Heidi Montag glows up in her pregnancy! She left everyone with a little imagination having a nude maternity photoshoot!

Heidi Montag is so vibrant in her second pregnancy as she shows off her baby bump in a nude maternity snaps

Heidi Montag shows off her baby bump in a nude photoshoot!!
Heidi Montag shows off her baby bump in a nude photoshoot!! source-google

Heidi Montag is very radiant as she glows up in her second pregnancy with her husband Spenser Pratt!!  She shows off her pregnancy bump in a nude photoshoot!!

 Heidi Montag is not pregnant for the first time. She and her stunning husband, Spencer Pratt, welcomed their handsome son Gunner into this world in 2017. Since then, she was desperate to get pregnant again and now she is expecting her second child.

The reality TV star, Heidi Montag recently posed for a pregnancy photoshoot in which she is showcasing her gorgeous pregnant body with absolutely no clothes.

She posed completely nude, only covering her private areas with her hands. In another shot, she uses bouquets to cover up while showcasing her pregnant bump which is all grown up!

Montag posted on her social media Instagram showcasing her pregnant belly and a video all floral. She was draped in a violet color robe and the background was filled with flowers.

Moreover, she captioned the video by thanking everyone who made this possible and embracing the moment she spent.

“Thank you @oxanaalexphotography for capturing this moment, embracing the beauty and transformation during #pregnancy,” 


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Heidi said that she couldn’t be more excited about her baby’s arrival. She also specified that she was in great confusion and didn’t know who she was the most excited for.

Whether she is excited for herself or her dear son Gunner or her darling husband Spencer.  Heidi also mentioned that she just felt like something was missing in her life like a person was missing in her happy but not-so-happy family that she had this intense love for.

She kept praying about it as she felt like she was not meant to have another kid. The reason was she had accepted the reality to a point that she did not want fake expectations and desires about being pregnant again.

She was just unsure of the pregnancy. She expressed her heart out being very emotional!


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In August 2021, she underwent a procedure known as hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure. In the process, the non-cancerous uterine polyps are removed which increases the chances of conceiving again.


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She emotionally expressed that she was feeling extremely nervous the night before that surgery. And she was super excited about it the next day, and she hoped that the surgery works. She was having an emotional roller coaster ride.

Heidi announced her pregnancy in June 2022 by gushing over Instagram thanking a media Us Weekly for announcing it o the world.

“My heart is overflowing with joy! I’m excited to share that I am pregnant! I have been hoping and praying for this moment for so long! “

She also added how emotional she got when even the topic of “pregnancy” would appear. She used to cry hysterically and there were flows of emotion like joy and shock as Heidi couldn’t believe she was pregnant again.

“Once I saw the word “pregnant” I started hysterically crying, overwhelmed with joy and shock and I sprinted upstairs to show Spencer. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant again! “

Pregnancy is a crazy nine months adventure. At one moment you’re feeling like an angel on earth shining and swimming in the air and the next moment, you’re 54 weeks with heavy feet, caring for a little kangaroo in your tummy.


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It’s normal not to feel very comfortable in your skin during the tour of pregnancy as it takes an examination physically and mentally, but when you are feeling good then there’s no harm in showing yourself off.

We congratulate the whole family of Montag on this exciting news of having a baby!!




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