Is Adele getting engaged? She is now denying the engagement rumors- He is yet to pop the question!

The singer is just so in love with her current boyfriend

Adele and Rich Paul are not getting engaged, it just remained as rumors!!
Adele and Rich Paul are not getting engaged, it just remained as rumors!! source-google

Adele and Rich Paul are not getting engaged, it just remained as rumors- He is yet to pop up the big question!!

All blame to the media!! With just a spark everyone predicted that Adele is going to get engaged to her love Rick Paul. In an interview, she recently admitted that she is not going to get engaged but then she didn’t stop to praise him.

“I’m not engaged. I just love high-end jewelry, boy!”

After wearing a huge ring on her hand during the Brit awards show in February. And the rumors sparked then after and then she clarified in September that she is not engaged. Earlier in her appearance, she never mentioned anything that was related to her and Paul.

“Well! Well. Well, I’m not married,” she said before singing . “I’m not married… I’m not married. I’m not married! I’m just in loooove! I’m happy as I’ll ever be. I might as well be married.”

But she confirmed that she wants to remarry again with her love. She wants to expand her family as well one day with the sports star. Adele further added saying that she is obsessed with the sports agent and she wants to have more kids. She also added that being a mother and a homemaker and having a stable life helps her explore her creativity.

“I’ve never been in love like this. I’m obsessed with him,” she said of Paul, adding, “I definitely want more kids. I’m a homemaker and I’m a matriarch, and a stable life helps me with my music.”

Adele is looking like she is mainly focused on her Las Vegas residency which she has been postponing since January. She mentioned that “All I got in my brain is Vegas,” 

Previously when she appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” in February, she just dodged the question when asked if she was engaged or not replying with,

 “If I was [engaged], would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?” Adele said with did not provide any clarification.

Adele and Rich paul
Adele is now denying the engagement rumors in the recent interview. The rumors sparked when she wore a huge ring during the Brit awards function source-google

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Looks like the relationship between Adele and Paul is getting much stronger. Adele couldn’t stop praising her ongoing romance and gushing over him.

However, it had not always been like that. Earlier this year they had to go through a rough time when she had to cancel her Las Vegas residency dates.

Rumors say that Adele was disappointed as Paul didn’t attend her birthday and spend his time partying in Miami with his client LeBron James. People heard her shouting and sobbing at her phone with Paul in January while she was preparing for her Las Vegas residency.

Hopefully, things are sorted between the couple now. They are in love more than ever and it is pretty evident when Adele gave the interview. She denied being official as a husband and wife but then they moved together this year in a very expensive villa that cost $58 million.

Adele was also involved in huge projects to implement such as making a document. The document showcases her personal life and her Las Vegas residency.

She was feeling like she was disappointing her fans by not contributing anything to them. Now she has decided to give details of her life and this is one of the most insightful works ever!


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The cute couple was dating with each other in  July 2021 after Adele divorced her ex-husband Simon Konecki. From her previous marriage, she shares a 9-year-old son Angelo with Simon.



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