Marianna Proestou, Eric Burdon’s 3rd wife l Bio, Net Worth, Personal Life, Facts

A celebrity wife

Marianna Proestou also draws attention to herself as a celebrity wife just like Many other people who gained popularity because of the fame of their spouse. She is the third wife of a vocalist for “Funk band War” and a member of the rock band “The Animals,” Eric Burdon.

Her husband, Eric Burdon, is an English singer-songwriter and actor who formerly sang for the funk band War and the rock band The Animals. He is renowned for his abrasive stage performances as well.

Bio of Marianna Proestou

Marianna Proestou’s true date of birth is not shared with the public. And it is speculated that She may have been born somewhere in the UK.

However, Eric Proestou, Marianna Proestou’s husband, was born on May 11, 1941, in Walker, Newcastle in Tyne, United Kingdom.

Her mother-in-law was Rene Burdon and her father-in-law was Matt Burdon, but unfortunately, her parents’ names are unavailable. Marianna is of mixed racial descent and holds British nationality. She is a stunning woman who could be in her late 70s. Her dark brown eyes contrast with her black hair.

Married Life of Marianna and Eric Burdon

Marianna Proestou and Eric Burdon are enjoying a happy marriage. She is her husband’s third wife. They dated for some time before getting married. Prior to deciding to exchange vows, Marianna and Eric were in a love relationship for a number of years. Marianna and her spouse Eric were married in the year 1999.

No further information is available on this, however, on the beginning of their relationship or the location of their wedding. They were not blessed with any children during their marital lives. However, they are a happy couple enjoying a happy marriage.

Her spouse Eric previously wed Angie King, who served as his first wife. On September 7, 1967, they tied the knot. Although he didn’t want their wedding to be public, on the wedding day, the press broke into the church service. They went seperate ways just two years into their marriage. Then he began a relationship with Rosie Marks, a German woman. Rosie and Eric exchanged vows on September 17, 1972.

Additionally, he and his second wife, Rosie, had a daughter, Alexandria Burdon. 2008 saw the release of the album Mirage, which was also given his daughter’s name. Rosie appeared alongside Eric’s family on the television program “Up North.”

Sadly, his marriage to Rosie came to an end that year. The fight over child custody between the ex-couple then began. In 1983, while the band The Animals was on tour, his ex-wife and daughter disappeared.

He eventually got in touch with his daughter during an interview in the year 2006. His ex-wife Rosie Marks set fire to his California home in the late 1970s. Archival materials, such as pictures, papers, documents, texts, diaries, and videos, were lost in the house fire.

Net Worth of Marianna Proestou Husband

Eric, a well-known musician, has a very low-profile wife named Marianna. She hasn’t yet disclosed her true net worth without exposing her work background. However, we are confident that she may have lived a life of luxury and made a respectable income. Marianna and her famous husband both have a similar amount of wealth.

However, according to celebrity net worth, her husband Eric Burdon has an estimated US net worth of $8 million. He is in the entertainment industry since 1960. Over the course of his six decades-long careers, he has amassed a respectable sum of money.

Similarly, The singer-songwriter has recorded a number of solo albums and songs in addition to working with the band War. He has earned a considerable sum of money from his songs.

Well, He has also made a good living by appearing in a number of movies while he was recording, including “Monterey Pop,” “The Doors,” and “The Blue Hour.” Also, He undoubtedly makes a big profit from album sales and performances.


More About Her Husband

Well as we know, Marianna Proestou recently gained notoriety as a celebrity wife. Therefore her Professional background is still unknown. Her husband, English singer-songwriter and actor Eric Burdon was born on May 11, 1941.

He was already a member of the funk band War and the musical group The Animals. He is also one of the most distinctive performers of the British Invasion due to his fantastic, profound blues-rock voice.

Eric is famous for his powerful stage performances as well. In 2008, he came in at number 57 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time.”

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