Is it Ketchup or makeup? Rihanna drops in her new Ketchup makeup launch!

Rihanna drops in the new launch after her Fenty Beauty collaborated with MSCHF in the packaging of ketchup

Rihanna launched her new makeup brand Ketchup or makeup!!
Rihanna launched her new makeup brand Ketchup or makeup!! source-google

Rihanna drooped her new makeup product Ketchup or Makeup after her beauty brand Fenty beauty collaborated with MSCHF!

On Monday, Aug 22, the makeup brand, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna announced via Instagram the collaboration with MSCHF.

It is launching a ketchup-themed makeup collection. This new limited edition collection is called  “Ketchup or Makeup?” and it is leaving fans unsure if they should be blotting their lipstick or eating it.

“Ketchup or Makeup?” costs 25 dollars!! It is a limited-edition palette and will keep consumers guessing as each palette includes six pouches resembling ketchup packets.

The packets will contain either Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb or ketchup. They all look like ketchup sachets, red in color.

Fans were confused and had mixed reactions and comments from the viewers. All of Rihana’s fans are loving the marketing of the new line including some viewers, but others have been left with a bad taste in their mouths over the new product.

“I’m sorry but who wants to spend $25 to end up getting ketchup packets,” one critics commented.

The limited edition set launched by the singer consists of six individual sachets that either contain Fenty lipgloss or ketchup.

The Instagram post is captioned with: ‘’New drop with @mschf. Ketchup or makeup?’’ There are a number of humorous comments, the comment section is flooded with all kinds of reviews and comments. 

One viewer commented: ‘’Is Rihanna still on maternity leave… who signed off?’’ Many are confused and ask whether it’s a joke or what. We can see many comments like: ‘that’s a joke isn’t It?’’

Many are asking genuine questions about the product like ‘’Are the packets resealable if it is gloss? I have so many questions’’

Many are concerned with the life of the product such as,

‘’So if u get lipgloss it’s just an open packet? Wouldn’t that dry out fast? Also, imagine spending money on ketchup packets’’

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There are a couple of die-hard fans who are out of money but will still purchase these ketchup-themed makeup collections. There is a comment with a number of likes 

‘’’@fentybeauty Mane do y’all get tired?? I’m trying to pay off my cards, but y’all won’t let me. Pk, let’s go!!!!🤦🏾‍♀️’’’

We could also see a bit of trolling as Rihana is actually selling $25 dollar ketchup sachets. One can see unique glam, another super hyped-up Rihanna’s brand, and marketing photos.

@marjmaroket Fenty please explain?!!! #mschf #ketchupormakeup ♬ original sound – marj

There is a model who is smearing ketchup on with a french fry. She was putting on a fresh coat of bright red Fenty lip gloss with pink makeup in the next photo.

Learn more about the history of MSCHF

MSCHF has notably targeted global consumerism with celebrity partners in the past. They have worked on Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” which Nike sued them over in 2021.

MSCHF was sued by Nike in 2021 for Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” which was a satirical masterpiece. The company has notably satirized global consumerism with some really famous and top-notch celebrity partners in the past. 

@valeriya.eros I have no words WHAT IS THIS #mschf #ketchupormakeup ♬ original sound – Valeriya Eros

In addition to the MSCHF makeup line, After 2016’s Anti, the S & M singer Rehana told her fans that she is still working on her upcoming ninth studio album on her Instagram live fans Q and A session. 

She also mentioned to her fans that she turned down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl in support of new music, and was reportedly readying two new LPs at the time.

Moreover, the limited edition new palette and makeup series are available to buy online only for a limited time. 

So all the makeup users who are willing to purchase the maybe-makeup-filled ketchup packets and get surprised!





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