Emmy Rossum’s transformation for the series ‘Angelyne’: 3-pound boobs, bleached brows! Fake Breasts gave her Blisters!!

“I found it completely liberating to look in the mirror and not see myself at all.” stated by Emmy Rossum after the transformation for ‘Angelyne’

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum, The 'Shameless' actress source: Page Six

Emmy Rossum is transforming for filming her new Peacock mini-series ‘Angelyne’. Similarly, she also revealed that she developed blisters due to the ‘heavy’ fake breasts she had to wear while filming.

Challenges faced by Emmy Rossum because of the new transformation

Emmy Rossum, the ‘Shameless’ star looks very different in the new Peacock streaming series “Angelyne”. Likewise, she plays the role of a mysterious 1980s Los Angeles billboard queen of the same name.

Similarly, Emmy’s impressive transformation into the blond bombshell comes with its challenges.

Moreover, she stated to The Hollywood Reporter that her character’s enormous 3-pound fake breasts gave her blisters.

In addition, Rossum also faced issues with her tear ducts from wearing two pairs of special contacts and heavy eye makeup.

Furthermore, Emmy also mentioned that she spent between four and five hours putting on makeup daily. Similarly, Rossum said to the magazine about emulating the pop culture icon,

“The physicality of the character was challenging. The body is heavy, but it has to feel light and effervescent.” 

Likewise, she also added,

“I found it completely liberating to look in the mirror and not see myself at all. At first, it’s disconcerting. But feeling lost gives way to this true liberation, from myself and from the complexes that can prevent a performance.”

However, Emmy used to overcome physical discomfort by motivating herself and focusing on ‘how lucky’ she felt to be playing the mysterious Angelyne.

What does Emmy’s husband feel about her transformation?

The ‘Shameless’ star’s husband is Sam Esmail who is a ‘Mr. Robot creator and executive producer of the five-episode Angelyne limited series.

Similarly, this duo has a one-year-old daughter. Likewise, Sam said it was ‘kind of eerie’ how much his wife, Emmy transformed into Angelyne.

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum and her husband Sam Esmail source: Getty Images

Moreover, he also said to the publication,

“When I say that there are times where I did not recognize her because she was lost in this person, I really mean it. This is my wife I’m talking about.”

Furthermore, Rossum was also tapped into Angelyne’s mindset for the role and Sam even bought her meditation tapes on eBay.

In addition, he stated,

“She says things that are incredibly resonant and deep about identity — how to find yourself out of pain, out of sorrow, out of sadness, in this hot pink bubblegum Barbie fantasy. It worked on me.”

About ‘Angelyne’ story

Angelyne has a birth name, Ronia Tamar Goldberg. Similarly, Ronia became a cult following after giant billboards bearing her likeness inexplicably appeared in Hollywood in the 1980s.


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Furthermore, Emmy Rossum recalled seeing one of Angelyne’s billboards in Los Angeles. Likewise, this was when she was starting out as a child actress. Moreover, she said,

“In hindsight, it’s a very manicured image, but it had a huge impact on me.”

She further added,

“I remember seeing a woman who was totally empowered in her body, in her sexuality, in her femininity in a way that I certainly didn’t have at 13, someone who had grabbed the attention of the city, seemingly magically.”

Moreover, ‘Angeline’ is based on a 2017 exhibition by a Hollywood reporter which reveals Angelyne’s true identity.

In addition, her identity as the daughter of Polish parents who fled Nazi concentration camps to start a new life in Los Angeles.

Furthermore Details

Similarly, the upcoming miniseries premiere was in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Likewise,  Emmy looks so adorable and dazzling in a jewel-embellished strapless black dress on the pink carpet.


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Moreover, she also stated to Variety, that real-life Angelyne has granted the rights to her life, trademarks, art, and music catalog to the series. In addition, she said,

“It was very important to me that she be involved in this and that we could faithfully recreate her iconic billboards.” 

Rossum continued,

“And it was very, very important to me that he was paid for his contribution, not only to entertainment, but to pop culture for the last 50 years.”

Check out the official trailer of Angelyne

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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