Hal Mumme

Former American football coach

Hal Mumme
Former American football coach Source: Google

Hal Clay Mumme is a former American football player and coach. His most recent employment was with the Dallas Renegades of the XFL as an offensive consultant.

Early Life and Family

Hal Mumme was born on March 29, 1952, in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. In addition, the father, Harry Clay, and the mother, Hallie Younger, founded Mumme (the mother). Hal’s parents unfortunately don’t have much information available.

According to many reports, Hal had a typical upbringing similar to this. He did not live a lavish or terrible existence; his parents are from a middle-class family.

Hal even played football for Thomas Jefferson High School in the early stages as a receiver. This proves Hal had a passion for football from an early age.

Hal nevertheless enrolls as a freshman at New Mexico Military Institute and Tarleton State University. Despite being a student, he belonged to the fraternity Kappa Alpha Order.

Playing Career

Mumme had started his career early in life. He began by participating in football. Mumme later played as a receiver for Thomas Jefferson High School.

Mumme performed in a similar manner while still a student at the New Mexico Military Institute. Hal was still enrolled at college and a part of the Kappa Alpha Order Federation despite this.

Coaching Career

In 1976, Hal Mumme began working as a coach. He only served as the offensive coordinator at Foy H. Moody High School for two years, though.

Hal, though, didn’t require a lot of time to take over as the head coach. Hal was named the head coach of Aransas Pass High School in 1970, not long after leaving his role as the offensive coordinator.

In 1980, Hal again worked as Bill Yung’s assistant coach at West Texas State University.

As an assistant coach, Mumme developed an offensive plan that emphasized passing the ball and moving the ball while scoring points. Hal was able to establish himself as a capable coach as a result immediately.

Early Career

In 1996, Hal was appointed head coach at the University of Kentucky, replacing Bill Curry. Hal first improved the previous records; under his direction, the team shattered multiple schools, SEC, and NCAA records.

Additionally, Kentucky kept winning games. It had never even reached the qualifications before they hired Hal, but after that, everything was different for them.

However, Hal’s team performed worse in 2000, going 2-9. Hal was also confronted with multiple allegations of violating NCAA regulations.

Hal Mumme
Hal Mumme was hired by Memphis express as per The Commercial Appeal. Source: Google

After an 18-month absence, Hal eventually makes a comeback to football as the head coach of the Southeastern Louisiana Lions. Furthermore notable was the fact that this was Lion’s first NCAA Division I-AA game since 1985.

Hal is without a doubt a terrific coach, as seen by the Lions’ recent emergence in the Top 25 of the I-AA national rankings after a long absence.

He left Lions in 2004 and subsequently enrolled at New Mexico State. Hal, on the other hand, faced numerous challenges after Mumme was accused of discrimination by four NMSU athletes who are Muslim.

They claimed that Hal had mistreated them at work as a result of their religion.

In addition, when Hal did so, four players consented to a $165,000 out-of-court settlement of the complaint.

On the other hand, Hal’s squad struggled in the final seven games of the season, which led to his dismissal by NMSU on December 1 of that year, after four years.


Hal spent three years working for McMurry, who had a successful run of victories. Nevertheless, Hal gets named Belhaven University’s NAIA head coach in 2014. Prior to Hal joining Belhaven, they had a 3-8 record. Nevertheless, after hiring Hal, Belhaven’s record increased to 2-9.

Hal Mumme joined Jackson State in 2017, and shortly after, Hal announced his resignation. Later, Hal underlined that he quit the company to look into other job options.

Hal leaves State and joins the Dallas Renegades. But he didn’t stick around with them for very long. He begins a two-week job in Dallas and departs soon after.

In spite of this, Dallas still hired Hal. But Hal, who collided with a sideline player during a game in 2020, was harmed. After becoming hurt, Mumme continued to serve as an advisor for the team.

Hal Mumme| Net Worth and Salary

Hal Mumme’s coaching career has surely provided him with a comfortable living.

Mumme’s net worth is around $1 million. Mumme reportedly earns $3,49,000 per year, of which $1,50,000 is thought to come from his football career.

But it’s unclear exactly what Hal’s assets and expenses are. Hal has gone through a lot in life, yet he still manages to stay motivated and stable. To put it another way, Hal has a respectable life with his wife and children.

Age, Height, and Body Measurement

Hal, who is currently 69 years old, is a happy husband. He celebrated his birthday a few days before April 1st.

Hal has a dashing appearance, magnificent black hair, and attractive brown eyes. However, his height and weight are still unknown, and there is no pertinent information about any of them.

Hal Mumme’s Relationships| Wife, Children

Hal and June Mumme enjoy a contented marriage. Even after so many years of marriage, this couple still seems to be deeply in love.

These two charming people have three children: Karen, Leslie, and Matt. Likewise, Matt has continued his father’s legacy by currently holding the position of offensive coordinator.

Hal encountered challenges and issues; his life wasn’t always a bed of roses. Hal’s life fell apart once he was given a cancer diagnosis in 2009. Fortunately, Hal’s cancer was still in its early stages, and with proper care, he was able to survive.

Both June and Hal are currently working in the social sector. Because they have battled cancer, they support other cancer patients. They also work together with the G. Komen Foundation, which supports people with cancer.

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Hal Mumme: Social Media Presence

Hal Mumme doesn’t frequently utilize social media. However, he does occasionally use Twitter to share his opinions on certain topics.

Quick Facts

Name Hal Clay Mumme
Birthplace San Antonio, Texas, United States
Birthdate March 29, 1952
Age 70 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Nickname Hal Mumme, Mumme, Hal
Height Unknown
Founder Air Raid Offense
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Profession Football Coach, Former football player
Affiliation NFL
NFL Draft 1999
Overall 142-152-1 (college)
Started Playing Career 1970
Bowls 0-3
Sibling Unknown
Father Name Harold Clay
Mother Name Hallie Younger
Education Tarleton State University
New Mexico Military Institute
Thomas Jefferson High School
Tournaments 0-1  (NAIAD- I playoffs)
2-2 (NCAA D- II playoffs)
1-1 (NCAA D- III playoffs)
Star Sign Aries
Position  Wide receiver
Team Coached Iowa Wesleyan College
Voldosta State University
The University of Kentucky
Southern Louisiana University
New Mexico State University
McMurry University
NFL Overall Pick #1
Net Worth $1 million (approx)
Yearly Salary  $3,49,000
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife June Mumme
Children Matt Mumme
Karen Handel
Achievements One GSC
Golf South Coach of the Year
Social Media Twitter

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