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Felix Hernandez
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Felix Hernandez is a Venezuelan-American professional baseball player who competes in Major League Baseball. The skilled baseball player, who is best known as “King Félix,” has been active since making his MLB debut in 2005. The Atlanta Braves, a major league baseball team, currently employ Felix as a pitcher.

Felix Hernandez | EalyLife, Family, and Education

One of the most well-known and successful MLB baseball players is Felix Hernandez.

The gifted athlete’s parents, Felix Hernandez, Sr. and Mirian Hernandez welcomed him into the world as Félix Abraham Graham Hernández Garca in Valencia, Venezuela.

Felix has a brother who is older than him by the name of Moises Alexander Hernandez. Felix was raised in a middle-class family that was committed to working hard in the family business to live a comfortable life.

The Hernandez family’s primary source of income previously was a trucking business that Felix’s father also owned.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Felix’s early life. But it’s safe to assume that he was already a pretty young child when he first began to show an interest in baseball.


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The gifted athlete played in various competitions and smaller leagues starting at a young age. Similarly, Hernandez could already throw a ball 90 mph by the time he was 14 years old.

Luis Fuenmayor, a part-time scout for the Seattle Mariners, noticed Felix’s impressive pitching abilities in a random tournament.

Felix’s exceptional skills and intensity, in addition, can’t go unnoticed for a long time. Seattle was eager to sign Felix and bring him right away.

Hernandez, however, was still too young to compete at a professional level; according to MLB regulations, a player must be at least 16 years old.

Felix joined the team in 2002, when he was 16 years old, his first professional contract was with the Mariners.

At the time, he had received offers from numerous other teams as well, but Hernandez chose to play for the Mariners.

Felix Hernandez | Professional Life and Career

Felix began playing in the minor minors after joining the Seattle Mariners in 2002. He had a fantastic debut season and continued to get better each year after that.

He was selected the 2004 Mariners minor league pitcher of the year for his outstanding efforts.

Likewise, Baseball America ranked him as the No. 2 overall prospect and No. 1 pitching prospect in baseball.

Later, Felix received the PCL Rookie of the Year and PCL Pitcher of the Year titles before the season concluded.


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Hernandez was called up to play in the major leagues in 2005 as a result of such outstanding minor league accomplishments.

He so played his first game for the Mariners on August 4, 2005, against the Detroit Tigers.

Furthermore, Felix was one of the youngest pitchers to play in the major leagues since 1984 at the time.

Felix was a pillar for the squad despite being the league’s youngest pitcher and not lacking in talent.

He remarkably assisted Mariners in several triumphs over various opponents in a variety of games.

Notably, the MLB pitcher has earned six All-Star Baseball Game honors, the coveted AL Cy Young Award (2010), MLB yearly wins leaders (2009), and AL ERA leader thrice, among other mentions and awards, throughout his baseball career.


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Additionally, he has established the record for hitting a grand slam as the first pitcher in the American League since 1971.

It’s interesting to note that Felix is also the first Venezuelan to have the most victories in MLB.

The excellent pitcher finished his baseball career with the Seattle Mariners in 2019 after his remarkable accomplishments and perfect games.

Felix signed a $1 million contract with the Atlanta Braves on July 4, 2020, and has since represented the franchise.

Newest update

On February 3, 2021, Felix agreed to a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles.

Queen’s Court

On May 28, 2011, a Felix Hernandez fan club known as King’s Court made its debut. They started it in Safeco Field, the first stadium to focus on a player-centered promotion.


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The cheering squad comprised three divisions by the end of the year. On the day Felix made his debut, the stadium held a total of roughly 1,500 spectators.

Felix Hernandez | Personal Life and Relationships

As one of the MLB’s most popular and well-known pitchers, Felix gets a lot of attention. But in addition to his work life, Felix’s admirers have also been interested in learning about his private life.

The skilled MLB pitcher is nowadays a married man. Felix enjoys success in his love life, just like his successful baseball player.

He is a great husband and father to his kids, much like a great baseball player.

Hernandez is also blissfully married to Sandra Rodriguez, who was his longtime girlfriend before becoming his wife.

Sadly, not much is known about how and when they first met and began dating or how their relationship started.

However, estimates claim that the couple has been together since their teenage years.  Additionally, Felix and Sandra married on March 14, 2008, following several years of dating.


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A son named Jeremy Hernandez and a daughter named Mia Hernandez were also born into their union, giving them a total of three beautiful children.

The relationship between Felix and Sandra has been going strong for more than ten years, and it only gets stronger.


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Additionally, it appears that Felix values his family greatly and frequently spends his free time with them.

He routinely takes his family on vacations to various countries throughout the world. For instance, if you check out Felix’s Instagram, you’ll see that he frequently shares images from family vacations.

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Felix Hernandez | Net Worth and Salary

Now fifteen years into his baseball career, Felix Hernandez is still playing. Felix has played for notable clubs since making his MLB debut in 2005 and reaped the rewards.

As a baseball player, he has enjoyed great success.

The league’s highest-paid baseball player is Felix, who also makes a good living from the sport.

Felix, a gifted baseball player, was listed as the world’s #84 highest-paid athlete in Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes for 2019.

In addition to gaining name and fame, he has amassed a sizeable sum of wealth as a result of his exceptional abilities, hard work, and dedication to the game.


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Hernandez is estimated to have a net worth of about $90 million as of 2020. In 2010, Hernandez also inked a $78 million, five-year deal with the Seattle Mariners.

But the Mariners extended the arrangement in 2013 to a seven-year, $175 million contract that lasted through 2019.

Felix made a total of $27 million in the final year of the contract between salary and endorsements, as per the terms of the agreement.

Following that transaction, he inked a $1 million minor league contract with the Atlanta Braves.

In addition to his pay and contract, Hernandez has profited from long-term endorsement agreements with several well-known companies.


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One of the top five most expensive endorsement deals in the annals of professional baseball is the MLB baseball pitcher.

Additionally, Felix has endorsement agreements with prestigious businesses like Pepsi, Kinesio, and 2KSport.

Not to mention, according to his contract with the soda company, Felix Pepsi is reportedly paid at least $1 million annually.


Furthermore, Felix joined the Atlanta Braves before selling his stunning Clyde Hill, Washington, mansion for $7.8 million.

The centerpiece of his estate was a sumptuous 7,100 square-foot mansion with six luxurious bedrooms, six bathrooms, and stunning views of Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.

Felix Hernandez | Age and Body Measurements

Being born in 1986, Felix is currently 35 years old. The MLB pitcher also has a birthday on April 8, making him an Aries by birth.

We also know that those born under this sign are noted for their talent, vigor, and enthusiasm.

Felix not only has a great personality but also great looks. The MLB baseball pitcher is considered to be proportionately sized at 6 feet 2 inches (1.9 m) tall and 102 kg (224 lbs) in weight.

Sadly, his additional physical characteristics haven’t been revealed. But it’s clear from Felix’s appearance over the years that he works hard to keep his athletic frame.


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He also engages in challenging core and leg routines, which have assisted him in overcoming the weariness and discomfort that appear to come with aging.

Additionally, he can move freely in the field because of his years of training and experience.

Aside from this, Felix’s other distinguishing physical characteristics include his short black hair and a set of bright black eyes.

The MLB pitcher is of mixed racial and religious background and practices Christianity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the King of the pitchers?

The King of baseball is professional pitcher Felix Hernandez, who has won numerous championships.

Felix Hernandez signed with whom?

Felix Hernandez joined the American major league baseball team Atlanta Braves in 2020 on a minor league contract.

Hernandez now represents the Baltimore Orioles, with whom he originally joined on February 3, 2021.

Felix Hernandez left his job?

Hernandez has not given up playing. He is presently a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Has he suffered any wounds?

Felix spent the first ten days of the 2018 season on the injured list due to lower back discomfort. He battled a shoulder issue afterward, and on December 5, 2019, he was placed on the injured list for a total of 60 days.

Felix Hernandez: A member of the Hall of Fame?

Hernandez is not currently a member of the Hall of Fame.

Quick Facts | Felix Hernandez

Full Name Félix Abraham Graham Hernandez Garcia
Birth Date April 8, 1986
Age 36 Years Old
Birth Place Valencia, Venezuela
Nickname King Félix
Religion Christian
Nationality Venezuelan-American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Unknown
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Felix Hernandez, Sr.
Mother’s Name Mirian Hernandez
Siblings Moises Alexander Hernandez
Height 6’2 inches (1.9m)
Weight 102kg (224 lbs)
Build Athletic
Shoe Size Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Married
Spouse Sandra Rodriguez
Children Jeremy Hernandez
Mia Hernandez
Profession Baseball player
Debut 2005
Affiliations MLB
Salary $26 million annually
Former Teams Seattle Mariners
Net Worth $90 million
Awards and Achievements 6× All-Star (2009, 2011–2015)
AL Cy Young Award (2010)
MLB wins leader (2009)
2× AL ERA leader (2010, 2014)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Jersey, Bobblehead, Shirt, Rookie card with Hernandez’s autograph, Signed Baseball
Last Update November, 2022

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