Howie Mandel defends Meghan Markle after her statement about “Deal or No Deal” experience: “I don’t know why there is a big hoopla”

“I think Meghan just said she wanted to do more. It wasn’t fulfilling for her,” Howie Mandel says about Meghan Markle

Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel doesn't get it why Meghan is facing backlash source:

Howie Mandel defended Meghan Markle about her comment regarding her experience on “Deal or No Deal.” According to him, Meghan is facing backlash for no reason.

Howie Mandel is kinda shocked that people are making big news about Meghan Markle’s comment. As he thinks that it is not a big deal though. He explained his experience too when he was hosting the show.

He explained to everyone that Meghan was telling her experience and she has not used any bad words in the show. However, people are so quick to judge someone with their one statement.

Similarly, Howie explained his own experience on the show where he had to just stand up and tell the girls to open up the cases. Further, he also stated to the sources on October 27,

“I get it because — I’ve never said this before — but they had this pyramid of 26 beautiful, intelligent women standing there just staring at me like I was a piece of meat. I was in the center, just dressed up in a suit and I felt like I am more than this. And they would just look at me and I had to do nothing.”

Meghan Markle previously explained her experience in the show, “Deal or No Deal”. In her podcast, “Archetypes” she talked about not being satisfied with her job as a briefcase girl. He further thought she deserve more than that so she left the job. Further, she added,

“I didn’t like feeling forced to be all looks and little substance, and that’s how it felt for me at the time being reduced to this specific archetype: the word ‘bimbo'”

This is only a matter of the controversy that Meghan is facing right now. Well, Mandel doesn’t think Markle told any bad words about the show. The former host of the “Deal or No Deal” later stated,

“I get it. I felt like nothing. And that’s why I’ve moved on and become a judge on America’s Got Talent. I just needed more than to be a Deal or No Deal host.”

Even though Howie also didn’t like his job on the show, he never said the place wasn’t a great workplace environment. He defend Meghan on that topic and said she was trying to explain what was going on in her mind. Meghan never said it was a bad place to work.


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In addition to that, Howie Mandel also added,

“I’ve never really heard anybody complain and I don’t think Meghan is complaining. I think Meghan just said she wanted to do more. It wasn’t fulfilling for her.”

Likewise, he continued,

“So I don’t know why there is a big hoopla, except I have to say that me standing there with 26 women staring at me made me feel like a bimbo.”

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Howie Mandel talked about some of the girls who later became successful in their part. He also said that they were more intelligent than him and deserves more than him. He mentioned former briefcase girls’ names, Claudia Jordan and Chrissy Teigen. Moreover, he also said,

“I don’t think she’s maligning Deal or No Deal. I don’t think there weren’t ever [any] complaints from any of the women. And unlike most shows up until that point, the ladies had more to do. They weren’t just pointing out gifts and opening [cases], a lot of times they were mic’d and they had their input.”

Meghan Markle is always in the news on whatever the matter is. As the sources claimed that the backlash she is facing right now is making her stronger rather than weak. She has learned how to deal with negativity. Not only this, but the sources also said,

“This negative backlash is extremely disappointing to Meghan, but she’s learned a long time ago not to get too cut up or demotivated by those who wish to dwell in negativity, especially over something so trivial as a job she left many years ago.”


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Also, they added,

“She knows that there are certain critics who will go to great lengths to stir the pot and call her out as a hypocrite in any way possible.”

After the Duchess of Sussex’s comment about “Deal or No Deal”, the former stylist, Dina Cerchione also made a statement on her Instagram account. She gushed about how much she loved to design the looks for the workers of the show and Howie Mandel as well. According to Dina,

“To know me is to know I love my work. It’s been a rough week watching a show I love SO much be criticized. I had the privilege to design the looks for Deal or No Deal, for all of the women and, of course, @howiemandel. It was one of the most wonderful, challenging, highs profile gigs of my career and I loved every minute of it.”

Meghan Markle’s comment about her experience caused problems for several social media users, former employees of the show, and the models too.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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