Gayle has reacted to the last week’s Ticketmaster disaster which was one of Taylor Swift’s opening act in “Eras Tour”!

Taylor Swift received a reaction from Gayle for her opening performance in “Eras tour”

Taylor Swift received a reaction from Gayle for Eras tour!!
Taylor Swift received a reaction from Gayle for Eras tour!! source-google

It was one of the Taylor Swift opening acts in the “Eras Tour” to which Gayle reacted on the TicketMaster disaster!

On Sunday, when Gayle was asked about the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster event where fans were very disappointed. They were furious about the fact that they were not able to purchase tickets, to which Gayle replied with

“I love you and thank you for possibly being a fan of me”

Since the tickets sold out very quickly, many fans expressed their disappointment that they could not purchase them due to high demand. Gayle was pretty overwhelmed with the love and such a response and she thanked them for being fans of hers.

The 18-year-old singer also disclosed that the event will be all over the internet soon while appearing on the American Music Awards red carpet. As soon as the tickets sold out, Taylor swift had an instant reaction on her Instagram story by thanking her fans for the support. Not just for her fans wanting to be part of the “Eras Tour”.


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“I’m enchanted to announce my next tour: Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!) The first leg of the tour will be in stadiums across the US, with international dates to be announced as soon as we can!” the singer writes in her Instagram post

The Grammy award winner also mentioned that she was very disappointed and pissed about the Ticketmaster Fiasco. She compared this Eras tour with the Fiasco as the tour canceled the tickets to the public. The reason for the cancelation was the attack of the bears on the event.

“It’s really difficult for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties, and excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse,” the songwriter added.

Taylor also mentioned that they insisted a lot that they could do anything about the situation. But unfortunately, it couldn’t happen.

“I’m not going to make excuses for anyone because we asked them, multiple times if they could handle this time of demand and we were assured they could.”

The company also asked for an apology for the horrible experience through Twitter.

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Moreover, Swift announced the tour earlier this month and one week after releasing her 10th album “Midnights”.


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“Surprise! I think of Midnights as a complete concept album, with those 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour.”  the singer captions in her Instagram

Taylor will have a lot of supporters as she mentions the name HAIM, beadbadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, and Paramore. They will help her in the opening of her act after he first tour in these five years.

Gayle was one of the first people to talk about the disaster in the media and also mentioned how she gushed she met Taylor for the first time.

“The last thing she said to me the first time we met was, ‘I’ll see you again,’” GAYLE recalled. “And then the first thing she said to me [when I saw her again] was, ‘I told you I’d see you again!’”

We hope this tour goes as expected and success. Moreover, stay tuned for more updates on the “Eras Tour”!


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