Juliana Custodio gives birth to her “First Child” with Ben Obscura!!

Congratulations are in-order for The star of “90 days fiance” Juliana Custodio, as she gives birth to a baby boy!!

Juliana Custodio gives birth to her First Child with Ben Obscura!!
Juliana Custodio gives birth to her First Child with Ben Obscura!! source-google

Juliana Custodio gives birth to her “First Child” with Ben Obscura- It’s a baby boy!! They named the baby after Ben, “Benjamin”!!

Juliana Custodio is full-heartedly welcomed to motherhood!! She gave birth to her first child “Benjamin James Louis” with Ben Obscura on Tuesday, July 19.

Juliana poured her heart out in her first experience of giving birth to a life. She shared a lot of personal feelings, expectations, etc in the post. She said that giving birth to her own child was her long fantasized moment which she have waited for a long time.

One of her biggest dreams was to become a mother and now she actually is!! It is the most fantastic moment of her life. She feels lucky to have Ben in her life. He is a great father but now soon he is going to be a husband as well. She revealed about their marriage as well.


Juliana explained that he is the best thing that happened to her in life and he has done more than expected. She further is speechless for having that feeling of carrying her infant in her arms. She is happy but she fears those feelings too, as she has to learn from them.

The new mom continued saying,

 “This is beyond a dream come true, I’m so blessed with this beautiful family I have. I can’t thank you enough for all the support I have been having.”

The former star revealed her pregnancy via Ben’s Instagram post in November 2021 and now the baby is already part of this world! Ben captioned the post saying,

 “Baby on the way! A new adventure is about to begin! We are super excited, and we can’t wait to welcome our new addition into the family! Babyzinho we can’t wait to meet you! We are now preparing for the most beautiful blessing we could ask for!
The best is yet to come! ❤️”


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Juliana posted a slideshow of pictures of the birth of Benjamin. She added pictures of her son breastfeeding on the hospital bed, “All Smiles”. From the third video, we can say that she gave birth via the Tub birth process, the nurses are helping her get up from the tub.


She also added pictures of Ben and herself adoring the baby and Benjamin going through all the hospital procedures. She added a huge caption to the post with a description of her baby,

Benjamin James Louis Custodio
Weight: 4.280kg
Height: 55cm
Vaginal birth with no epidural.
Born this morning

Juliana had a lot of ups and downs in her relationships…

She was in a relationship with 46-year-old Jessen before she was into Ben. On October 12 she parted ways with Jessen. The first ever spark fans noticed when she commented on Ben’s post with heart emojis.

Jessen wrote a long note for Juliana saying that it is their second anniversary. But unfortunately, they couldn’t celebrate because they split. He called their marriage “Covid casualty”. He also mentioned that she is changing super fast and stronger. And mentioned that he still requires some sort of care to move on from that relationship.

He even pointed out the rush she was in to fulfill her need she moved on so easily. It is true that she moved on really fast like in January she married Ben.

“I am happy that you have moved on and have quickly found someone new,” he added. “I hope that you will have lasting love and happiness and achieve every dream that you set out upon. If anyone can do it, it is you, and I will always be rooting for you.”

However, now she is very happy with her new partner Ben and new life with her new baby!! We from the team would congratulate the couple to achieve a new milestone!!

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