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Retired MMA fighter

Julian Wallace
Julian Wallace Source: Google

Julian Wallace is a former MMA fighter who had a 6-win, 4-loss professional record. Julian was a Nitro MMA Champion in the past. After experiencing hostility from the community as a result of his girlfriend’s domestic violence allegations, he retired in 2016.

About Julian Wallace

Julian Wallace, better known as ‘Julez the Jackel,’ is a well-known mixed martial artist who is also recognized for his tattoos.

He has tattoos all over his body and face, as previously stated. He is also originally from Brisbane, Australia.

Career| Professional Life

Beginning his career in 2010, he has risen to the top of the MMA fighters’ ranks.

And in between them, he was pretty quick to uphold his name in this short period of 6 years. Wallace, like many others, has received numerous distinctions.

Furthermore, when his bout with American MMA fighter Ben Nguyen in 2014 resurfaced, it drew a lot of public interest.

Wallace tried to scare Nguyen away during the pre-fight by violently pressing his hand under Ben’s chin, but he finally lost the contest.

Julian Wallace | Convicted of Domestic Violence

Jessica-Rose Clark reported Julian Rabaud as a domestic abuse victim on April 28. The Daily Telegraph covered the story on Sunday.

Jessica, also known as Jessy, reported being 15 minutes late from work to home that day.

It was because Jess needed to get some noodles for Wallace. When she arrived home, though, the MMA fighter assaulted her for bringing the wrong food.

“He started attacking me, it went on for around 20 minutes, he kicked me in the head with Timberland boots on,”.

Wallace also threatened to break her fingers while attempting to rip off her engagement ring.

If Jess had not been an MMA fighter, the scenario may have been much worse. Despite this, the victim was left with bruises all over her neck and face.

Based on Jessica Rose Clark’s statements

Jess was subjected to a 20-minute assault. Jessy also shared her puffed-up face with the media.

Later, she said that similar occurrences had occurred previously, but she felt they had crossed the limit.

As a result, Jessy brought her guts on herself and mustered the confidence to address all of these issues publicly.

Clark went on to say that Jess came out because she was frightened of what would happen to other women if she didn’t.

Julian Wallace
Julian Wallace assaults Jessy Jess Source: Google

Jessy believed they would perish in such a dreadful situation. Jess, on the other hand, did her hardest to make their relationship work for a long time.

He further claimed that she is an MMA professional and that the outcome was not as severe as it could have been.

Jessy told the Daily Mail Australia, “I remembered seeing stars and being put onto the bed; those days haunt me because I could feel myself losing consciousness slowly day by day.”

She told the Daily Telegraph how anxious she was to break free from her fiance’s massive clutches.

Similarly, She also had the uneasy feeling that she was nearing the end of her life.

Similarly, there was the instance where she completely passed out and, in a desperate attempt to stop him, continued tapping him on the arm.

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Julian Wallace’s assault statements

The news was all over the television when they aired all of Jessy Clark’s claims. This prominent tattooed MMA fighter who was involved in such an incident quickly became a big issue.

Furthermore, Julian Wallace acknowledged and agreed to the assault in a lengthy Facebook post, stating that their relationship was strained.

The Australian fighter then pleaded guilty to the accusations, which had to be done because of their current financial situation.

As a cause for wanting Clark out of his life as quickly as possible, he made others and judges believe that he was frequently the victim.

Nonetheless, he recognized that the partnership was having difficulties. Mr. Wallace did not refute his error in both Facebook posts and public statements to the media.

In addition, he desired to live alone and calmly and pleaded with everybody to leave him alone.

In addition, the judge of Newtown Local Court stated, “There will be no jail time for Julian Wallace because he is a person of excellent character.”

However, he was expelled from the MMA. Julian Wallace was sentenced to two suspended terms of up to 15 months in prison for assault.

Furthermore, Julian hasn’t been in the news much since then. Julian is also said to be working as a barber in an establishment where women are not permitted.

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Net Worth | Julian Wallace

According to the contract, the average net worth of MMA fighters is expected to be $140,000, depending on the type of ring and battles they are in, risking their own lives.

For the time being, his income is being kept hidden. Julian Wallace has never disclosed his exact net worth, but he has gained both fame and money.

Alpha Male blasted Julian Wallace.

‘The Jackal’ was thrust back into the spotlight shortly after the assault case was made public.

Team Alpha Male head coach Justin Buchholz criticized Julian, claiming he never became a team member.

Urijah Faber, a UFC veteran, founded that well-known combat squad. Wallace was training when he was defeated by Gustavo Falciroli in the second round.

More details regarding the battle were revealed, including the fact that Wallace had only been trained a few times and was uninterested in sparring.

Later, Buchholz stated that Wallace was only in training at the time.

Aside from that, other players in the same training area became perplexed after witnessing Wallace’s actions, where his celebrity completely blinded him; during training sessions.

Julian used to dump a full bottle of water on his head by himself instead of training. Furthermore, he removes his shirt to give the impression that he is having a photoshoot.

Everyone in the room recognizes, however, that he has a lot of issues. Instead, Wallace is making his life worse than he could have imagined.

Julian Wallace’s newest news, rankings, records, and much more can be found on the Tapology website.

Social Media

Julian Wallace has not been active on social media since the assault case was made public, except for a guilty post about domestic abuse that was likewise removed after it was published.

However, if we look at the sites on his social media account, we can see that he has Instagram and Facebook accounts with no photos posted, and on Facebook, there are no posts after October 2, 2016.

Wallace had shared his precious experiences with his friends and individuals close to him in those posts.

There are still images of him with his ex-girlfriend Jessica-Rose Clark on the internet.

Similarly, he has 3644 Facebook friends (@Julian Wallace) and 421 Instagram followers (@Julianwallace7437).

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Frequently Asked Question:

Julian Wallace’s age?

Wallace is believed to have been 28 years old when an assault allegation was brought against him in 2016, thus based on the years counted, he must now be 33 years old.

What can you tell me about Julian Wallace’s accomplishments?

Jullian was a Sherdog fighter with a current professional MMA streak of 6-4-0 (Won-Loss-Draw).

Is Julian Wallace married or unmarried?

Julian Rabaud leads a fully quiet existence, and his marital status remains unknown.

Julian Wallace is from which country?

Similarly, Julian was born in the Australian city of Logan, in the state of Queensland. He is also said to be residing in Sydney’s Hawaleywood.

Is Julian Wallace employed in Singapore?

No, it is a different Julian Wallace, who is a lawyer.

Julian Wallace leaked naked photos of his fiancee?

Wallace, according to sources, posted naked images of his former fiancee, Jessy Jess, on Facebook and threatened to leak sex tape when she revealed details of his savage assault.

However, Julian deleted the post and his Facebook account after getting backlash.

Quick Facts | Julian Wallace

Full Name Julian Rabaud
Known as Julz the Jackal
Nickname ‘Julz the Jackal’ Julian Wallace
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place Logan City, Queensland, Australia
Residence United States
Religion Christian
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Education N/A
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age 33 Years
Height 5’8″ (172.72 cm)
Weight 61.23 kg (135 lbs)
Weight Class Bantamweight Division
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Body type Athletic
Profession MMA Fighter
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Children None
Beginning of Professional Career 2010
Retirement 2016
Fighting Out of Brisbane, Queensland
Coach Roy Luxton
Association Five Rings Dojo
Victory 6 wins ( 4 KO/TKO), 2 SUBMISSION AND 0 DECISIONS
Last Fight August 27, 2016, in XFC
Current Professional MMA Record 6-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Current Professional MMA Streak 1 loss
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Merch MMA Gear, MMA Gloves
Last Update April, 2022

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