Julia Fox feels embarrassed about her brother’s arrest on ghost gun and drug charges. She finally breaks her silence!!

“He is finally going to get the help that I’ve been trying to get him for so long,” says Julia Fox in an emotional TikTok live

Julia Fox
Julia Fox talks about her brother, Christopher's arrest source: Page Six

Julia Fox opened her mouth about her brother, Christopher Fox, and dad, Thomas Fox’s arrest. She explained and talked about her brother with her TikTok followers on Thursday.

Julia Fox is going through the hardest days as everyone knows. She has been so strong and dealing with things and facing a lot of trauma.

On March 8, her brother, Christopher Fox, and father, Thomas Fox got arrested from their New York City apartment. Julia spoke about the case with her TikTok followers on Thursday. Her brother and dad were arrested on drug and weapon charges in Manhattan.

Similarly, Julia explained her brother as a sweet and kind person despite his uncontrollable anger. She stated in TikTok live among her followers about Christopher Fox. She said,

“I know my brother and I’ve always known him to be like — I’m not kidding, you guys — the sweetest, most gentle, kind, soft-spoken, loves animals, loves to plant flowers, has a green thumb, loves nature.”

Likewise, she continued,

“But I will say that my brother and I have a lot of trauma and the difference is that I’m scrappy, I’m a fighter and I threw my aggression and was able to release that rage.”

Concluding her statement with a nervous laugh, Julia added,

“He is finally going to get the help that I’ve been trying to get him for so long. I wish I could say more but I don’t want to damage his case or anything like that but I will say that I’m just embarrassed”

Not only this but also Julia Fox’s father was released the day he got arrested according to Juila. The sources also revealed that they saw him the same day outside as he wasn’t proven guilty regarding this matter. At the time, Julia was out of town and she was unknown of the crimes and what was going on in the NYC apartment.


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However, she did come and co-signed a $450,000 bond to get her brother out of Rikers Island. After the arrest, Thomas Fox was spotted talking with some building workers. He was saying,

“I’ve been trying to kick him out for years. The cops did me a favor”

Though, it is not clear whether he was referencing his statement to his son or not.

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Know More

Julia Fox and her brother and father didn’t have a good relationship for years. Putting her past behind, she still showed support to her brother and was heartbroken after hearing the news. The sources on the other hand revealed that the police recovered 3D-printed gun silencers, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and an unauthorized pistol and ammunition at the apartment. Many 3D-printed parts of the machine guns were also manufactured.


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Moreover, a large amount of cash was found in their apartment along with a pill press, fentanyl, pressure cookers, heroin, chloroform, propane, explosives materials, and formaldehyde. Furthermore, about the case, attorney Cyril Heron stated,

“Between March 2018 and December 2022, the defendant purchased at least 190 ghost gun items, totaling over $7,600, all of these items were sent to the defendant’s home.”

Additionally, he said,

“In addition, over $8,000 in cash was recovered. Notably, the NYPD did not recover a substantial number of the items reflected in his purchase history, which indicates that he has manufactured ghost guns and sold them. The defendant possessed enough gun parts to assemble an assault weapon-style rifle.”

Meanwhile, some ghost gun-related items were not found in the NYC apartment. Prosecutors claim Christopher Fox has sold them. On March 8, he got bailed but was again recalled in court on May 4.

He was being charged with nine counts of criminal possession of a weapon, one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of unlawful possession of ammunition, and manufacturing a machine gun or assault weapon.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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