Julia Fox says children need to work instead of playing or being involved in video games! What’s the reason behind saying this?

“Because I have a son, I don’t want him to expect that women are just going to clean up after him,” says Julia on Tuesday

Julia Fox
Julia Fox clarifies about child labor controversy source: List23

Julia Fox explained the ongoing controversy about her when she said, children need to work instead of play. In a TikTok video, she said her point of view and her intention in saying that.

Julia Fox replied back to the people who blame her that she is supporting child labor. Similarly, on Tuesday, Foz posted a TikTok video explaining everything she thought was right and worthful.

Talking more about the video, she defended herself against the public and also said the reason why she said this.

Additionally, Julia made the statement that all parents should open their eyes and teach their kids to do the basics like cleaning. Instead of playing games or other things the kids should learn about the basic thing they need in real life.

Furthermore, Julia also gave advice to the parents that they must buy their kids mini-mops and mini-brooms rather than toys.

Moreover, Fox also explained what public schools do to children and doesn’t improve their skills in the video. However, she believes that the kids or the future generation should learn skills rather than other things.

Likewise, according to Juia,

“Oh my god, you guys are really acting like I said that kids should be working. That’s not what I said. I said that kids need to learn skills.”

However, expanding her point she said,

“Listen, there’s a reason why, in public schools specifically, they don’t teach kids trades or any marketable skills like sewing, or building things or growing food, you know, like basic s**t. Because they want to keep people dumb so that they have to go pay for it.” 

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On the other hand, Julia Fox has a son, Valentino who is 19 months older now, and recently in the video she also talked about her.

She explained how she raises her kid and doesn’t give him toys or mobile phones. By seeing and raising her son, Julia learned these things and she just shared them with her followers.

Further, Fox stated,

“Because I have a son, specifically, I don’t want him to expect that women are just going to clean up after him and do everything for him.”

In addition, she continued,

“I saw that my whole life, even in my own family, and that stops with me.”

Likewise, she also said that giving mobile phones makes kids addicted to the video games and other. So, it should be stopped as soon as possible. Somehow the point she is trying to make is nice and all the people should follow it rather than make fun.

Last week, Julia talked about this topic for the first time and the reaction of people is not appreciated. As they made fun of Fox in the comment section and alleged she of supporting child labor. Additionally, she stated,

“The idea of childhood was invented as a way to get parents to spend a lot of money on s**t t*at’s not really teaching your kid anything.” 

Julia Fox
Julia Fox has 19-month old son source: Page Six

And, on Instagram just before posting the TikTok video, Julia Fox posted pictures of her son playing at the park. She captioned the post,

“Now here’s a cute pic of my son at the labor camp he works at.” 

After seeing the caption, people also believed that she forces her son to do the work which is not true at all.

What do you think?

Written by Keshaa Perry

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