Jordyn Woods to launch her own activewear clothing line! Check on what she has to offer!

Kylie Jenner’s ex- BFF, Jordyn Woods to launch her size-inclusive activewear line! She debuted her fashion brand SECNDNTURE

Jordyn Woods to launch her own activewear clothing line!
Jordyn Woods to launch her own activewear clothing line! source-google

Jordyn Woods launched her own activewear brand SECNDNTURE! She is following the steps of her ex-BFF Kylie Jenner.

Looks like Jordyn Woods is going to replace her newly launched fashion brand. Kylie Jenner’s best friend is showcasing her inner businesswoman trait by starting her own activewear line. Jordyn announced through Instagram her new launch. She captioned a lengthy text saying,

“Tomorrow is the big day!! We’ve put so much time and detail in making my new brand come to life and I can’t wait!!” 


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She announced her big day with an Instagram post. She embraced her launch but she also talks about how hard entrepreneurship is. Moreover, Jordyn says that she has learned a lot of things from her past experience in the business.

“Entrepreneurship is hard, I’ve had businesses in the past and you learn as you go, but I’ve really put this one on my back,” the model continued. “Excited for this journey,” she ended the message, urging her followers to “stay tuned.”

She also adds a picture at the end that read the motivation line, “Own lane. Own pace. Own race.” Moreover, a lot of critics flooded her comment section with their criticism. People were concerned about, not including oversized models like she was and more black women in the picture.

The pictures only included white models. They couldn’t find diversity in her brand photoshoot.

“Idk why I thought I would see [sic] a more than one black woman,” one person wrote. “Disappointed I didn’t see more black women..smh so disappointed,” another said.

“Where are the real plus-size women in your lineup? Back in the day, you were considered a ‘plus size’ model why not include them too?” a fan questioned.


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This is the first business line that she owns but she has had the experience of collaborating with a famous brand SHEIN for party-ready outfits. Not just that for her business, her boyfriend whom she is dating for two years is also helping her raise the funds.

On her 25th birthday, she shared a picture of a gift card that wrote, “You pick two businesses you want to start and I will fund them. It’s time to take that next step in this thing we call life.”

On Tuesday, the brand launcher shared a Tik Tok video where she clarified that she is not shading anyone. She was accused of teasing her best friend Kylie Jenner.

@jordynwoods??? thank you mom & dad for these genetics ??

♬ party monster – xxtristanxo

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Jordyn was following a viral trend on TikTok and a follower mentioned that she is throwing “lowkey shade,”. To which she replied,

“There’s no shade toward anyone, this is a trend I’ve seen a bunch of girls doing and I wanted to hop on ?.”

Jordyn was no more friends with the Kardashian-Jenner clan after being involved in the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, fiance of Khloe Kardashian. While everything is going smoothly, the Kylie cosmetics founder and Jordyn haven’t mended their friendship yet.

Furthermore, stay tuned for more gossip!

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