Joey Votto

A Canadian-American Professional Baseball First Baseman

Joey Votto
Joey Votto. Source: Google

Joey Votto also known as Joseph Daniel Votto is the First baseman and Canadian-American who plays for the MLB’s Cincinnati Reds.

During 2007, the Reds were his MLB starting team. Since Larry Walker, Joey is the only Canadian MLB athlete with 1,000 runs scored as well as 300 home runs (RBIs). The second Canadian to achieve 2,000 hits is Votto.

Who is Joey Votto? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

Joseph Votto as well as Wendy Votto gave birth to Joey Votto. Wendy worked as a sommelier and restaurant manager, while Joseph was a cook.

The baseball player was raised in a family with loving parents. Baseball was Joey’s favorite sport, and he enjoyed teaching his kids about it.

He was also the one who originally introduced baseball to Joey. Additionally, the father showed him well how to play.

Joey Votto with his father
Joey Votto with his father. Source: Google

Similarly, Joseph Sr. was his son’s strongest supporter and attended every single one of his games. The father and son would also play catch nearly every day.

Joey played high school baseball and attended Richview Collegiate Institute. He was outstanding and rapidly attracted a lot of notice for his baseball abilities.

The athlete also signed up for the Etobicoke Ranger baseball team. He played basketball in high school as well as baseball, scoring 37 points in one game. Likewise, Joey Votto holds Canadian nationality.

He was an extremely athletic young man who also played hockey. After graduating from high school, Votto accepted a National Intent Letter to play baseball with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

How did Joey Votto start his Baseball Career?

Initial Career

Beginning with the 2007 season, the baseball player began competing for the Louisville Bats, a Reds minor league affiliate. Votto was swiftly elevated to the main leagues.

On the 4th of September, 2007, the athlete took the field for the first time in a contest even against New York Mets. The next year, he won the second spot in voting for the National League Newcomer of the Year.

 Joey Votto in a match
Joey Votto in a match. Source: Google

In addition, he led all National League freshmen in batting, hits, on-base proportion, homers, total bases, multi-hit performances, and slugging %. Additionally, the MLB player surpassed Frank Robinson’s 1956 mark for the Cincinnati Reds’ most runs scored by a rookie.

The first baseman admitted in 2009 that his father’s unexpected death had left him depressed and anxious. In addition to that, he also had an ear infection.

In 2010, he also skipped a few games because of a painful neck. However, following his rehabilitation, the player returned larger and stronger and helped the Reds retake the lead in the National League Central.

In addition, he received 13.7 million votes from fans to participate in the 2010 All-Star match. Joey was on the page of Sports Illustrated’s edition from August 30, 2010, as well.

He also received the Hank Aaron Award in 2010 and was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player. Votto became the first Cincinnatian to win the NL MVP award since 1995.

He was once again chosen for the MLB All-Star Games in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Furthermore, in 2012, Joseph Jr. received the highest athlete salary in Canada.

The eldest Votto was placed just on the disabled list in 2014 due to a torn left quadriceps. He was booted from the game during the subsequent MLB season when Joey tossed his helmet on the ground in anger.

Recent Career

Only 10 players have ever led their league in on-base % 5 times in MLB history, and Joey was one of them in 2016. Additionally, in 2017 he was chosen for his sixth All-Star game. In addition, he was named the Lou Marsh Trophy winner for 2017.

Furthermore, the baseball player came in second place there in National League Most Valuable Player vote. In the same vein, the player was chosen for the MLB All-Star Game six times in 2018.

In addition, Votto broke Pete Rose’s record for the highest career walks in 2020 after earning his 1,211th one. The Reds player was kicked out of the game in June 2021 after getting into a disagreement with the umpire after a called checked swing third strike.

 Joey Votto is in his zone
Joey Votto is in his zone. Source: Google

The coaching staff of Joey’s squad had to physically restrain him. He was given a two-game suspension for his bad behavior, which was eventually lowered to one following an appeal.

Joey also received an unknown fine on top of everything else. He didn’t play in the contest with the Minnesota Twins. He received the National League Player of the Month award in July 2021.


Votto has rotator cuff surgery that will finish the season.

Although the injury significantly reduced his left shoulder’s range of motion and negatively impaired his effectiveness, we anticipate that he’s going to be capable of participating in Training Camp and also be prepared for something like the 2023 season.

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How old is Joey Votto? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

As of August 2022, the MLB player will be 38 years old because he was born on the 10th of September, 1983.

He consequently has an extremely toned figure and is quite fit. The left-winger weighs about 220 lbs, or 100 kg, thanks to his consistent workout and healthy diet.

The baseball player’s height is 6 feet 2 inches, or 1.88 meters, in addition to that. Unfortunately, the information about Joey Votto’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Joey Votto  Single? Spouse, and Kids

Joey Votto has been dating Jeanne Paulus for a while. She obtained her dental hygiene certification from the University of Akon.

Little is known about the couple’s initial encounters or dates since they keep their relationship very discreet. Nevertheless, several accounts claim that Paulus provided Votto with invaluable assistance following the death of his father.

 Joey Votto with his wife
Joey Votto with his wife. Source: Google

In addition, the pair haven’t spoken anything about their intentions for a wedding or an engagement. But given how long they’ve been together, we may anticipate more nuptials in the future.

In addition, none of the two have said they desire children or if they already have any.

How much does Joey Votto earn? Net Worth, and Salary

Joesph Jr.’s professional baseball career in the MLB has contributed significantly to his income. His estimated net worth is $110 million. Additionally, FOR SIXTEEN MLB SEASONS, HE HAS EARNED $193,193,759 IN HIS CAREER.

The baseball player will earn $25 million again for the next MLB season, on the other hand. In a similar vein, his pay of $25 million for the 2021 season was his largest to date.

The first baseman also agreed to a $38 million, three-year contract in 2011. He agreed to a $225 million, 10-year contract extension the following year that would keep him employed through 2024.

The agreement ranked as the 13th-largest contract in MLB history and was the longest current contract. His lifetime earnings would total $263,193,759 by the conclusion of 2024.

Not to add, Votto became the highest-paid player from Canada as a result of the agreement with the Reds. In addition, the athlete receives over $300,000 in sponsorships and endorsements. Nike and Rawlings are a few of his sponsors.

Where can we contact Joey Votto? Social Media Presence

Joey prefers to live a traditional life, hence he is not active on any social media sites. Unfortunately, Joey Votto doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. However, he has many fan pages dedicated to him, and recently, the most famous is on Tiktok.

@reds TikTok star, Joseph Daniel Votto | #reds #baseball #mlb #joeyvotto ♬ original sound – Cincinnati Reds

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Joseph Daniel Votto
  • Birthdate: September 10, 1983
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
  • Nick Name: Tokki 2
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Father’s Name: Joseph Votto
  • Mother’s Name: Wendy Votto
  • Education: Richview Collegiate Institute
  • Siblings: Three (Paul Votto, Tyler Votto, and Ryan Votto)
  • Age: 38 Years Old
  • Height: 6’2″ or 1.88 m
  • Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Profession: an MLB Player
  • Spouse: Jeanne Paulus
  • Net Worth: $110 million
  • Social Media Handles: Not Available

Some of the FAQs:

Joey Votto is hurt, right?

Votto has rotator cuff surgery that will finish the season.

Although the injury significantly reduced his left shoulder’s range of motion and negatively impaired his effectiveness, we anticipate that he’s going to be capable of participating in Training Camp and also be prepared for something like the 2023 season.

What is Joey Votto’s annual salary?

Joey Votto earns $25,000,000 annually.

Is Joey Votto done playing for the year?

Reds Star Joey Votto Reveals 2023 Major league baseball Season Strategy Following having shoulder surgery, Cincinnati’s 1st baseman will be out for something like the remainder of the current campaign.

How old is Joey Votto?

Joey Votto is presently 38 years old.

How tall is Joey Votto?

Joey Votto is a man who stands at the height of 6’2″ or 1.88 m.

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