Halsey celebrates her son Ender’s 1-year birthday!! Shares some candid pictures to mark the occasion.

Halsey called their little one “sweet, curious and funny” in a post tributing for his first birthday!!

Halsey celebrates their boy Ender turning one-year-old- I love you so much
Halsey celebrates their boy Ender turning one-year-old- I love you so much source-google

Halsey celebrates their son Ender’s 1-year-old birthday- I love you so much!!

Ender is all grown up and now celebrating his first birthday!! Halsey offers immense gratitude for having the child. She is in all love celebrating their kids’ first birthday.

In July 2021, Halsey welcomed this sweet little kid with their partner Alev Aydin. On July 16th Thursday, Halsey marked the baby Ender’s first birthday and shared a collection of candid photos on Instagram.

They captioned the post with a very sweet note for their son.

my little tiny baby is a big one-year-old today! time flies, and I want to land the plane. permanently. your baba and I love you so much. you are smart and fiercely determined and sweet and curious and funny. I am so lucky that you found me, Ender Ridley! 🌈

They left a very cute and heartfelt note for their son. Halsey said, that she is very lucky that the baby found them and praised their baby saying, “smart and fiercely determined and sweet and curious and funny”.


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They added 10 candid pictures of their son. The first picture included Hals and her sweet kid wearing a cloth crown and giving a cute smile. In the second picture, he is little moody/sleepy wearing a bear jumper. Looks like it was taken in the winter season.

In the third picture, the little boy is crawling to his will wearing a pink floral baby dress, tying his hair, and a pacifier in his mouth crawling to get a comb. TOOOOOO ADORABLE!! The fourth picture included a star wall where the baby is all grumpy, and looked like he was just woken up from his sweet dreams.

The fifth picture was of him sucking the pacifier twinning with his mother and looking at the camera. Another picture was of a very small, just-born baby who is kissed by his mother. Moreover, one picture was with his daddy, both were twinning with Laker’s jersey. and the rest pictures were of the cute boy’s growing phase.

Halsey celebrates their boy Ender turning one-year-old- I love you so much
Halsey celebrates their boy Ender turning one year old- “I love you so much”

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Ender’s father Alev Aydin is a writer and producer. Alev also paid a cute tribute on Instagram for his son’s birthday!!

He also shared a series of pictures featuring his son and the mama. He captioned the post saying,

“PETIT PRINCE IS ONE TODAY!! Mama and I love you, Ender. To the moon, kid, to the moon.”

Well, A picture of him with the sleeping baby in his arms and the mama sleeping aside. The rest of the pictures are of his baby playing with water, and studying in a library, cooking with mama, playing with dada.


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Though the parents are celebrating their firstborn Halsey has also revealed her abortions and miscarriages in the vogue interview amid Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision.

Moreover, She talked about how the legal abortion process helped and saved her life. She had severe complications because of 3 miscarriages that happened at a young age. She further said,

“One of my miscarriages required ‘aftercare’,” They said. “A gentle way of saying that I would need an abortion, because my body could not terminate the pregnancy completely on its own and I would risk going into sepsis without medical intervention.”

Knowing that one of her pregnancies required aborting the child is so sad to hear. And it would not have been possible to do it on their own. It would lead to a lot of complications if the abortion was not done with medical help.

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