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An American musician and professional wrestler

Jeff Hardy
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As an outstanding American wrestler, Jeff Hardy is well-known on a global scale. In the WWE, he is a formidable opponent.

Additionally, he writes songs for his band PeroxWhy?Gen. Hardy has put out a total of three studio albums and three extended plays with the band.

Hardy, who is well-known for his ring gymnastics, also dabbles in painting, motorcycling, and other creative endeavors.

About Jeff Hardy |  Family and Education

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy was born on August 31, 1997, in Cameron, North Carolina.

Gilbert Hardy is his father, and Ruby Moore Hardy is his mother. Alongside his older brother Matt Hardy, Jeff grew up. When Jeff was only nine years old, his mother passed away from brain cancer.

Since his mother passed away, his father has been taking care of him. To help his family, Jeff Hardy used to work on a tobacco plantation.

Jeff also enrolled at Union Pines High School. During the academic year, he played football. He was a linebacker and fullback when he was 13 years old.

Jeff also had a passion for bikes. When he was in the ninth grade, Hardy took part in his first racing event.

Due to his injury, he was forced to cease competing after a motocross accident. As a high schooler, he also cherished baseball.

And he wrestled amateur wrestling throughout his senior year of high school. He decided to focus on his love of wrestling instead of football as a result of this.

In 1994, the notorious Razor Ramon was Jeff Hardy’s opponent in his debut match.

The trampoline wrestling federation was established by Jeff and his brother Hardy before they joined WWE.

Professional Life and Career

The Ultimate Warrior, Shan Michaels, and Hulk Hogan served as inspirations for Jeff Hardy while he was a wrestling fanatic.

As a jobber, Jeff began his employment with WWF. A jobber is a person who frequently loses to make their adversary appear stronger.

Soon after, Jeff Hardy, being 16 years old, agreed to an agreement with the WWF. Tony Garea, who was an agent himself, was introduced to them by Gary Sabaugh.

Youngstown, Ohio hosted the contest between Jeff Hardy and Razor Ramon. At the event’s conclusion, Randy Savage provided comments.

On short notice, Keith Davis, who was supposed to fill in for Razor that evening, canceled.

Dury Boyz

Before joining the WWF, Jeff and Matt established their own wrestling company with Thomas Simpson. Its acronym was OMEGA or Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Art.

The Hardy Brothers attracted the attention of the World Wrestling Federation at last. Soon after that In 1998, they agreed to a deal and began working out with Dory Funk Jr.

Together with Christian, Kurt Angle, A-train, and Test, the Hardy brothers continued their training at the dojo. Later on, Jeff Hardy and his brother did indeed unite to create a tag team.

They were recognized as the “Brood” by the WWF crowd. The Hardy brothers have a history of starting fights with people like Christian and Edge.

During their stint in the WCW, Jeff and his brother Matt also captured the prized World Tag Team Championship.

Solo career

Additionally, Jeff Hardy had a successful solo wrestling career. He won the world title six times as a single wrestler.

He has also held the WWE title once, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship three times, and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

In addition, he has won the European Championship once and the Intercontinental Championship four times in the WWE.

Jeff’s career in WWE was greatly boosted when he faced off against the WWE champion at the Royal Rumble in 2009.

In addition, he went on to triumph at the 2008 Armageddon pay-per-view, taking home the WWE championship.

Jeff Hardy | Awards and Titles

Check out Jeff Hardy’s championships and accomplishments now.


  • European Championship champion (Once)
  • ESPN Championship (Once)
  • the heavyweight title (Twice)
  • Title of Tag Team Champion (Eleven)
  • United States Championship for WWE (Once)
  • Intercontinental Championship of the WWE (Four)
  • Triple Crown winner (Eighteen)


  • Best Flying Wrestler Awards (2000)
  • Champion of the ninth and twelfth Grand Slams
  • The year’s top tag team (2000)
  • Annual Extreme Moment (2008-2009)
  • Slammy Award for Time (Two)

Jeff Hardy | Disputes

Early in 2003, Jeff Hardy made his Ring of Honor Wrestling debut. When WWE tested Hardy for drugs a year later, in 2004, he tested positive.

He was dropped from the narrative and fired by the WWE as a result of it. In 2004, Jeff agreed to a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling after WWE fired him.

But because of Jeff’s various problems, he rarely had the chance to show off his skills.

For instance, Jeff Hardy frequently skipped matches that were scheduled. He later signs a deal with WWE after his stint in TNA (World Wrestling Federation).

After defeating John Morrison or Nitro in October of the same year, Jeff wins the Intercontinental Title.

The wrestler got into a fight, and as a result, the title was back and forth.

Jeff failed a drug test mandated by the government in August 2007. As a result, WWE decided to suspend Jeff Hardy for 30 days.

However, WWE decided to end Jeff Hardy’s punishment. He entered the ring shortly after to face Mr. Kennedy. He also defeats Umaga to capture the Intercontinental championship.

Due to his drug issues, WWE viewed Jeff as rebellious outside of the ring. WWE decided to drop Jeff Hardy from the primary plot as a result.

At the same time, Jeff posted on his Twitter page that he was taking a sabbatical from wrestling. He also conveys to his supporters how committed he is to endeavors outside of the ring.

Return to TNA

On January 4, 2010, Jeff Hardy made a surprise cameo on a TNA issue. It unmistakably disproved suspicions about Jeff’s comeback and dedication to TNA.

On January 5, 2010, TNA declared that they had agreed to a contract with Jeff. In addition, Hardy continues to present regularly on the platform and loses to his brother Matt Hardy.

He has been working as Brother Nero’s assistant ever since he was defeated by Matt Hardy.

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Relationship Status

Currently, Jeff Hardy is wed to Beth Britt, his true love. In Southern Pines, North Carolina, he encountered Beth in a club.

Matt and Jeff decided to have fun after winning the WWE Tag Team Championships. After meeting at the club, the pair started dating.

Together, they relocated, but they kept their romance a secret for a while. Fans wonder whether Jeff Hardy and WWE wrestler Mickie James are dating.

After becoming connected with Jeff and becoming his wife, Beth attracted media attention. She works as a socialite in the United States.

Beth has been helpful and has gone with Jeff on a lot of occasions. She rose to fame in 2009 after her boyfriend Jeff became embroiled in a drug scandal.

In the same year, there was also talk that the couple was engaged. Fans’ observation of a ring on Jeff Hardy’s hand led to the rumors.

On the “Hardy Show,” Beth was additionally referred to as Beth Hardy. In August 2010, after ten years of marriage, Jeff revealed his wife was expecting a child.

The next day, on October 19, 2010, Jeff’s wife gave birth to their oldest daughter, Ruby Claire Hardy. Additionally, on March 9, 2011, the couple wed after the birth of their child.

Nera Quinn Hardy, Jeff and Beth’s second daughter, was also born on December 31, 2015.

Net Worth and Salary | Jeff Hardy

As of 2022, Jeff Hardy has a net worth of $15 million. The principal source is his professional wrestling career.

In his band, Jeff is also a well-known singer-songwriter. He has more than just money thanks to his reputation in the wrestling world.

He has also been successful in gaining the love and support of his followers. Without a question, Jeff is a superb wrestler.

He was the ninth Grand Slam Champion in the history of WWE. Jeff is also the 18th Triple Crown winner.

Body Measurement |Height, Weight

In 2022, Jeff Hardy will be 44 years old. He measures 6 feet 1 inch in height and 102 kg in weight. He maintains physical fitness to prepare for lengthy matches as a professional wrestler.

Social Media

Fans have shown Jeff Hardy a lot of love and respect over the years.

Under the account @jeffhardybrand on Instagram, you may see his enormous fan base. Over 1.4M people follow Jeff on his account.

Additionally, you may follow him on Twitter by using the same handle, @JEFFHARDYBRAND. He has more than 1.3 million Twitter followers, which is comparable to his Instagram following.

Frequently Asked Question:

Has Jeff Hardy ever been let go by WWE?

On April 22, 2003, Jeff was fired from WWE for regularly using the medicine.

Has Jeff Hardy ever been caught drunk in public?

On September 17, 2008, Jeff was discovered drunk at the Nashville International Airport. The authorities consequently prohibited him from boarding an aircraft.

Is Jeff Hard a merchandiser?

Jeff manages his internet store under the name “JeffHardyBrand.” He advertises goods including T-shirts, DVDs, jackets, music, and art.

What is Jeff Hardy’s best move for the finish?

One of Jeff Hardy’s best finishing maneuvers is the Swanton Bomb.

When did The Undertaker challenge, Jeff Hardy?

In a ladder match for the WWE Undisputed Championship in 2002, Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker faced off against one another.

Is Jeff Hardy still active?

Hardy’s contract was terminated, it was disclosed in a recent interview. He has not yet stated whether or not he has retired.

What song served as Jeff Hardy’s anthem in 2008?

The wrestler Jeff Hardy uses the theme song/entrance from “No More Words” in his matches (2008-to 2009). The band Endeverafter played the song.

Quick Facts | Jeff Hardy

Nаmе Јеff Наrdу
Аgе 44 Years Old
Віrth Nаmе Јеffrеу Nеrо Наrdу
Віrthdау Аuguѕt 31, 1977
Parents Father- Gilbert HardyMother- Ruby Moore Hardy
Zodiac sign Virgo
Nickname Brother Nero, The Charismatic Enigma, The daredevil, Iceman, The Masked Mountain, Willow the Wisp, and The Legend Thriller.
Profession American Professional Wrestler
Nаtіоnаlіtу Аmеrісаn
Віrth Рlасе Саmеrоn, Nоrth Саrоlіnа, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Wеіght 102 kg (225 lbs)
Неіght 1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch)
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Religion Christianity
Wіfe Веth Вrіtt
Children Ruby Claire Hardy, Nera Claire Hardy
Marriage Date March 9, 2011
School Union Pines High School
Favorite Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Shawn Michaels
Favorite Actor Johnny Depp
Favorite band Pearl Jam
Favorite Cartoon Character Scooby-Doo
Favorite Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt
Favorite Movie American Beauty
Favorite Video Game Tetris
Asset/Property An Apartment At Cameron, North Carolina,
Trainer(s) Doris Funk, Michael Hayes
Debut WWE– October 15, 1993
TNA– June 23, 2004
Entrance Theme No More Words (By Endeverafte)
Finishing Moves Twist of Hate, Reverse of Fate, Spine Line
Hobbies Singing, Basketball, Football, and Bike riding.
Children Two
Net Worth $15 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch JeffHardyBrand, Action Figure, Necklace, Tshirt, Jersey, Elite Collection Action Figure, Arm Sleeves
Last Update August 2022

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