Jonathan Vilma

NFL linebacker and current Fox NFL analyst

Jonathan Vilma
Jonathan Vilma is a retired NFL player and current football analyst for ESPN. source: google

Jonathan Vilma is a well-known and accomplished former NFL linebacker and current Fox NFL analyst in the United States.

Early Years & Family of Jonathan Vilma

On April 16, 1982, in Coral Gables, Florida, Jonathan Polynice Vilma was born to Fritz and Nelly Vilma.

Jonathan’s parents were born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States as children. Aside from that, the Florida native grew up with his sister, Alice Vilma. Despite investigating for hours, we were unable to locate any information about his childhood.

We did learn that he went to G.W. Carver Middle School and then Coral Gables High School, where he made a reputation for himself as a member of the football team.

Vilma then received a scholarship to the University of Miami and enrolled there. From 2000 to 2003, the Florida native was a member of the Miami Hurricanes football team, impressing numerous NFL scouts along the way.

Vilma was a three-time Academic All-Big East-Conference selection by the end of his four-year career.

As a result, Jonathan earned a finance degree from the University of Miami’s School of Business Administration at the end of 2003.

How did he maintain his career?

Jonathan’s professional career began when he was taken 12th overall in the NFL Draft by the New York Jets in 2004. The Florida native had high expectations after being one of the top picks.

Following that, he lived up to the hype, winning the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Vilma also had 107 tackles, three interceptions, and two snacks throughout the season.

As a result, after such a successful first season in the NFL, Jonathan was under pressure to improve even more in his second.

And the 40-year-old did exactly that, leading the NFL with 169 tackles. Vilma also made his Pro Bowl debut in 2006.

Vilma’s fourth year with the company, on the other hand, was a disaster. The reason for this is that he sustained a season-ending knee injury against the Cincinnati Bengals in week seven.

As a result of the injury and the contract’s short lifespan, the Jets traded the 6’1 linebacker to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for a fourth-round choice pick in 2008 and a second-round draft pick in 2009.

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New Orleans Saints

Jonathan anticipates taking some time to adjust after being traded to the Saints. He, on the other hand, performed the exact opposite, as he was the sole bright spot in a shaky defensive unit that gave up a lot of touchdowns.

Despite this, the Saints’ 40-year-old finished his first season with 132 tackles and one sack in 16 games.

Moving forward, no one expected the New Orleans Saints to even make it to the Super Bowl the next year, let alone win it.

But that’s exactly what happened when Vilma led his club to Super Bowl XLIV after making several crucial plays in a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Jonathan was also selected for his second appearance in the Pro Bowl.

Vilma then had a solid 2010 season, leading the club in tackles, before suffering a knee injury and having a catastrophic 2011.

No one, however, could have imagined the maelstrom that the New Orleans Saints and Vilma would confront in 2012.

During the 2012 season, the Saints were embroiled in a scandal in which it was claimed that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paid his players to take down opponents.

As a result, we believe Vilma never fully recovered from the incident, as he announced his retirement after an injury-plagued 2013 season.

Jonathan was out for the full 2012 season as a result of his actions. But that was insignificant in comparison to the tremendous blow to his years of hard work and reputation.

Furthermore, both fans and experts began labeling the player and the organization as cheats. As a result, we believe Vilma never fully recovered from the incident, as he officially retired from the NFL after 2014, following an injury-plagued

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

Vilma was also born in the United States, making him an American citizen. Vilma is 6’1″ (1.95 meters) tall and weighs 230 pounds (104 kg).

Jonathan used his athletic body to its maximum extent in the days when he was one of the best linebackers of his era, even though his athletic body is no longer useful in the analysis studio.

Net worth and Salary

Vilma has a net worth of $21 million as of 2022, most of which he has accumulated during his sporting career.

Similarly, the 40-year-old began his professional career when he was 22 years old and went on to play ten seasons in the NFL.

If he hadn’t been hampered by injuries, he could have been able to play more. Jonathan also makes $70,000 a year as a college football analyst for ESPN.

Even though the number may not appear to be significant, over his ten-year NFL career, he earned an average annual pay of $3.7 million.

As a result, Vilma’s salary totaled $37.3 million by the time he retired.

Relationship Status| Wife, Family

According to Jonathan’s Instagram posts, he currently doesn’t have anyone in his life.

If he is in a relationship and has kept it quiet, he has done an excellent job. Furthermore, we were unable to obtain information regarding his previous partnerships.

Nonetheless, the 40-year-old has a daughter named Samara Vilma, according to our information. The identity of Samaara’s biological mother, on the other hand, has been secret.

Despite this, the two have a great affinity because they travel together, hang out together, and have a special relationship.

Being a single parent is also difficult. However, Jonathan deserves praise for successfully raising his daughter.

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Social Media

Vilma is mostly engaged on Instagram. He has 18.5 followers as of the year 2022.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name – Jonathan Polynice Vilma
  • Birth Date – April 16, 1982
  • Birth Place – Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A
  • Education – University of Miami
  • Horoscope – Aries
  • Father’s Name – Fritz Vilma
  • Mother’s Name – Nelly Vilma
  • Siblings – Alice Vilma
  • Age – 40 Years Old
  • Height – 6’1″ (1.85 m)
  • Weight – 104 kg (230 lbs.)
  • Profession – Sports Journalism (Current), National Football League (Retired)
  • Position – Football Analyst (Current), Linebacker (NFL)
  • Net Worth – $21 million
  • Clubs – New Orleans Saints (2008-2013), New York Jets (2004-2007)
  • Broadcasting Affiliations – ESPN
  • Social Media – Instagram, Facebook

Frequently asked question

Why was Vilma suspended?
For his role in the Saints Bountygate Scandal, Jonathan Vilma was suspended for the whole season.

Is Jonathan Vilma a Sportscaster?
He began working as an announcer for several sports networks after retiring from football.

When did Vilma stop playing football?

On December 6, 2015, he announced his retirement from football.

What is Jonathan’s Jersey Number?

Jonathan’s jersey number is 51.

Who is Vilma married to?

He has never been married.



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