Judd Trump

English Professional Snooker Player

Judd Trump
Judd Trump. Source: Google

Judd Trump is a veteran world champion and former world No. 1 holding English nationality plays snooker professionally and is from Bristol, England.

Also, One of the most gifted athletes in the sport. He also holds 23 ranking championships, which places him sixth among all-time winners of ranking events.

Who is Judd Trump? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

Judd Trump was conceived on the 20th of August of the year 19889 in Bristol, United Kingdom. He was conceived to his father named Steve Trump and his mother named Georgina Trump.

Likewise, Judd Trump also has a brother named Jack Trump. However, The information about Judd Trump’s education is still unclear. Likewise, Judd Trump holds English nationality.

How did Judd Trump start his Career?

Early Career

At the age of eight years old, the Ace already was dominating his older competitors. Judd was a fantastic young talent, according to everyone who knew him.

When Judd was three years old, his father gave him his first snooker set. Judd won his first contest three years later.

His father led him to the neighborhood pool hall when he was 9 years old, three additional years later, so that he could compete against much older players.

After beating competitors who were 14 and 15 years old, he won the England U-15 Championship at the age of 10.

In the championship match of the Pontin’s Open tournament in Prestatyn, Judd, then 13 years old, defeated Mike Hallett, once rated eighth in the world, 4-2.

In a competitive game in Leicester, at the age of 14, Judd broke the record for the youngest player to ever make 147 breaks. Ronnie O’Sullivan, his idol and motivation, had the record.

He also advanced to the semifinals of the World Under-21 Tournament. A 14-year-performance old’s is rather outstanding.


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At the age of 16, he qualified for a ranking title final two years later as the youngest player ever.

He defeated the reigning champion, Shaun Murphy, in a qualifying match for the 2006 Welsh Open.

Professional Career

Since 2005, The Ace has been a part of the professional circuit.

Judd was the youngest ever to accomplish so at the Welsh Open in 2006 when he advanced to the championship round. Additionally, he won the season’s last 48 positions in the China Open.

He became the third-youngest competitor to make it to the main stage of the 2007 World Championships after defeating James Wattana in the last round of qualification.

He was also one of just five players to make it to the Crucible at the age of 17.

Judd was unable to play as brilliantly as he did in the 2007–2008 season. In that season’s Welsh Open, he only finished in the top 32.

Additionally, despite having a 9-5 lead in the last qualifying game against Joe Swail, he lost the match and did not go to the 2008 World Championship.

Trump was unable to win another frame thanks to Swail, and Joe ultimately prevailed 9-10.

First ranking title

Judd reached his first senior ranking tournament final at the China Open in 2011 by defeating Shaun Murphy as well as Peter Ebdon, both of whom were past world champions. The last matchup between Judd and Mark Selby was scheduled.

Judd defeated an older opponent after playing a strong set in which he broke the century mark 100 times (10-8).

Judd Trump is in his zone
Judd Trump is in his zone . Source: Google

He had been playing professionally for six years when he won his maiden rating. He got to the top 16 in the global snooker rankings after winning $82.5k.

It didn’t take him long to win his second-ranking event tournament after winning his first-ranking championship. Trump defeated Mark Allen to win the UK Championship on December 11th, 2011.

During the round of 32, he overcame Dominic Dale to get to the championship match against Mark. The Juddernaut won by a final score of 10-8.

World Championship win

Judd Trump dominated John Higgins in the 2019 World Snooker Championships, taking the lead with twice as many points as his rival (18-9). Throughout the 35-frame match, which he won handily, he made seven-century breaks.

Don’t be fooled by Judd’s youthful appearance; despite his youth, years of work and his family’s support went into making him successful.

After clinching the World Championship, Judd said in the post-match discussion that his dad is his biggest snooker fan and that he follows every match.

To fund his son’s burgeoning snooker career, Judd’s father would put in as much work as he could and seldom spend any free time.

2021 Master

Judd and Lisowski’s names appeared under one header for the second time, but this time there wasn’t any good news.

Jack, as well as Jude, failed a COVID-19 test in January 2021, and as of that month, they were barred from competing in the 2021 Master.

On January 8, both players underwent COVID-19 testing as required by the competition’s stringent rules.


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In Milton Keynes, Judd Trump was scheduled to take on David Gilbert, but Joe Perry was brought in as a result of the COVID-19 downsizing.

Jack was also changed out for someone else.

According to representatives of the World Snooker Tour, Judd and Jack will spend a few weeks in self-isolation, during which time they will have the full backing of both the WST and WPBSA.

Judd Trump | 9-ball debut

Judd Trump just made his long-awaited nine-ball pool debut in America, crushing his American opponent by a score of 9-0. The 256-player tournament’s initial round was when he accomplished this achievement.

By ending the contest as soon as possible, he showed no pity for his opponent.

The third match of the competition would pit Judd against Al-Shammari. He controlled the first part of the match, which he won 4-1.

Judd now had all the opportunities required to win the match. The final score was 5-3 in favor of Judd.

Trump faced the 2017 US Open Pool winner, Jayson Shaw, in the following round. Trump was destroyed by Jayson in the match, which he won 11-1.

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How old is Judd Trump? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Judd Trump is presently 33 years old. Likewise, Judd Trump stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 147 lbs.

Unfortunately, The information about Judd Trump’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Judd Trump Single? Spouse, and Children

Judd has dated several women throughout his life, yet he hasn’t committed to any. For a good reason, he used to refer to himself as a part-time playboy.

Khadijah Misr is an Instagram model who was his most recent girlfriend. Although little is known about her based just on their appearance, she is now in her 30s.

Although we cannot say for sure that they’re still together, there is a chance as Judd hasn’t been spotted with anybody else.

How much does Judd Trump earn? Net Worth, and Salary

Judd has amassed winnings from snooker competitions totaling $7,571,573. Having said that, according to our analysts’ estimation of his current net worth, he is worth more than $10 million.

He had various sources of revenue, including endorsements, goods, and advertisements.

While he spends a lot of money on luxury automobiles and designer apparel, he also saves a lot of money and may have invested some of it for the future.

Where can we contact Judd Trump? Social Media Presence

Judd Trump is pretty active on social networking sites like Instagram.

Likewise, Judd Trump has 209k followers on Instagram.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Judd Trump
  • Birth Date: 20th August 1989
  • Birth Place: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Nick Name: Danny The Boy, Stud Trump, The Ace in the Pack
  • Education: Not Available
  • Father’s Name: Steve Trump
  • Mother’s Name: Georgina Trump
  • Siblings: A brother named Jack
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 147 lbs
  • Profession: Pro snooker player
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Girlfriend: Khadijah Misr
  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Social Media Presence: Instagram

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Judd Trump?

Judd Trump is presently 33 years old.

How many snooker world championships has Judd Trump won?

Currently reigning as both the world’s best player and champ is Judd Trump. He has earned 17 rating championships and is one of just 11 athletes to have triumphed in all three Triple Crown competitions.

How much does Judd Trump earn?

The Net Worth of Judd Trump is estimated to be approximately around $500,000.

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