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Justin Tatum
Justin Tatum with his son, Jayson Tatum. Source: Google

Justin Tatum, better known as the father of NBA player Jayson Tatum, has recently been in the news.

Jayson’s name was trending in the basketball community when he spoke up about his hard training and harsh treatments, which nearly forced him to retire from the game.

Jayson has a lot of respect for his father. He has stated that he will be eternally grateful to his father for his uncompromising training sessions.

Who is Justin Tatum? Early Life, Family, and Education

On April 11th, 1979, Justin Tatum was born. He is a former college basketball player from the United States. Justin has had a passion for basketball since he was a youngster, and he began playing at a young age.

He succeeded as a youngster while playing high school basketball for CBC. Tatum guided the squad to a state championship in 1997, not just any triumph.

In terms of college, he enrolled at Saint Louis University (SLU), where he majored in Criminal Justice and studied for his bachelor’s degree.

During his college years, he also provided consistency to the basketball team. Under the leadership of Coach Lorenzo Romar, he helped his college team, the SLU Billikens, win a conference title in 2000.

He was selected to the Conference USA First Team All-Defense team for his outstanding college basketball career. He also ranked sixth in blocked shots at Saint Louis University.

Career| Professional Life

Normally, a college basketball player would enter the draft in the hopes of being selected by a major league basketball team or making it to the NBA. Justin Tatum, on the other hand, was a unique individual.

He was not interested in pursuing a professional basketball career. Instead, he desired to work as a coach. After playing collegiate basketball, he decided to pursue a career as a coach.

To be honest, his coaching record is more spectacular than his college basketball achievements.

Coach Tatum and his team came in third place on the table in 2010 and 2011. However, with the club he was coaching at the time, the Soldan Tigers, he won the state title in 2012.

In 2014, he and his then-team Christian Brothers College (CBC) high school won the state title.

He’s also won three PHL (Public High League) Conferences and three District Championships.
He won the Metro Catholic Conference (MCC) title twice, in 2014 and 2019, and he also won five district championships.

When Justin Tatum was named Coach of the Year in 2012, he was acknowledged for his abilities as a coach.

Jayson allegedly stated in an internet interview that his father was the first person to throw a ball into his hands. He also stated that his father was present from the start of his basketball career.

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Justin Tatum’s Youth Camps

Coach Tatum has been leading and involved himself in his kid’s camps for a long time. For the past 11 years, he has been doing so.

For the last six years, the CBC administration has also permitted him to run his youth camps at the CBC high school.

The camps offer a venue for school-aged children to learn about the game and develop their passion for it. Different coaches from various sectors also offer advice, information, and ideas on how to enhance one’s game.

The camps allow school students to meet new people and develop new friends.

Justin Tatum and Jayson’s Relationship

Justin began to teach Jayson basketball as early as he could. He reminded the audience that his father instilled in him the values of honesty and patience.

He goes on to tell that his father had a child when he was just 18/19 years old.

Justin Tatum used to be tougher on him throughout practice sessions than the other kids because he wanted his son to be disciplined both on and off the court.

He hated playing basketball in that way, and he felt compelled to stop practically every day as a result of his father’s behavior.

Justin Tatum and Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum with father Justin Tatum. Source: Google

He had no idea that those identical practice sessions would prepare the ground for the rest of his basketball career.

Jayson’s father, it appears, would usually set up for him to play with players two or three grades above him.

Despite all of the struggles and hatred that Jayson felt during training, things turned out great, and he is now delighted. Jayson would go to Soldan to be with his father when school was out and spend the entire day watching matches.

Spending time with his father at Soldan taught him a lot; a guy can learn a lot just by watching other people’s faults and choices.

He and his father would chat about what happened during the game on the trip home from Soldan, and they would debate the main points from the events of the day’s games.

Jayson, who is 23 years and 32 days old, recently became the NBA’s youngest player to reach 5000 points in his career.

Justin was, of course, the proudest father on the planet at the same time. He even sent out a tweet congratulating Jayson on his incredible achievement.

Relationship Status| Single or Married

Justin tied the know with Brandy Cole. Unfortunately, there is not much information about how and when they met each other.

However, the couple has three children i.e., two sons named Jayson Tatum, Jaycob Tatum, and one daughter named Kayden Tatum.

Net worth and Salary

While we don’t have specific information regarding his net worth, we can create an educated guess based on the facts we do have.

Since graduating from college, Justin Tatum has worked as a coach. A basketball coach’s average annual pay in the United States is around $42,000.

Let’s say his annual wage was $30,000, based on inflation since his undergraduate days. His worth must have risen after earning some experience, honors, and achievements under his name.

Where can we contact Tatum? Social Media Links

Justin is not very active on social media, as many would expect from a 43-year-old man. Likewise, Justin has 3.6k followers on Twitter.

However, his son, Jayson is very much active on social media platforms. Jayson has got 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 929.3k followers on Twitter.

 Quick Facts about Justin Tatum:

  • Full Name: Justin Tatum
  • Birth Date: April 11, 1979
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: CBC high school, St. Louis University
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Height: 6 feet 7 inches (193cm)
  • Weight: 106 kg (235 lbs)
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Profession: Basketball Coach
  • Spouse: Brandy Cole
  • Kids: Two sons and a daughter(Kayden Tatum, Jayson Tatum, Jaycob Tatum)
  • Social Media Handles: Twitter

Some of the FAQs:

Did Justin Tatum play in the NBA?

Justin Tatum did not participate in the NBA (National Basketball Association). He played basketball in high school and college, and since then, he has worked as a professional basketball coach.

Who are Jayson Tatum’s mother and father?

Justin Tatum is Jayson Tatum’s father, and Brandy Cole is his mother. Unlike his mother, his father is a well-known figure in the basketball community, therefore information on him is readily available.

Who is Jayson’s sister?

Kayden Tatum is Jayson Tatum’s younger sister. Jayson has a brother named Jaycob, as well as a sister.

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