Gary Pettis

American former professional baseball center fielder

Gary Pettis
Former baseball Player Source:

Former center fielder for the American baseball team Gary Pettis earned five Gold Glove Awards and seven top-ten finishes in the American League for stolen bases.

Gary Pettis | Early Life And Education

An American former professional baseball center fielder, Gary Pettis was born on  April 3, 1958, in Oakland, California.

Furthermore, little is known about his parents. However, if we discover any new information about them, we will notify you immediately.

Several accounts claim that Pettis and his brother Lynn had a wonderful childhood full of memories with their parents.

Gary Pettis
Gary Pettis in his younger days Source: Bacon Sports

Since he was a little child, Gary had been aware of the circumstances in his family and had been inspired to do something about them. He, therefore, started his career at a quite young age.

When Pettis was still in school, he began playing baseball.

Although Gary had few resources available, his ability for lifelong learning was limitless, thus these limitations did not stop him from changing the course of history.

Gary Pettis | Age And Body Measurement

An American former professional baseball center fielder, Gary Pettis is currently 64 years old. Moreover, the Pettis sun sign is Aries.

Likewise, Gary stands at a height of about 6 feet 1 inch and weighs about 75 kilos. It’s thought that this height is perfect for baseball players.

He also has smooth skin, dark eyes, and black hair, which all go well with his strong build.

Gary Pettis | Wife and Kids

The former athlete has mostly kept the information private. But Gary’s admirers are always interested to hear about the many highs and lows in his life.

Peggy Pettis is Gary’s wife in terms of their previous relationships. Peggy once cheered for the American team as a member of the Las Vegas Raiderettes.

Gary Pettis
Gary Pettis’s Family Source: Google

It seems clear that Gary and Peggy met for the first time at one of these baseball games.

These wonderful parents are blessed with four children in all. Their offspring are known by the names Paige Pettis, Shaye Pettis, Dante, and Kyler Pettis.

Without a doubt, Gary and his family enjoy luxurious lifestyles Gary has worked hard to earn the right to live this life, thus he deserves it.

Gary Pettis | Career

Gary Pettis, a member of a low-income family, persisted in his efforts and realized his life’s goals.

After many hours of labor and restless nights, Gary made his MLB debut in 1982 while representing Los Angeles. Since that time, Gary hasn’t thought back on anything.

Up until 1981, Gary started off as a small-league baseball player. Later, he was elevated to the California Angels.

Gary Pettis
former professional baseball center fielder Source: Google

Prior to playing two seasons for the Detroit Tigers, Pettis played six seasons with the Angels.

He quickly signed on with the Texas Rangers, and after playing for them for two seasons, he left to join the San Diego Padres.

It is evident that Gary didn’t spend much time with any one team. He constantly switched clubs, which might have prevented his career from reaching its full potential.

Gary was a superb defender with exceptional jumping or diving catch skills. However, only Gary seemed to have no issue playing center field; in fact, this was his best quality.

For 20 years, no baseball player for the Angels could top Gary’s feat of more than 40 bases in five seasons.


Chone Figgins broke that record in 2007—20 years later. His unusual and unmatched outfield speed also earned him the moniker Pac-Man from a nearby radio station.

In 1992, Gary chose to retire from Major League Baseball. As a result, his playing days as a baseball player were over, but he remained passionate about the sport and wanted to continue to contribute.

As a result, despite having retired from playing, he continued his baseball career as a coach.

The Houston Astros have had Gary as their manager since 2015, and he still holds that position.

It’s noteworthy that he made his coaching debut with the California Angels, the team on which he also made his MLB debut.

Sadly, there is no information available on his coaching career. But we’ll let you know about his current work as soon as we find out anything about it.

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Gary Pettis | Net Worth, Salary, and Income

American-born baseball player Gary has made a successful career out of the sport.

Gary has played professionally in baseball since getting chosen by Major League Baseball in 1982. In the subsequent 10 years, Gary rose to prominence on a global scale.

Over the years, Pettis has gained more than simply fame and name recognition. He did keep a large portion of his million-dollar earnings, though.

As of 2021, Gary is expected to have earned between $1 million and $5 million. However, he hasn’t disclosed his exact net worth, so we don’t know what it is.

Gary Pettis
Baseball Coach Source:

Our sources claim that in 1993, Gary was given a contract of $300,000 for one year. In 1988, he also earned $400,000.

He earned $1.1 million a year after leaving Major League Baseball in 1992 when his career was at its peak.

Without a question, Gary is currently living a luxurious life and making the most of it by spending time with his family, traveling, and taking various holidays.

Pettis has, regrettably, remained silent about all of his valuables, including his bungalow, his automobile, and other real properties.

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, the former baseball player doesn’t utilize social media. But Gary has developed a significant fan base all over the world because of his tenacity and dedication to baseball.

So that Gary’s admirers and well-wishers can learn a little more about him, we hope he soon opens a social media account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What number does Gary Pettis’ jersey have?

According to the clubs he has played for, Gary’s jersey number has changed. For instance, his jersey number for the California Angels was 24.

Similar to this, his jersey number with the Astros, even as head coach, remains 8.

What is Gary doing at the moment?

Gary is currently employed with the Astros as their head baseball coach.

Is Gary Pettis in the Hall of Fame?

No, he hasn’t been honored with a Hall of Fame induction to this point. However, according to numerous rumors, he is the next to be added to the Hall of Fame roster.

What is Gary’s net worth?

$1 Million-$5 Million 

What illness does Pettis have?

In part of the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Pettis battled multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, but he returned to the Astros permanently in July of last year.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gary George Pettis
Birth Date April 3, 1958
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Known As Gary Pettis
Nickname Pac Man
Religion Christianity 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Black
Education Castlemont High School
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Not Available 
Mother’s Name Not Available 
Siblings Lynn Pettis
Age 64 Years Old
Height 6 ft. 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic 
Body Measurement Not Available 
Profession Former baseball Player, Baseball Coach
Position Center Fielder, Third Base Coach
Active since 1982
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Peggy Pettis
Kids Four
Kids Name Paige Pettis, Kyler Pettis, Shaye Perttis, Dante Pettis
Net Worth $1 Million-$5 Million 
Home Runs 21
  • One-time World Series Champion
  • Five times Golden Glove Awards
Social Media Not Available 
Merch Autographed Cards

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