Ezra Miller arrested In Hawaii tape: ‘I film myself getting assaulted for NFT crypto art’

Actor claims that they filmed themselves for the sake of art

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller Source-indblogger

Ezra Miller Arrest Footage Flash The Star Arguing With Police, Claiming That they Filmed Himself When they Get Assaulted For NFT Crypto Art.

Ezra Miller claims that they filmed themselves for the sake of art. They were assaulted in a bar, twice in a row. On March 29, body-cam footage of the assault was recorded for the sake of art, Miller claimed.

In the footage, we can see the cops asking the actor questions inside the bar, where he gets irritated with the patrons.

They got aggressive during his arrest in Hawaii and were shouting for the badge numbers and were seen giving strange reasons for recording the incidents.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller source- biic

The actor can also be seen claiming that they film themselves getting assaulted for the sake of  “NFT crypto art”.

“I got assaulted and I started filming,” Ezra to officers. “Let me show you the video. I got assaulted in this bar, twice in a row. I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art.”

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Miller protesting

Miller invokes the rights guaranteed to their persons by the Ninth and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. constitution.

“I’m being arrested for disorderly conduct? I was assaulted.” claimed in the video, “The guy at that bar declared himself as a Nazi. I have it on film and he attacked me”, via TMZ.

“I claim my ninth amendment rights to not be unlawfully persecuted for a crime of no designation,” says Miller. “Disorderly conduct means something I am un-guilty of. I claim my fourth amendment rights to not be searched and seized on no probable cause, that you will not be able to offer in a court of law.”

On the night of Ezra Miller’s arrest, officer patting him down source: pagesix

Ezra also reported being groped when a male officer performs a pat-down, they said

“Hey, you just touched my penis. Please don’t do that. I’m transgender, non-binary, and I don’t want to be searched by a man!”

Well, It Is Not The First Time That Miller Got Arrested In Hawaii!!!!!!!

In 2020, A video went viral when Ezra was caught choking a woman to the ground outside an Iceland pub.

Though the moment was viral and the actor was escorted off by one of the staff on the premises, they were not charged for that incident.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller source- animatedtimes

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These incidents become more severe and frequent for the actor. These attract more and more bad publicity for the studio and Warner Bros.

They have invested a lot of money in the movie ‘The Flash’, but they are in a lot of dilemmas as it wouldn’t be cost-effective if they hire a new actor for the role.

Either reshoots or the effects or editing, they would face loss!


Written by Seth Blair

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