Julie Chen criticizes “Big brother” fans as HYPOCRITES addressing Racism Controversy!

Julie Chen while having a discussion with Taylor Hale called the fans of big brother “hypocrites”

Julie Chen criticizes Big brother fans as HYPOCRITES!!!
Julie Chen criticizes Big brother fans as HYPOCRITES!!! source-google

Julie Chen called the fans of big brother “Hypocrites”!!  As The contestants of season 24 isolated their co-star Taylor Han!!

How does it feel when people isolate you?? The same happened with Taylor Han. In season 24 of the show “Big Brother” the housemates actually isolated Taylor. Whereas Julie Chen criticized in an interview with a show called PARADE when asked about this happening inside the house.

She responded saying,

“It’s so interesting that you use the term ‘mob mentality.’ Because isn’t that what Twitter has done? Aren’t you all being hypocrites?” 


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She called the behavior, a mob mentality and blamed Twitter for creating a platform to produce such a mentality. Chen called everyone hypocrites in the conclusion.

“There has been this mob mentality created against people in the house, who viewers feel have not been kind to Taylor.”

Mob mentality is something done by making a group cause trouble/ violence. Chen says that she feels for Taylor for that suffering. The housemates were very mistreating her and excluding her from everything they were doing. WHICH IS VERY SAD TO SEE!!

“We all walk through life thinking that we’re good, decent people. You don’t set out to be unlikable,” she said. “It hurts, and I have sympathy for her. I have sympathy for everyone in that house. It’s not easy.”

Julie Chen while having discussion with Taylor Hale called the fans of big brother as hypocrites
Julie Chen while having a discussion with Taylor Hale called the fans of big brother “hypocrites”

We all step out of the house being very innocent, nobody wants to be different from others. That is the thing that hurts most when you are different from others. She shows sympathy for her as it is not as easy as it looks.

Other housemates are like bullies to Hale. They are also showing aggression and that is typical of the whole environment of the show “Big Brother”.

“Microaggressions are real, and they happen,” the TV host said “I don’t think most people, when committing it, are even aware of what they’re doing. I think that with the live feeds, it is easy. I think what we need to do is ask ourselves, ‘Who am I — who is anyone — to judge somebody else?’”

She further said that many people are not aware of the aggressions they are showing, maybe they are ignoring the symptoms or being unknown of their activities. She asks everyone to understand that you are nobody to judge anyone.


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“Big Brother” is a show where people usually talk trash, fight for no reason, and talk rubbish about each other. It is like a high school bully.

“A lot of it has been classic ‘Big Brother’ trash talk behind someone’s back because you feel threatened by them. In many ways, ‘Big Brother is like high school on steroids. And if you were to ask Taylor, you know, before becoming a replacement nominee, she simply was not aware of how much jealousy there was.”

She continued by saying,

“So I would say, let’s all take a pause. Let’s try not to judge. Please leave the judging to the judge: Father God. And let’s exercise some compassion for one another. We don’t know what it’s like to go through that Big Brother house,” she concluded. 

She concluded by saying to show some compassion towards each other and stop judging. There are judges to judge what is happening in the house and moreover, God is there to judge the ill treatments you are doing.

We just show sympathy to Taylor for being this strong personality. Even though she is facing all this sort of bully she is still going on in the show!!

What do you think?

Written by Seth Blair

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