The ‘RHONJ’ star, Joe Gorga calls police to evict tenants who didn’t pay rent for past four years!

“You gotta pay your rent or you get locked the f–k out,” says Joe Gorga angrily to his former tenant as seen in the video!

Joe Gorga
Joe Gorga finally evict his tenant who didn't ay rent for four years source: Trend Fool

Joe Gorga expelled his tenant from his apartment as the tenant didn’t pay rent for four years. Joe waited for four years and finally kicked them out of the house.

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Joe Gorga is an American television star and also an entrepreneur. Besides, he is popularly known as the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star. In Joe’s house, there lived the man who didn’t pay rent to Joe for four years. Finally, last week Gorga couldn’t resist the thing and he blasted his tenant.

Joe’s lawyer calculated the total rent, it was $50,000 the tenant have to pay to the star. With the eviction papers, Gorga along with the sheriff’s deputy went to the property on Tuesday evening. Similarly, he also recorded the whole scene as he says in the video,

“You gotta pay your rent or you get locked the f–k out.” 


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In the video obtained by TMZ, we can see the man and an unidentified female as well. Likewise, the female was crying and looked so sad, as they packed their belongings into a moving truck.

In addition, the reality star again said angrily,

“I said, ‘You gotta be out tonight.’” 

Further Explanation

Though, Joe gave the tenant chance to work hard to pay his rent before. As per the reality star, his former tenant doesn’t want to work and earn and he is just taking him lightly. A month ago, Gorga and the tenant had a conversation and Gorga screamed at him. Despite this also, the tenant didn’t listen to him and was finally evicted.

Previously, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star stated in an interview about this. He says,

“What happened was I knew this guy and he had no credit … He had no money and I allowed him in. I gave him a chance, gave him an opportunity. He paid me for three months and then stopped paying me, avoiding me.”

Also, Joe added,

“I don’t get involved with all of my tenants because there are so many, but he was different because I know him. Didn’t hear from him.”

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More Details

An American television star also explained that he wanted to evict his tenant before also. However, it was the time of COVID-19, there was quarantine and the law didn’t give him permission to do so. As we know, because of the pandemic many people were dying and it was a very tough time for all people in the world.

Joe Gorga also claimed that his tenant had the ability to work hard and earn. Though, he wasn’t serious about the consequences and chose not to work. Additionally, Joe said,

“He was a manager of a restaurant. He can get a job like this. There are jobs, he just doesn’t want to work and is taking advantage of the system.” 

Joe Gorga
The reality star claimed that his tenant has to pay him $50,000
source: TMZ

On the other hand, the reality star continued claiming his tenant,

“He knew he was screwing me. If he made an opportunity, like, here’s a hundred bucks a month, a week, two hundred, four hundred, something, [but] no effort. He wanted to not pay. If you saw the video, he was provoking me.”

As the sources say that the tenant stated he was also struggling to work and get back on his feet. Since he lost his job as a restaurant manager during the pandemic life became hard for him.

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