In the Trail, Amber Heard claims Johnny shoved liquor bottle inside her! Check out her Testimony

“I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything” says the actress in her testimony.

Amber claims Johnny became a monster when he drank
Amber claims Johnny became a monster when he drank-source- Page Six > Emily Smith

Amber Heard’s day-long testimony continued as she constantly told the jury about another time Depp threatened to kill her. Amber also said that if she ever tries to embarrass him in front of his kids, he will kill her. 

Heard also mention the date that is on 25th December 2015 on his island in the Bahamas. Where they got into a fight and Depp got physical with her.

What does she tell Jury about the incident?

Amber told the jury that Depp grabbed the back of her head. After that, they got into a shoving match where he sent her toppling over some furniture in the room.

Johnny also causes her to hit her head on a brick wall as well. Amber also said that Johnny also head-butted her in the nose and started pummeling her.

That was right before dragging her over to a bed where he kneeled on her back. He also held her down and punched her.

Amber Heard in tears as she claims Johnny sexually assaulted her
Amber Heard is in tears as she claims Johnny sexually assaulted her- source-

Johnny repeatedly told her that he hated her and in a loud voice, an aggressive way he told her that he was going to kill her.

Additionally, Heard just told the court about the time when she punched Depp to protect her sister as well.

She said Johnny also head-butted her in the nose and started pummeling her before dragging her over to a bed where he kneeled on her back, holding her down and punching her.

Furthermore, Amber also says that this is the first time she ever punched Johnny. After one punch he responded with laughter before his security broke up the fight between them.

A bunch of images was shown in court as proof

For the proof, there were a bunch of images that is represented on the court.

Furthermore, Amber says that It shows the destruction Johnny inflicted on the home in Australia after that bottle incident. At that incident, he hurt his finger as well.

Picture related to the incident
Picture related to the incident- source- TMZ

Similarly, she says the image show blood on the couch next to the kitchen, blood on multiple beds, plus holes in the wall where Johnny smashed a bottle.

She also says that he also scribbled words and phrases on the bathroom’s mirror and a lampshade as well.

Additionally, Amber also mentioned that she saw a message when Johnny passed out with his iPad open. She discovered that he texted another woman and his messages showed that he slept with the woman right after their wedding day.

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Heard describe her alleged penetration incident

Amber broke down in tears and she pause her breath, she felt difficulty at that time.

Amber describe that Johnny put a bottle “inside of” her in an alleged evening of rage and violence, where he told her he would “carve up” her face.

Furthermore, she was on the stand and talking about the ex-couple defamation trial, alleged that Depp threw bottles at her. At that time he stayed in rent in Australia while filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5 soon after their wedding.

Also, watch the given video where she describes Johnny Depp sexually assaulting her with a bottle

Amber cried a lot and said, I have never been so scared in my life.

Whereas, Johnny Depp denies that he ever do that sexually and Physically assaulting Heard. But she cried and described an alleged sexual assault by Johnny Depp.

Additionally, she said, I remember looking at all of the broken bottles, and broken glass. I remember not wanting to move because I didn’t know if it was broken, I didn’t know if the bottle he had inside of me was broken. 

At the courtroom in Virginia 

She was completely broken and said, I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything. I looked around and saw so much broken glass, I didn’t know if he would know if it was broken or not.

“I just remember thinking please God, please I hope it’s not broken.”

Amber mentioned that she only stayed in the bathroom after and took two sleeping pills and did not wake up until the next morning. Moreover, The couple argued the day before where she says Depp was drinking and taking drugs as well.

The Australian home of Johnny where Amber claimed the fight occurred in 2015
The Australian home of Johnny where Amber claimed the fight occurred in 2015-source- Fairfax County

On the next day, Depp became more aggressive and angry when she grabbed the bottle of alcohol and threw it to the floor.

Moreover, she described a “STRUGGLE” and being flung “from the wall to the countertop”, and Depp allegedly ripping off her nightgown, leaving her naked.

Amber continued, I was naked, slipping around on this tile” on the floor, she told the jury. “He’s screaming at me and saying I ruined his life.

In her testimony so far, Amber describes Depp as the most jealous and vindictive partner who would take drugs and alcohol and become more violent and act aggressively.

Moreover, the trial is on break until May 16. Amber will be back on the stand at the court and again there will be more discussion about the case.

And it’s unclear exactly how long Heard will be on the stand at court but her time will almost certainly include more allegations against Depp.

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Written by Ankur Zamp

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