.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to claim that Eddie Guerrero inherited his love of wrestling from his wrestler father, Gory Guerrero.

Eddie was raised in El Paso, a tiny Texas town where he was born and raised. Additionally, he attended Thomas Jefferson High School, commonly known as La Jeff, and graduated in 1985.

Guerrero enrolled at the University of New Mexico after graduating from high school, but he soon changed to New Mexico Highlands University.

He did, however, wrestle in college battling and received an athletic scholarship to attend school.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to claim that after joining Highlands, he started his career as a wrestler.

Guerrero decided he wanted to be a wrestler after graduating from Highlands, so he traveled to Mexico to receive specialist wrestling instruction, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Professional Life and Career

Before breaking through in WWE, Eddie struggled. He took baby steps in the right direction and eventually attained more success.

Guerrero originally started in CMLL as Mascara Magica. In a short time, everyone adored that gimmick. Eddie went to AAA because CMLL had a small show and he wasn’t satisfied.

Unfortunately, CMLL owned all of Magica’s rights, thus in AAA, he was once more introduced as El Hijo del Santo’s tag team partner under the name The Atomic Pair.

Eddie was doing well between 1995 and 2000, but he wasn’t experiencing the level of success he desired.

In 2000, Eddie finally had the opportunity to join the WWF, and since then, he has not looked back.

Starting Days

Eddie was reintroduced by WWF in 2000 as The Radicalz, a derogatory character. Eddie’s career did not exactly get off to a good start, either, as he dislocated his elbow in the first game.

But as time went on, The Radicalz teamed forces with Triple-H to become Heel Fiction.

Chyna betrayed Chris Jericho at that point and assisted Eddie in winning the fight. After Chyna pinned Trish and won the Intercontinental Championship instead of Eddie, this friendship was short-lived.

Eddie approached Raw Commissioner Mick Foley and asked to participate in the bout between Chyna and Kurt despite first trying to play it casually.

Similarly, Eddie attempted to revive Chyna when she fell asleep during the game but instead accidentally pinned her.

Eddie, therefore, achieved his first-ever title in WCW in this manner. Everything was going smoothly until Eddie was later jailed for drinking and driving, which led to his dismissal from WWF.

Guerrero joined the Independent circuit after leaving the WWF and even won the Mid-South Heavyweight Championship, but he gave up the belt after a month and returned to the WWF.


Eddie returned to the WWF in April 2002 and won his first Intercontinental Championship by defeating Vam Dam. Then, Guerrero and Chris Benoite put on some incredible matches.

Eddie would then get into the flashy dance vehicles and frequently get into fights with Steve Austin, John Cena, JBL, Randy Orton, Triple H, and many more.

But Eddie was a really intelligent person; he would cheat to win some games, and referees wouldn’t even notice.

Furthermore, his match against Kennedy is regarded as one of the funniest battles in the WWE.

Eddie tossed the chair at Kennedy while Guerrero flung it at Kennedy as soon as the referee shifted his attention away from what he was doing.

Kennedy appeared to have hit Eddie, and as a result, Eddie was disqualified from the contest.

Eddie won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in 2004. Eddie and Kurt got into a fight after Eddie lost the championship.

Moreover, Eddie and Rey Mysterio engaged in combat in the same year.

Dominic Mysterio’s son, according to Eddie, is his. Later, Mysterio showed that Eddie was only doing it to draw more attention from the crowd.


Eddie faced Batista in the final act of his life, and he was expected to prevail. Unfortunately, his encounter against Mr. Kennedy on November 11 was his final one in the WWE.

Eddie passed out during the fight, and Kennedy won the match by pinning Eddie.

Soon after Kennedy and Eddie concluded their match, a team of medical personnel arrived and whisked Guerrero away for treatment. However, he never returned, shocking his fans.

The surprising announcement was revealed during the match by Mr. McMahon, owner of WWE, who also revealed that the entire program was devoted to Eddie and his contributions to WWE.

Additionally, the whole WWE gathered to honor Eddie and pray for his soul. The greatest wrestler of all time decided to leave everyone and never return.

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Prizes and Honors

  • The WWE Championship once
  • WWE Tag Team Championship four times
  • Held the WWE United States Championship in the past.
  • The WWF European Championship was placed twice.
  • Winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice
  • WWE Hall of Fame’s 2006 class
  • The eleventh Triple Crown champion
  • Is the fifth Grand Slam champion.

Relationship Status

When Eddie went away, they had been married for fifteen years to Vickie Guerrero. 1990 saw their marriage and the birth of two stunning daughters.

Many people might not be aware that Eddie has a daughter from an adulterous relationship, though.

Eddie dated Tara Mahoney and fathered a daughter with her while Vickie and Eddie were going through their separation phase. Vickie, though, also looked after her stepdaughter.

Vickie wasn’t even known until 2005, but following Eddie’s passing, she frequently appeared in WWE.

Vickie’s “Excuse Me” rose to fame, and people began to enjoy seeing her in WWE.

Vickie had accomplished a lot in her career, from managing SmackDown to feuding with Stephanie McMahon to the drama of getting dismissed.

Eddie Guerrero’s Family

Similarly, Vickie, on the other hand, was severely damaged psychologically and emotionally by Eddie’s passing.

Vickie regrets not answering Eddie’s pst call while she was sleeping because she had planned to call him later.

Aside from that, Eddie’s relationship with Chyna has been kept a secret, but everyone is aware that it took place.

After the gimmick, there were later allegations that Chyna and Eddie were seriously in love.

As a result, Chyna and Eddie’s romance is regarded as one of the best in WWE history.

However, for some reason, they later broke up, and shortly after their breakup in real life, they also called it quits on their on-screen love.

Net Worth and Salary | Eddie Guerrero

Eddie’s net worth was most likely $6 million.

Without a question, his career as a wrestler was the main contributor to his income. Additionally, one of the richest wrestlers in the world is Eddie.

At the height of his career, Eddie attracted fans with his products. The proceeds from the sales of his goods are now donated to his family.

Guerrero and his family resided in Texas when he was alive. Vickie Guerrero, his wife, now owns the property.

Eddie was also a huge admirer of Low Riders, who had never been seen employing that many vehicles during in-ring performances in WWE history.

Every week he drove a different car, but those weren’t his; he was just endorsing them.

Eddie Guerrero| Death

Eddie was in the heyday of his career and only thirty-eight years old when he passed away. He had already established himself so well by the time he was in his mid-thirties.

Eddie, though, was a drug user, and the WWF had also suspended him for that reason. Chavo, his nephew, discovered Eddie dead in the restroom in November 2005.

He was lying unconscious, holding a toothbrush in his hand. He has rushed to the hospital right away but sadly was later pronounced dead.

Doctors later discovered that Eddie’s death was caused by sudden heart failure.

WWE paused all storylines after Guerrero’s passing and refrained from making any wrestler perform.

Eddie was the focus of the entire SmackDown and Raw episode that night. While Batista got into Eddie’s car and Rey Mysterio was sporting Eddie’s t-shirt, Chavo paid tribute by displaying Eddie’s finisher.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

Eddie Guerrero weighs 100 kg and stands at a height of five feet eight inches (173 cm) (200 lbs). Eddie has brown hair and eyes as well.

Frequently Asked Question:

Eddie Guerrero died where, where?

Similarly, Eddie Guerrero was discovered dead in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Marriott Hotel City Center.

Eddie passed away at what age?

Only 38 years old at the time of his passing, Eddie.

Quick Facts | Eddie Guerrero

Full Name Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes
Place of Birth El Paso, Texas, United States
Date of Birth October 9, 1967
Death November 13, 2005
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican
Religion Christianity
Father’s Name Gory Guerrero
Mother’s Name Herlinda Guerrero
  • New Mexico Highlands University
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • University of New Mexico
Height Five ft. 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight 100 kg (200 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Vickie Guerrero
  • Shaul Marie Guerrero
  • Sherilyn Amber Guerrero
  • Kaylie Marie Guerrero
Net Worth $6 Million
Merch Toys
Social Media Not Available
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