Fran Drescher life was changed forever after a frightening attack, says being ‘Rarely alone’ without her service dog!

Fran Drescher claims that after being raped at gunpoint, her service dog altered her life…

Fran Drescher
Fran Drescher with her dog Source: Google

Fran Drescher claims that her service dog has allowed her to live a “full” life following her attack.

Fran Drescher feels her service dog changed her life after she was raped at gunpoint over 40 years ago.

In 1985, two men stormed into the “Nanny” actress’s LA house and raped her and a companion.

“I am a survivor who has managed to carry on with my life despite the veil of PTSD that I have learned to live with,”. she said at the UN Women for Peace Association Luncheon To End Violence Against Women earlier this month.

“I’m often surprised at how much calmer I feel walking down the streets. Flying through airports, or entering a hotel room when I’m with my friend, companion, and guardian.”

“I have a full, rich life full of both joy and purpose,” she added.


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Fran Drescher, who has advocated for tougher gun legislation, said on the occasion that she is “one of the fortunate ones” who lived to see her assailant sentenced to 150 years in jail.

“We all, as a collective, must have zero tolerance for any misconduct,” she stated.

“Every facet of violating a woman’s rights eventually leads to violence,” she explained.

Rita Cosby, Amanda Diaz, Kat Graham, Anna Genesis Jones, Lynne McCord, Barbara Tober, Leila Heller, Francine LeFrak, and Susan Gutfreund were among the guests.

Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo, Christian Elliott, Vicki Hollub, and Kevin Hyland OBE received awards from the association.

As well as a special Lifetime Achievement Award for Joanne King Herring, who was famously played by Julia Roberts in the film “Charlie Wilson’s War,” and a posthumous award for UNWFPA Founder, Dame Muna Rihani Al-Nasser.

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Fran Drescher believes her illness is related to being raped.

Fran Drescher feels that her 15-year cancer diagnosis was caused by the stress and anguish of being raped.

Page Six reports that the actress, who was raped at gunpoint during a home invasion in 1985, feels her weakened immune system contributed to her cancer diagnosis in 2000.

“As a rape victim, I experienced trauma, and for years, I didn’t go into how it impacted me emotionally; I just kind of carried on with my life,” she said at the book launch for “N is for The Nanny” on Thursday.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I didn’t cope with being raped and wound up with gynecological cancer”. she says.

Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 and had an urgent radical hysterectomy.

After two years of misdiagnoses by a slew of doctors, also told us that she believes chemical exposure played a role in her cancer.

“We must “break the shackles” and “start investigating what is weakening our immune system? Why our bodies are behaving in a way that is chronic sickness,” she told us.


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The tragedy inspired “The Nanny” star, 65, to start Cancer Schmancer, a non-profit focused on women’s cancers, in 2007.

“Trying to get the American public, and the globe for that matter, pivot from trying to heal and terminate symptoms, to pivot and ask ourselves. ‘What are we doing in our lives that is making us so sick in the first place?” she told us.

One of them is her conviction that “we all need to get out of the chemical business.”

People should go back to the days when food was grown “in your grandmother’s garden,” she advised.

“Strong-smelling stuff, wrinkle-free clothes, industrially farmed food, and chemical-laden personal care products.”

Cancer Schmancer receives 100% of the proceeds from “N is for The Nanny.”

Written by Jeni Watson

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