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An American third baseman in professional baseball

Hunter Dozier
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Baseball has produced many incredible abilities and skills, as seen in the sports world. Hunter Dozier, a third baseman with the MLB’s Kansas City Royals, is one of these indisputable talents. Additionally, Dozier made his MLB debut in 2016 and is an amazing talent.

About Hunter Dozier |  Family and Education

A person who pursues their passion with the utmost remarkable dedication and tenacity succeeds. The narrative of Hunter Dozier, a young man from a tiny town with high aspirations, is similar.

The lucky child of dedicated parents Kelly Dozier was a professional baseball player in the United States who was born on August 22, 1991. Interestingly, Hunter Dozier has two Kelly parents.

Dozier’s parents are a source of confusion because both his mother and father have the last name, Kelly.


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There might be some misunderstanding because father Dozier is also known as Big Kelly. Sweet?

The Dozier family, however, is rather tight, celebrating love and constantly encouraging one another to improve. Hunter’s pilot father instilled in him the value of working hard and never showing fear.

Nobody could criticize the father-son relationship after reading about them without feeling jealous. Hunter, however, sadly had to watch as his parents fell ill with the terrible Coronavirus.

Contracted were Dozier’s parents and himself Covid-19

Millions of people have died since Covid was released one year ago, yet many have made a full recovery.

Unfortunately, the hazardous illness spread to other well-known figures, including Hunter Dozier’s parents.

Dozier’s parents initially caught the illness earlier this year—his father and mother. Hunter stated that he received it since his father is an American pilot.

He added that whereas his mother experienced symptoms for two and a half weeks, his dad had just shown signs for a day. Fortunately, HUnter’s sister is a nurse and provided them with excellent care.


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Not only did papa-mama Dpzier test positive in July 2020, but also Royals’ Hunter, who was thereafter put on the injured list.

In an interview, he expressed his dismay in detail and listed other symptoms associated with the infection.

He had to comply with the medical staff’s instructions as a result. Thankfully, despite his wife having symptoms, his children remained healthy and were not exposed to the dangerous illness.

Following his recovery, Dozier urged others to exercise greater responsibility because Corona might get worse.


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He also advised donning a face mask, avoiding eating out, staying at home, and refraining from setting things on fire.

By the end of 2020, COVID will have claimed a lot of lives, therefore it is a difficult moment.

Along with his parents, Hunter too had to deal with the terrible infection and endure the unimaginable. But as of right now, he is back on track and working harder than ever.

Professional Life and Career

It is well known that baseball player Hunter Dozier’s mother is his biggest supporter and that his father shares the same sentiment.

Thus, after being selected in the first round of the 2013 Major League Baseball draft, he has significantly improved baseball.

Dozier participated in baseball and football for Denton High School before being selected in the draft.

In his senior year of high school, he focused on baseball and joined the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks baseball team.


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Eventually, his abilities and diligence were recognized, but the Royals selected Hunter in the first round for an enormous $2.2 million signing bonus. After that, his advancements happened quickly.

Hunter brought home new marks in 69 games between Idaho Falls and Lexington, reporting to the Royals’ Arizona League first before joining the Idaho Falls Chukars of the Rookie-level Pioneer league and getting promoted to the Class A South Atlantic League in August.

The Road to the Major League for Dozier

Hunter Dozier’s career milestones also started in 2014 with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, when he hit.308 with seven home runs and 52 RBIs. He received a raise to the level of Northwest Arkansas Natural.

Hunter played his entire 2015 season for Arkansas, batting.213 with 12 home runs and 53 RBIs. On September 12, 2016, Hunter made his major league debut. He joined Omaha to start the 2017 campaign.

He did, however, miss the first season due to an oblique muscle complaint. Dozier, the star player for the Royals, did play in 33 regular-season games in the minor leagues.


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With a slash line of.279/.348/.522 along with 26 home runs, 10 triples, 84 RBIs, and 75 runs scored last season, Dozier had a career year.

Dozier hit.279 in 2018-19 with 26 home runs, 10 triples, 84 RBIs, and 75 runs scored as his performances continued to improve. Hunter Dozier’s career experienced some difficulty in 2020 as a result of contracting the fatal Covid virus, as was already mentioned.

He did, however, bat .228 in 44 games with the 2020 Kansas City Royals, including six home runs and 12 RBIs. As a result, Hunter Dozier’s net worth is also steadily increasing along with his career.

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Career Stats

Career -1.5 1549 374 59 .241 199 185 13 .311 .436

Relationship Status

As was already mentioned, Amanda Dozier, Hunter Dozier’s wife, is equally attractive.

Additionally, Amanda is a familiar presence on both his Instagram and that of his priceless kids. In November 2014, the Dozier couple tied the knot.

The Dozier couple exchanged vows in 2014, but their relationship began in high school.

We discovered that Amanda used to play volleyball in college when browsing Hunter Dozier’s Instagram.


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Mrs. Dozier keeps to herself. Her Instagram is therefore private.

However, Hunter Dozier’s wife gloats about her marriage and proudly declares that she is a mother.

Additionally, Dozier shares various images of his beloved wife with heartfelt notes before their marriage.

Net Worth and Salary | Hunter Dozier

Hunter Dozier’s excellent career has, as noted, been rapidly expanding. His net worth has also been increasing at the same rate.

Throughout his seven-year professional career, Hunter Dozier’s net worth has been growing at an exponential rate.

His fortune is sufficient to support a luxury lifestyle and a stunning bungalow, although being kept a secret.

When Hunter Dozier joined the royals in 2013, his annual compensation was $2,200,000.

His pay increased throughout the trip as well. Dozier made an average salary of $507,500 while under contract in 2016, which has now climbed to $610,500.


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Dozier’s wealth also includes his earnings from various brand sponsorships because he is a well-known figure.

Riches enable extravagant and adventurous travel to many locations.

Hunter Dozier must have purchased his dream automobiles because luxury cars like Mercedes, Audi, and other makes are surely a man’s dream.

He also resides in a stunning house with all the amenities a house must have.

Additionally, it is clear from the chemistry between Dozier and his wife that she supports his job.

Amanda is a devoted mother to their children, Bodhi and Blake, in addition to being a devoted wife to a baseball star.

Mom of two children

The Dozier couple is blessed with two lovely children in addition to a happy marriage. Bodhi Dozier, their first child, was born in 2017.

He is also well-known on his social media platforms, such as Instagram. Bodhi gained more notoriety after he was observed striking a ball off a tee. The father and boy looked just precious together.

Additionally, Blake, Dozier’s wife, was born in 2019. Along with her brother, the stunning girl is a common face on Instagram. The Dozier family’s charming presence is also a blessing on Instagram.

Hunter is a devoted husband and parent. His wife’s and his children’s photos are all over his Instagram.

He never forgets to send them well wishes on special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries.

Hunter Dozier, a baseball star, works tirelessly to advance his profession, which is expanding at a noteworthy rate. Hunter’s swings will undoubtedly continue to make history in the days to come.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

Hunter Dozier is an absolute darling, there is no disputing that. The 29-year-old, who was born on August 22, 1991, is a tall 6 feet. Additionally, the broad shoulder and well-built body shout athlete and help to describe his healthy lifestyle.

In addition, Hunter’s faux-ginger beard is as fair as his swings when he plays, adding to the hunk appearance.

On most days, Hunter Dozier would be wearing his go-to plain t-shirt with either jeans or shorts, a cap, and the most comfortable shoes imaginable.


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Hunter is ready to hit a home run on game days with his jersey and pants accentuating his attractive height and all the goods.

Hunter is a handsome man whose physical attributes match his demeanor, but his wife Amanda is equally stunning.

Social Media

Instagram: @hdozier_17 (20.4k followers)

Twitter: @hdozier_17 (9499 followers)

Hunter Dozier’s Site: Pledge It

Frequently Asked Question:

Are Hunter and Brian Dozier related to one another?

No, Brian Dozer and Hunter are not related. Apart from the fact that they are both MLB players and have the same last name, they do not have any other things in common.

What is the status of Hunter Dozier’s injuries?

The baseball player recently, in May 2021, collided severely with first baseman Jose Abreu and was seriously hurt. He reportedly experienced a neck ache and a quad contusion.

He was thus put on the injured list for seven days due to concussion symptoms. Jose, on the other hand, had a bruised left knee, a laceration, and a facial contusion.

Quick Facts | Hunter Dozier

Full Name Hunter William Dozier
Birth Date August 22, 1991
Birthplace Wichita Falls, Texas, United States
Age 31 years old
Nick Name Hunter
Nationality American
Horoscope Leo
Height 6 ft. 4 in.
Weight 99.8 kg
Father Kelly Dozier
Mother Kelly Dozier
Siblings Devin Dozier
Alma Mater Stephen F. Austin State University
Profession Baseball Player
Current Affiliation Kansas City Royals
Position Third baseman
Jersey Number 17
Salary  $507,500 
Spouse Amanda Dozier
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Merch Autographed Items, Rookie Card
Last Update September 2022

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