Is Noah Schnapp getting bullied in college? He was comforting a bullied teen on Tik Tok!

Noah Schnapp was always outspoken against bullying! Recently he was defending a TikTok user who made a video about being bullied!

Noah Schnapp comforts a teen who was bullied in Tik Tok!!
Noah Schnapp comforts a teen who was bullied in Tik Tok!! source-google

The “Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp recently started his journey into college and he is looking like dealing with evil bullying!

Noah Schnapp was always very open about bullying. He also ranted about criminal behavior saying that “Bully doesn’t need to exist”.

Noah slammed all those people who think they are superior by dominating weak people. He also mentioned why these people have to make other people’s life horrible.

“To the bullies and you know who you are: So after thinking about all of those great things in your life, why do you have to make another person’s life bad?”

And now, recently Noah became very defensive of a TikTok user who posted a video saying that they are she was getting bullied at the grocery store. In the vulnerable video posted on TikTok(Fleur_fairy), the user said,

“A bunch of thin, pretty girls was following me at the grocery store. I could hear them laughing,”

Then she explained that she was feeling cute and very confident that day but then he heard girls laughing. She noticed that they were making fun of his arms and legs. They were calling her hateful names and she left the store weeping. ” I AM ENOUGH”.

Even though those girls felt superior about bullying someone, a lot of people posted supportive comments for his video.

“I felt cute and confident … then I noticed they were laughing at me. They were making fun of my arms and legs. They called me awful names, so I left the store crying. I AM ENOUGH”

A lot of people were supporting him and standing with him. In the same, Noah expressed his feeling in the post. Noah praised the person to make her feel better.

“That’s so funny cuz ur so pretty anyway so no need to even worry about what they say when you know it’s lies,”

@fleur_fairy I am enough. I don’t need their approval. #foryoupage #fyp #plussize #bbw #bullying ♬ Available to stream September 1st – Lillian Hepler

noah Schnapp
Noah Schnapp comment in the Titok. source: Tiktok

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In response to Noah’s comment saying, “Thank you for your kindness,”. Noah is also one of the active users of TikTok and at his age encouraging people of his age is very overwhelming. It also gives a hint of he is talking from his experience.

Recently, Noah enrolled in an ivy league school at the University of Pennsylvania. He recently moved into his hostel to begin his first fresh year of college life.

@noahschnapp And that’s not all! One of my lucky followers starting college this year will be hooked up with coffee and college essentials from @doordash for the next 4 years! Comment below using #DashofCoffee ♬ original sound – Noah Schnapp

He is reportedly doing a major in Business. A recent incident when he was actually making a real splash in his new school. The “Stranger Things” star jumped into the swimming pool and his friends wants nuts for this activity.

Noah went to a nearby party at the Bamboo bar. It was a very dingy place where the swimming pool was filled with used cigarettes and empty beer cans. There is no limit to the age of entry at the bar but at night you have to be 18+ to enter and 21 for drinking liquor.

The dirty water is like a fixture on the bar for years. The staff does not allow anyone to dive into the water and they escort all the people who are willing to dive in that water. Noah like a stud jumped into the water.

@michell3vibes he was so genuinely happy😿 #noahschnapp #noah #schnapp #foryou #fypシ #fyp #perte #viral #edit #fanpage #xyzbca #strangerthings #college #st4 #st #sadness #bully ♬ original sound – michelle 🦦

In a video that went viral on social media, in that Noah is seeing jumping in that water in the count of 3 and he jumped from the bridge.

Everyone was cheering him up for that stunt and shouts his name. Noah made one thing clear he is having a blast in his college!



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Written by Seth Blair

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