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A track and field competitor from Kenya

Julius Yego
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A professional track and field athlete from Kenya named Julius Yego excels in the javelin throw. When discussing professional javelin throws, Yego is one of the names that cannot be ignored.

In addition, this outstanding athlete has several records that have yet to be broken, such as becoming the first Kenyan to win a gold medal in a field event at the Commonwealth Games.

About Julius Yego|  Family and Education

The Olympian Julius Yego was born on January 4th, 1989 in Tinderet, Nandi District, in Cheptonon (Soba River).

Likewise, Julius’ mother was a housewife, and his father was a farmer. On the family farms, Julius and his brother used to assist their parents.

Regarding his parents, not much information has been discovered, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

However, Julius showed interest in the javelin from a very young age. When he was herding cattle, he first developed a love for the sport and started throwing sticks as a diversion.

Yego undoubtedly had a difficult childhood with few access to necessities.

Nevertheless, Yego was fortunate to get the opportunity to attend Kapsabet Boys High School because his father valued education.

Unexpectedly, Julius acquired his knowledge of Javelin through YouTube. His nickname was Argo, “Mr. YouTube.”

Professional Life and Career

Julius was interested in the javelin from a young age, as we already know, although he just began competing professionally in 2003.

Yego used to compete in several regional competitions when he was in high school.

But initially, for about three years, he was unable to make many job advancements. But in 2006, after he won his first ever contest, his life changed.

Yego even managed to break a record with a distance of 67 meters, winning the title of Kenyan junior champion.

Yego was successful in establishing himself as a celebrity in a short amount of time. Additionally, Yego was in first place after capturing his first national championship in the javelin throw.

Yego also won the title of national champion at the age of 19. For many years, he presided over the top post.

Yego performed admirably and set a personal best record of 74.51 meters during the 2010 African Championship.

Despite this, he even took home a bronze medal in Nairobi for his level of performance.

As Julius Yego rises

In addition, he went to New Delhi for the Commonwealth Games in 2010 as well. Yego was given this chance since during his trial for the games, he demonstrated a superb javelin throw.

Unfortunately, he finished the competition in seventh place with a low-distance throw of 69.60 meters due to a lack of proper coaching and training.

He spent four years as Kenya’s top official despite having no formal training in the field.

In addition, Julius received a six-month scholarship to pursue professional training in Europe. He was consequently granted permission to take part in the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympics in London

Yego was prepared to compete in the 2012 London Olympics after two months of training at the IAFF-accredited facility in Kuortane, Finland.

Yego was the first track and field athlete from Kenya to compete in the Olympics. He established a new record of 79.95 meters in his first game.

Yego advanced to the finals during the 2012 London Olympics thanks to an amazing throw of 81.81 meters. But regrettably, he came in 12th in the finals.

He does, however, have a lot of potential to enhance his throw in the coming year, as evidenced by the fact that he won the 2013 World Championships in Moscow.

Julius placed fourth with a throw of 85.40 meters during the tournament. Yego thus becomes the first athlete from Kenya to ever make it to the World Championships finals.

Yego was also included in Track & Field News’ top 10 list for that year.

Best Time of Your Career

Yego eventually attained the position he desired in 2014 after years of difficulty and work. He unquestionably took home his first-ever gold medal from the commonwealth games that year.

The following year, after defeating Ihab Abdelrahman El-Sayed and setting a new season-best of 84.72, he also took home the gold medal at the African Championships.

In a similar spirit, Julius raised his throw in the Rome Golden Gala to 87.71 meters. In the same year, Yego won the British Grand Prix in Birmingham.

Yego won the gold medal at the 2015 World Championship thanks to his world-record-breaking throw of 92.72 meters, which was valid through 2021.

In addition, this exceptional athlete placed second and ran 88.24 meters at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Sadly, Yego’s right ankle began to pain suddenly, preventing him from throwing the javelin farther than 88.24 meters.

With the throw, he was still able to take home a silver medal, though.

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Relationship Status

Julius is unquestionably a household name in the world of track and field, but he is also a decent person in addition to being an excellent athlete.

Additionally, Julius is a devoted husband to Sincy Yego and a family man.

Also gifted with a beautiful youngster, Jarvis Kiptoo, is this lovely couple. Julius loves to keep things secret despite being a famous athlete.

We may infer that Julius and Sincy are content with their lives because there are no rumors of them divorcing or fighting bitterly.

However, we will let you know as soon as we learn more about their personal lives.

Net Worth and Salary | Julius Yego

Julius achieved great success in becoming one of Kenya’s top javelin throwers at the peak age of 33.

Along with being known and well-liked, this young and gifted footballer has also accumulated extraordinary money.

Yego’s net worth as of 2021 ranges between $1 million and $5 million. And his career as a professional track and field athlete has made all of this feasible.

Additionally, he makes money selling his merchandise, which includes shoes and a javelin. In addition, Yego earns a respectable sum of money via brand endorsements and collaborations.

Indeed, this Kenyan javelin thrower and his lovely family are leading comfortable lives.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

Julius is currently 33 years old and a contented husband. Every year, he has a birthday party a few days after Christmas.

Likewise, we would like to emphasize that he is a passionate individual who is committed to his profession and always learns new things.

He also has amazing throwing abilities and Javelin knowledge.

Yego is among Kenya’s best throwers in terms of talent. He has a charm that may draw in any being. Everyone admires his assurance, which only serves to increase his allure.

Yego is 85 kg tall and 5 feet 9 inches wide. He certainly has a good physique because he exercises frequently to keep himself in good shape.

Julius has gorgeous black hair and eyes.

Social Media

Instagram: 12.3K followers

Twitter: 36K followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Yego has he retired?

Yego has not ceased to exist. He did, however, quit leading the Kenyan Olympic squad in Tokyo in 2020.

Quick Facts | Julius Yego

Full name Julius Yego
Birthdate 4 January 1989
Birthplace Cheptonon (Soba River), Tinderet, Nandi District
Nationality Kenyan
Horoscope Capricorn
Age 33 years old
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s name Unknown
Education  Kapsabet Boys High School
Nickname Mr. Youtube
Ethnicity Black
Event Javeline Throw
Brother’s Name Henry Kiprono
Marital status Married
Wife Sincy Yego
Children Jarvis Kiptoo
Height 5’9″
Weight 85 kg (187 Pounds)
Body type Athletic
Eye Color Balck
Hair Color Black
Profession Professional Javelin Thrower
Sport Track and Field
Personal Best Records 92.72 meters in 2015
National Team Kenyan National team
Medals and Achievements
  • Silver Medal in 2016 Olympics
  • Gold in World Championship, 2015
  • Winner of All-Africa Games, 2011
  • Gold in Commonwealth Games, 2014
  • Three times African Championship Winner
Club Unknown
Coach Petteri Piironen
Net Worth $1 Million-$5 Million
Social Media Handles Instagram, Twitter
Merch Javelin Throw Equipment
Last Update September, 2022

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