Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband Morty Coyle Biography, Age, Net Worth, Personal Life, Married, Kids

DJ and Actor, Morty Coyle just came into the limelight for having a relationship with Jodie Sweetin. He is the ex-husband of Jodie. His ex-wife Sweetin is an American actress and television personality popular for her role as Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House and its Netflix sequel series Fuller House.

Morty Coyle Biography

The celebrity ex-husband Morty Coyle was born to American parents somewhere in the United States of America. But details of his parents, early life, and education are still missing. Having American nationality, Morty is of mixed ethnicity. 

Relationship of Morty Coyle with Jodie Sweetin

Now, he is a divorced and single man. Morty Coyle had a relationship with celebrity Jodie Sweetin. Actually, he was married to American actress and television personality Jodie Sweetin. They exchanged wedding vows on March 15, 2012. Their wedding ceremony was held in Beverly Hills. 

Before their marriage, they shared a beautiful daughter Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle born on December 31, 2010. They got engaged in January 2011 after a year of their daughter’s birth. However, their marriage life only lasted for a year. His wife Jodie filed for divorce in June 2013 and started living separately. In the year 2016, their divorce finalized and ended their married life.

Did Morty Coyle Marry Again After Divorce with Wife Jodie?

After the divorce, Morty Coyle started living a low-profile life. Currently, he is living a single and simple life. Also, there are no rumors of his relationship current relationship after his divorce from his wife Jodie. Actually, he is the 3rd husband of his ex-wife. 

Jodie married Los Angeles Police officer Shaun Holguin in the year 2002. They lived as husband and wife for 4 years only. In the year 2006, she divorced Shaun. After that, she started dating Cody Herpin in May 2007. The couple dated for a certain period of time and decided to get married. She married Cody on July 14, 2007.

From their relationship, they became parents of a daughter named Zoie Laurel May Herpin born in 2008. Unfortunately, their married life ended on April 20, 2010, but she filed a divorce from Herpin in November 2008. Currently, she is single as well. 

Who is Morty Coyle Ex-Wife?

His ex-wife Jodie’s real name is Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin born on January 19, 1982. She is one of the popular American actress and television personalities. Jodie is popular for her role as Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House and its Netflix sequel series Fuller House.

Born in Los Angeles  California but her parents were both in prison at the time. Then she was adopted and raised as an only child by her uncle Sam Sweetin and his second wife Janice. She and fellow actor Matthew Morrison performed in the musical theater together in high school. 

What’s Morty Coyle Net Worth? 

He has been earning money from his DJ jobs at a deli and a lounge. Working there, he might be earning a handsome sum of money. According to recent reports, Morty Coyle has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. We can say that, looking at his working history and details.

He is living happily in California and is living to the fullest. His ex-wife Jodie Sweetin has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The actress has been collecting a decent sum of money from her professional career. Also, she receives a $5 thousand weekly salary from the TV series Fuller House. His ex-wife Jodie claimed a $25 thousand lawsuit against Clark Taylor Stavros since he damaged her property and lost earning capacity in the year 2011. Also, she has a new black Audi A6 that cost $80,360 as well.


Morty Coyle is a DJ by his calling. He has set up as a music writer for films and advertisements. Coyle was attached to music since his youth then he has set up himself as a decent arranger in the realm of expert music. Starting at now, Morty has more than fifteen years’ insight as a DJ and deals with SAG-AFTRA in Los Angeles. He additionally is ahead supervisor of Table Manners Management also. 

Morty has started his profession in the ’90s when he worked in clubs, gatherings, and TV appearances. Starting at now, Morty is the house DJ on the impending “The Osbourne’s”. Morty Coyle played music at private gatherings for most realized Hollywood stars like Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. 

He played on the birthday of Kirsten Dunst, Marilyn Manson at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. Likewise, he was a DJ at Paris Hilton’s different birthday celebrations, played for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at the Holiday party, in a private home. 

Behind performance function as a DJ, Morty additionally is a lead vocalist and lyricist for “The Imposters” music band and another venture – “All Day Sucker just as Men Without Sex”. He was a musician for Jordan Zevon at the Songwriting 2008 Grand Prize Winning melody, “Home”. 

Coyle played each Tuesday at Canter’s Kibitz Room singing with the world-acclaimed, musically improvisational, jam band, “The F.O.C.K.R.s”. Morty Coyle is consistently popular as an artist since he is Hollywood’s #1 ’80s and Rock D.J too. He can likewise flawlessly blend a particular classification/period of music from the most recent 60 years.

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