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Erin Hawksworth
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Sports reporter Erin Hawksworth is a Canadian-American with an Emmy.

Hawksworth, a prominent sports presenter of her era, was exposed to sports and journalism at a young age.

One of the most well-liked sports journalists, this Canadian journalist has a successful background as a sports anchor.

About Erin Hawksworth | Family and Education

Erin Hawksworth was born in Canada. She is of European descent.

Since Hawksworth is descended from the Cree people, he was born in Canada. For WJLA-TV, she is currently a sports anchor and reporter.


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She is an Aries based on her date of birth (March 31). Moreover, Hawksworth becomes a fun host because of her commanding presence on camera and confidence.

After all, she is an ambitious and bold Aries.

Erin works hard and is a kind person. It is understandable why people view her as a role model.


Canada’s Vancouver was the place of Erin Lynn Hawksworth’s birth on March 31, 1981 (A.D.).

She has been quite secretive about her personal life, therefore we were unable to locate any information on her upbringing.

But given the scant details we know, it is safe to assume that she may have been interested in athletics since a very young age. Baseball instructor Mark Hawksworth was her mother’s father.

She also had a grandpa named Jack Poole, who presided over the VANOC bid committee from 1933 to 2009.


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Her brother Blake Hawksworth is a former Major League Baseball pitcher and is currently the pitching coach for Grand Canyon University.

Her interest in sports journalism has been greatly influenced by her upbringing in an athletic atmosphere and her participation in the Junior Olympics.

She still conducts the job she has always been enthusiastic about in a lovely way now.

Erin competed in swimming at the Junior Olympics, but she did not continue to the senior level.

Instead, she decided to combine her passion for sports with journalism talents by becoming a sports reporter. She has never failed to let her audience down.

J. Poole

Erin happens to be the successful Canadian businessman Jack Poole’s granddaughter. Poole presided over the VANOC bid committee.

He helped Canada host the 2010 Winter Olympics in some way.

Poole passed away on October 23, 2009, from pancreatic cancer. In October 2019, he was admitted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.


Erin Hawksworth attended Skyline and Eastlake High Schools in her hometown. She graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication from the Walter Cronkite School.

From 2000 until 2004, she attended Arizona State University on a scholarship. She graduated from college with a bachelor of arts in journalism and mass communication.

While a student at Arizona State University, she spent a year in 2002–2003 studying journalism at the American University to develop her career in the related field.

Education Date
Skyline High School school east lake High School High Unknown
Walter Cronkite School Unknown
Arizona State University 2000-2004
American University 2002-2003

Professional Life and Career

In 2002, Hawksworth started her work at NBC as a consumer intern. She spent five months working as a consumer intern.

Hawksworth was given the chance to cover the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, for NBC Sports.

Following her return, Hawksworth worked for a year and a half as a reporter and morning anchor at KJCT Channel 8.

After leaving KJCT, she spent two years reporting on sports for WFAA-TV in Dallas.

From 2010 to 2012, she was a morning anchor, sports anchor, and reporter for the Tribune Company in Seattle.

Later, Hawksworth worked as a national sports anchor for Rogers Communication in Toronto, Canada.


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2014 saw the departure of Hawksworth from Rogers Communications. To work as a World Sports Anchor at CNN, she relocated. She was there, though, for just one year and six months.

Regarding her professional background, Hawksworth has a strong résumé. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with numerous trustworthy media organizations.

Erin Hawksworth was recognized by Bleacher Report as one of the 40 most influential sports reporters of 2013 as a result of all her accomplishments.


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She has also collaborated with famous athletes like Fred Smoot, among others.

Erin Hawksworth has made a truly remarkable contribution to the fields of sports and media. She is still reporting actively at the age of just 39.

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Relationship Status

Hawksworth has been quite discreet about her romantic life. But she recently disclosed in an Instagram post that she is expecting a baby girl.


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Unfortunately, there is not much information about her spouse; but, as soon as there is, we will update you about her relationship status.

Net Worth and Salary | Erin Hawksworth

This well-known reporter is claimed to have a $2 million net worth. She is worth this much, which is not surprising. I think she should be worth more. Her reported annual income is $135,000 as well.

Erin Hawksworth is claimed to have a $2 million net worth.

She also earns extra money by appearing as a sports analyst and a guest host on other stations.

Erin also starred in the Mr. Clean and “Saving Silverman” advertisements from 2014 and 2001, respectively.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

As of September 2022, Erin Hawksworth will be 41 years old. She was born on March 31, 1981.

Considering all that she has done in such a short period Anyone can see how hard she must work to be successful. Everyone should learn it because it is a talent.


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Hawksworth is a stunning, courageous woman. She is stunningly beautiful. She is 5’9″ (1.75m).

Even her sharpest detractors will come around to her side thanks to her positive outlook, powerful voice, and attractive appearance.

These characteristics make Erin Hawksworth a popular reporter among sports enthusiasts.

Social Media

Instagram: 30.5K followers

Twitter: 24.9K followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Has Erin Hawksworth Found Love?

She hasn’t made any statements about her current romantic situation. But she only recently made her pregnancy known.

We can safely presume that she is committed to someone. However, we know nothing about her baby’s father, and it appears that she has no plans to reveal his identity anytime soon.

What year was Erin Hawksworth born?

Erin will be 31 years old in 2022.

Quick Facts | Erin Hawksworth

Full Name Erin Hawksworth
Birth Date March 31, 1981
Birth Place Vancouver, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Education Skyline High School and Eastlake High SchoolArizona State University

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

American University

Father’s Name Mark Hawksworth
Siblings Blake Hawksworth
Spouse Unknown
Profession Reporter, Anchor
Horoscope Aries
Active years 2002- present
Net Worth $2 million
Salary $135,000 per year
Height 5’9″
Social media(Followers) Instagram(31.9K) @erinhawksworth

Twitter(26.3K) @ErinHawksworth

Last Update September 2022

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