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A commentator, coach, and former player for English football

Gary Neville
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Popular soccer commentator Gary Neville has made a name for himself as a knowledgeable analyst and pundit.

He played soccer frequently up until 2011. Neville has received numerous honors both as a player and manager.

He makes an astounding sum of money each year through his salary and endorsements.

About Gary Neville |  Family and Education

Gary Neville, often known as Gary Alexander Neville, is a well-known English soccer expert and pundit. On February 18, 1975, the former athlete was born in Bury, England.

Neville’s dad pushed him to practice cricket. He even faced off against future Ashes victor and English captain Michael Vaughan at the Bunbury Cricket Festival.


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Neville was a cricket prodigy as well. He participated in the Lancashire Under-14 squad along with his brother Phill Neville. Additionally, he played for the Greenmount Cricket Club in the Bolton Cricket League.

It’s interesting to note that he scored 110 runs for Greenmount while combining efforts with Matthew Hayden, a future star Australian batsman, for 236 runs in a row.

But he was destined to contribute more to soccer than to cricket. Neville made his international debut in 1995. He rapidly became the right-back of choice for England.

Professional Life and Career

Gary Neville played for England in his debut international game in 1995. Terry Venables choose him to play against Japan.

Gary and Phil had the chance to play in the FA Cup Final and a match against China the following year, in 1996.

The two created history by being the first brother team to play for both an FA Cup-winning team and England in the same season.


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Finally, he was selected to play right back for England by five different coaches.

Furthermore, Neville made his return to the international stage in 2009 for England’s World Cup qualification games after a brief break.

Get a job at Manchester United

Neville played for Manchester United in both his adolescent and adult years. He’s a one-club man and was a right-back.

In 2005, Neville was named the captain of Man United. Additionally, he gave up his position as team captain in 2010 to make room for a captain who participated in the team more consistently.

He appeared 600 times for Manchester United in October. Later, in 2011, Neville announced his retirement from professional soccer.


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Moreover, Neville was the United player with the second-longest tenure at the time.

He collected 20 awards in total, including two Champions League championships. Similarly, He continues to rank among the greatest European soccer players of all time.

Career in Management

Gary Neville has two instances of management experience. He was Valencia’s head coach as well as England’s assistant manager.

Neville has a UEFA Pro Coaching License, making him eligible to work on the coaching staff. In 2012, Roy Hodgson selected him to be a member of the coaching staff.

Similarly, A former teammate of Neville’s David Beckham supported Neville on the coaching staff.

Neville eventually kept working as England’s assistant manager during the Euro 2016 qualifying matches.


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Moreover, The Englishman was a member of the coaching staff for the 2014 World Cup.

In 2015, Neville was appointed Valencia’s head coach. Neville and his brother Phil, who also worked there, were coworkers.

Neville faced harsh criticism after Valencia’s 2016 loss to Barcelona. Valencia has gone eight games without a victory.

Furthermore, Neville was fired from Valencia in 2016.

A review of Man United’s performance by Gary Neville

Gary Neville, a well-known soccer analyst, has been trending in soccer news as a result of some recent comments. When United played Newcastle, Neville was not happy with the performance.

Rangnick would undoubtedly detest the performance Manchester United put on, he said. In the draw against Newcastle, the Red Devils appeared to be very defenseless.

United would have lost the game if Cavani’s brilliant play hadn’t occurred. Neville was extremely dissatisfied with United’s performance.


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The soccer analyst told Sky Sports that despite the goal, he didn’t think United played better in the second half.

Similarly, Neville called the United a “Bunch of complain sacks” in a statement and berated them.

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Relationship Status

In 2007, Neville and Emma Hadfield got married. Together, Molly and Sophie Neville are their two daughters.

It was made public in 2010 that Gary Neville had applied for permission to build an eco-friendly home. Moreover, In northwest England, it would be the region’s first carbon-free home.


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Neville pledged his support for the Labour Party in the next UK general election.

Later, though, he severely criticized the party for failing to protest the restrictions placed during the outbreak due to the lockdown.

It was due to the difficulties lockdown regulations were causing for all commercial endeavors. Additionally, Neville’s hotel business was impacted.

Both Parents and Siblings

Gary Neville was raised by his parents and spent the majority of his youth with his siblings.

Similarly, Former British League cricketer and football agent Neville Neville was the boy’s father. His mother, Jill Neville, played netball in the neighborhood leagues.

For the football team Bury, she also serves as general manager.

Furthermore, Tracey Neville and Phil Neville are Neville’s younger sister and brother, respectively.

Net Worth and Salary | Gary Neville

Neville’s estimated net worth is a staggering $25 million. His primary source of income comes from his work in soccer. As a well-known Sky Sports analyst, he earns money.

But in addition to his income from soccer, he also has a business. Neville is a co-owner of Salford, a team playing at a lower level.


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It also extends further than this. He owns several companies, including a university, hotels, and nightclubs.

Neville’s lavish lifestyle of costly automobiles and homes is therefore not surprising.

Another asset is the magnificent £3 million home at The United Legend.


In 2015, Neville established “Relentless.” This brand name was used to identify his assets. Neville is the owner of the Hotel Football in Old Trafford.

There are rumors that Cadbury may be supporting Neville. However, as of now, this is simply a social media rumor.


Neville became a soccer analyst for Sky Sports in 2012 after retiring in 2011.

However, he took over as Valencia’s manager quite swiftly. Although, He swiftly quit the club, which indicated a return to Sky Sports.

Furthermore, He started appearing regularly as a soccer analyst and commentator on Sky Sports in 2016.

Achievements & Awards | Gary Neville

  • Soccer League Cup (2005-2006, 2009-2010)
  • First Division (1995 to 2009 )
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2008
  • AFC Community Cup (1996, 1997, 2008)
  • Champions League of UEFA (1998-1999, 2007-2008)
  • FA Cup (1995 to 2004)
  • Intercontinental Cup of 1999

Personalized Honors

  • University of Salford honorary doctorate in science (2014)
  • FWA Tribute Award for 2012
  • Imaginary Premier League team (1992-1993 to 2011-2012)
  • 1997–2007 PFA Team of the Century (2007)
  • Team of the Year for the PFA Premier League (1996 to 2007)
  • 10 Seasons of the Premier League Award (1992-1993 to 2001-2002)
  • ESM Team of the Year for 1997–1998

Body Measurement | Weight, Height, Nationality

Gary Neville is a citizen of the United Kingdom. According to his ethnicity and religion, Gary Neville is Christian and a member of the White race.

Gary also measures 5 feet, 10 inches (185 cm/1.85 m) in height, and weighs about 82 kg (181lbs).

Social Media

Twitter: 5.3M Followers

Instagram: 1.5M Followers

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the nickname of Gary Neville?

Red Nev and Red Legend are two of Neville’s nicknames. Moreover, He has been given the nickname “Red Legend” in recognition of his significant contribution to United’s history.

How many club teams did Gary Neville play for during his formative years?

In both his junior and professional careers, Neville has excelled for just one club, Manchester United.

Is Gary Neville a FIFA World Cup champion?

No, Neville has not assisted England in winning a FIFA World Cup. With United, he did win the FIFA Club World Cup, though.

Gary Neville has managed how many teams?

Similarly, Neville has led two different teams. One as Valencia’s head coach, the other as England’s assistant manager.

Quick Facts | Gary Neville

Full Name Gary Alexander Neville
Known as Gary Neville
Nicknames Red Nev, Gary, Red Legend
Birth Date February 18, 1975
Birth Place Bury, England
High School Not Available
College Not Available
Nationality English
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 47 years old
Father Neville Neville
Mother Jill Neville
Siblings Phil Neville, Tracey Neville
Height 5’11” (1.80 m)
Weight 82 kg
Body type Athletic
Profession Soccer analyst, pundit & commentator, Former soccer player
Position Right-back (as a soccer player)
Current Team N/A
Active years 1992-2011 (As a player) & 2012-2016 (As a Manager)
Marital Status Married
Spouse Emma Hadfield
Children Sophie Neville, Molly Neville
Net Worth $25 million (Source:
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch Red: My Autobiography
Last Update September 2022

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