Johnny Depp was ‘howling’ mad! Amber said he behaves like an animal and frequently attack her

Amber said Johnny was a jealous partner who frequently attacked Heard while accusing her of cheating during taking drugs and alcohol

Amber says that Depp behave like an animal when he was drunk
Amber says that Depp behave like an animal when he was drunk- source-

Amber gave emotional testimony about her toxic relationship with Johnny Depp. She said Johnny was a jealous partner who frequently attacked Heard while accusing her of cheating during taking drugs and alcohol.

Amber totally broke down on the stand Thursday. And said her ex-husband didn’t want to take on sultry roles or work at all because of how paranoid he was.

And he also accused her of sleeping with her co-stars, including Billy Bob Thornton and Eddie Redmayne.

Amber said to the jury that Every time I got a script, it was what kind of, you know, how I was dressing? … Did I have a sex scene?

Amber says Johnny acts like an animal

Amber Heard has that feeling that husband and wife must work equally for the betterment of their life.

Whereas she said that Depp always said that she doesn’t need to work, kid I’ll support you but she always wanted to work. She also claimed that she quit acting as part of his controlling personality.

Once, Depp felt so jealous of Heard’s working relationship with actor James Franco. Later on, also claimed he attacked her on a private plane. At that time they both are along with some of Depp’s team in May 2014.

Amber said that He called me a slut,” adding to that he accused me of “secretly having a thing” with Franco.

Furthermore, she got up and seat to move away from him and suddenly, he allegedly started throwing things.

After this, he slapped her face and Heard didn’t get hurt but felt embarrassed that he would do that to her in front of others.

Amber's face after Johnny slapped her
Amber’s face after Johnny slapped her- source- Daily Star

Johnny kicked Amber with his boot

In between talks, Depp proceeded to taunt Amber and call her names. On the flight, He allegedly kicked her in the back with his boot.

Heard testified as Depp appeared to squirm in his seat in the Fairfax, Va., courtroom somehow at that time she didn’t react to it.

Amber Heard said in the court that I felt his boot in my back,” and “I fell to the floor. And no one said anything. No one did anything. You could have heard a pin drop silence on the plane.

While traveling from Boston to Los Angeles, Depp was allegedly violent on the flight about Heard’s kissing scene with Franco on the set of “The Adderall Diaries”.

“He hated Franco and accused me of having a thing with him in the past filmed that I did with Franco.”

Amber and James had a close relationship which Depp don't like
Amber and James had a close relationship which Depp doesn’t like-source-

Depp’s statement in the courtroom

Depp denied that he was drunk before getting on the plane and claimed that she is the one who had started an argument.

And also Amber pursues him until he hid in a bathroom. He also said that he didn’t hurt her or physically abuse her.

But on Thursday, the jury heard a recording Heard made towards the end of the incident. in which it sounds like Depp is howling like an animal” and babbling incoherently.

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Heard shared allegedly experienced from Depp’s Jealously

Amber felt that her career would be destroyed if she lives more with Johnny. She said that her career suffered as a result of her overbearing husband, who would try to convince the wardrobe to allow her to dress more conservatively on set.

Amber’s statement in the courtroom, I said something to him and he got so angry at me, he slapped me across the face,” Heard testified. “He was crying, saying no woman had ever embarrassed him like that, had ever made him feel like that.

Amber also started taking photos of him passed out because nobody believed that he had addiction problems and he became more violent at that time.

The picture related to his situation after being drunk was presented to the Fairfax County Circuit Court.

Johnny's unconscious picture after he was drunk
Johnny’s unconscious picture after he was drunk – MEGA

She said she found everything from mirrors to walls to pillows covered in unintelligible messages written by Depp in the blood from his severed finger.

Furthermore Amber said that I’m looking in his eyes, I don’t see him anymore,” she said, starting to sob. “It wasn’t him. It was black. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I was trying to get through to Johnny, and I couldn’t see him at all.”

Picture related to the incident
Picture related to the incident source- TMZ

The Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard trial is still ongoing and has yet to release the verdict.

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Written by Ankur Zamp

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