Joakim Soria

Mexican Former Professional Baseball Pitcher

Joakim Soria
Joakim Soria. Source: Google

Joakim Soria, fully named Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos is A former Major League Baseball player holding Mexican nationality who played baseball professionally (MLB).

In his professional career, he has played for several prestigious and well-known teams. The Kansas City Royals were the team with which the player began his major league career.

Who is Joakim Soria? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos was conceived on the 18th of May in the year 1984 in Coahuila, Mexico. Likewise, Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos was conceived to his father named Jose Manuel Soria, and his mother named Jovita Soria.

However, The information about Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos’s education is still unclear. Likewise, Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos holds Mexican nationality.

How did Joakim Soria start his Baseball  Career?

Early Career

In addition, they strongly support their son’s job decision. Soria’s dad loved baseball a lot.

He, therefore, had early exposure to baseball and developed a passion for it. Additionally, ever since he was a little child, his father has taught him how to play baseball.

In conclusion, the baseball player had a happy and loving upbringing. He played baseball while attending school in Mexico at a local school.

Joakim decided to make baseball his career because he loves the sport so much. He was a pitcher there on the Mexican Baseball Team as a consequence.

Similarly, he played for the Diablos Rojos del México, a professional baseball team.

Joakim was a superb teammate who quickly attracted notice from across the world. His career continued to succeed, and he finally played in the MLB and the MiLB.

MLB Career

Kansas City Royals

2007 saw the Royals’ Joakim make his debut. He set a new club record the following year by making 13 saves.

The squad agreed to a contract extension for $8.75 million as a consequence of Soria’s exceptional performance.

He was selected for the MLB All-Star Game in 2008 as a result of the Mexican player’s commitment to the game and his hard work.

In addition, the player was the lone Royal picked for that year’s All-Star game.

Despite several ailments he dealt with in 2009, he was still able to have a productive campaign.

Joakim Soria is in his zone
Joakim Soria is in his zone. Source: Google

In 2010, he was chosen once more for the All-Star game. The Texas Rangers were his opponents when he made his 100th save.

He did have some bad points in the 2011 campaign, and the Royals decided to use a different closer in his place.

Nevertheless, he worked hard to regain his place and did his best. In 2012, he had Tommy John surgery, which caused him to miss the full season.

Texas Rangers And Detroit Tigers

After 2012, Kansas made the decision not to re-sign him for the 2013 campaign, which made him a free agent. Later, he agreed to an $8 million, two-year deal with the Rangers.

The athlete did, however, sit out a while as he recovered from his operation.

He was acquired by the Rangers from the Detroit Tigers and played for them in the 2014–15 season. Additionally, he recorded the Tigers’ 200th save.

Pittsburgh Pirates And Return To The Royals

Soria was acquired by the Pirates in a trade with the Tigers, and he played for them in 2015. He returned to play for the Kansas City Royals in the 2016 season.

A $25 million, three-year contract was agreed upon by the pitcher. In his third season, he didn’t, however, play for the Royals.

Chicago White Sox And Milwaukee Brewers

At the start of 2018, the Royals sold the baseball player to something like the Chicago White Sox.

But before he could even find a place to stay, the Sox traded him. The athlete spent the remainder of the season with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Oakland Athletics

Soria committed to a two-year, $15 million contract with something like the Oakland Athletics after the conclusion of 2018.

In the team’s 674th MLB game, he pitched. He has therefore participated in even more matches than any pitcher in the competition who is of Mexican descent.

Soria’s deal with the A’s is now finished, and he isn’t committed to any other organization. His 2.82 ERA and 1.254 WHIP in 2020 were outstanding career highs.

The Athletics’ fans want him to return even if they weren’t originally enthused about him.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Soria signed a one-year, $3.5 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks on February 6, 2021.

More intriguingly, according to web sources, Soria may earn $500,000 for games pitched, with $125,000 in performance incentives for games pitched at 40, 50, 60, and 65.

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How old is Joakim Soria? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

On May 18, 2022, the pitcher will turn 38 years of age. Joakim maintains a very healthy diet and lifestyle because he wants to play baseball.

He is therefore in terrific form and is fit. He is quite energetic and diligent on the field despite being close to 40. The player is 91 kg (200 lbs), or 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has black hair and black eyes to compliment his fair complexion.

Unfortunately, The information about Joakim Soria’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Joakim Soria Single? Spouse, and Children

Soria and his longtime partner and wife, Karla Palazuelos, are blissfully married. Indeed, They first connected when they were kids.

They are allegedly high school sweethearts, although neither of them has acknowledged the rumors.

They too had a protracted relationship before getting married. The couple doesn’t talk much about their personal lives.

Because of this, not much is known about their family among the general public.
Despite this, they are in a loving and joyful relationship. The couple is also the parents of three lovely kids.

2010 saw the birth of Angela Soria, the couple’s first child. The MLB athlete missed time playing because of her appendicitis.

Joakim Soria with his family
Joakim Soria with his family. Source: Google

Additionally, in September 2017, they welcomed a son by the name of Joakim Jr. Soria. Additionally, they have a son called Jack Soria.

How much does Joakim Soria earn? Net Worth And Salary

Throughout his whole career in Major League Baseball, the pitcher has amassed an astounding amount of wealth.

Joakim has made more than $64 million in total throughout 14 seasons. He is therefore thought to be worth $50 million. Additionally, he received a salary of $7.5 million in 2019.

He also agreed to a two-year, $15 million deal with the Athletics. In 2016, the MLB player signed a $25 million, three-year contract with the Royals.

Where can we contact Joakim Soria? Social Media Presence

Joakim Soria is pretty active on social networking sites like Twitter.

Likewise, Joakim Soria has 22.3k followers on Twitter.

He appreciates his solitude and prefers to live in the moment, as was previously indicated. Additionally, he favors face-to-face communication over texting and Snapchat.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos
  • Birth Date: May 18, 1984
  • Birth Place: Coahuila, Mexico
  • Nick Name: The Mexicutioner
  • Education: Not Available
  • Father’s Name: Jose Manuel Soria
  • Mother’s Name: Jovita Soria
  • Age: 38 Years Old
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)
  • Profession: MLB Player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ex-Spouse: Karla Palazuelos
  • Kids: Three (Joakim Jr, Jackie, and Angela)
  • Net Worth: $50 million
  • Social Media Handles: Twitter

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos?

Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos is presently 38 years old.

Has Joakim Soria retired?

Joakim Soria, a relief pitcher, has opted to end his baseball career after just a 14-year journey that included 771 performances for 9 distinct teams.

How tall is Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos?

Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

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