Kareem Jabbar

an American former professional basketball

Kareem Jabbar
an American former professional basketball Source: Google

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a former professional basketball player from the United States who spent 20 seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association.

Kareem Jabbar | Early Life and Education

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. is Kareem Abdul-real Jabbar’s name; he was born in New York City on April 16, 1947. He is the only child of Cora Lillian and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, father (mother).

His father was a jazz musician and a transit police officer, and his mother was a price checker in a department store.

He went to Power Memorial Academy in New York City, where he helped his team win 71 straight games. Kareem is an American citizen. Moreover, he follows the Muslim religion and comes from a Black ethnic background.

Kareem and his team won the high school boys’ basketball national championship during his senior year.

Kareem Jabbar
an American former professional basketball Source: Google

Kareem attended the University of California for his post-high school studies.

Kareem’s decision to enroll in college was primarily motivated by the fact that the NBA at the time did not accept high school graduates, necessitating a college education.

Kareem Jabbar | Age And Body Measurement

An American former professional basketball, Kareem Jabbar is Currently 75 Years Old.

Moreover, Jabbar stands 7 ft. 2 inches tall and weighs 102kg. It’s challenging to forget Kareem Jabber.

Additionally, Jabber’s hair is blad and his eyes are dark brown.

Kareem Jabbar | Personal Life

If you’re wondering what a successful person’s life would be like, believe me when I say it’s as chaotic as it can get.

Even after getting married, he has had relationships with several different women.

In 1971, he wed Habiba Abdul-Jabbar; they went on to have three children: Habiba, Sultana, and Kareem Jr. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Junior, who is also a basketball player.

After divorcing Janice in 1978, Kareem started dating Cheryl Pistono and had Amir as their child.

In addition, Kareem has a son named Adam, but he hasn’t confirmed who the mother is.

Kareem was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and diabetes in the same year. 2008 saw the initial diagnosis of the condition.

At the UCLA Medical Center, Kareem underwent quadruple coronary bypass surgery in 2015.

Kareem Jabbar | Career

As was previously mentioned, Kareem attended the University of California; however, during his first year there, he was not permitted to play basketball for the team since first-year students were not permitted to do so.

When Kareem made his debut in 1966 as a sophomore, the national press covered his first game. Kareem impressed everyone by scoring 56 points in his debut game, earning the nickname “The New Superstar.”

Kareem had a remarkable college career, winning awards like National Player of the Year, Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA, Naismith College Player of the Year, Helms Foundation Player of the Year, and others for his outstanding play.

Professional Career

Kareem’s selection in the NBA Draft was straightforward due to his outstanding college basketball performance.

Kareem was selected first overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1969 NBA Draft.

Kareem had been offered $1 million to join the Harlem Globetrotters, but he turned it down and stayed with the Bucks, who were in their second season of existence.

The Bucks set a record in 1970 by winning twenty straight games, which was the most at the time. That season, Abdul received his first Most Valuable Player honor.

Kareem played a key role in the Bucks’ success from 1971 to 1975. Jabbar was one of the top five players in the 1974 finals and had already won MVP twice in his first three seasons of professional basketball.

He was so enraged by this that he punched Nelson in return, breaking two bones in his right hand.

He was consequently suspended and missed sixteen games. Although Kareem never disparaged the Bucks, he always claimed that the team didn’t meet his cultural needs. This incident fueled Kareem’s desire to leave the Bucks.

Los Angeles Lakers

Kareem was purchased by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1995. Kareem won the MVP award for the fourth time thanks to his 1,111 defensive rebounds, which still stand as the NBA single-season record.

It was a proud moment for the Lakers as well because it was the first MVP victory in team history, not just for Kareem.

Similar to how Kareem’s migraines prevented him from giving his best effort in the finals in 1981, Kareem. Abdul was the oldest recipient of the MVP award when he received it in 1985.

Kareem was unable to perform well in 1988, so he made the decision to retire. Every Laker wore a jersey bearing his name and his distinctive goggles as a tribute.

He received a standing ovation from everyone at the conclusion as well.


After retiring as a player, Kareem couldn’t stay away from basketball for long and decided to return, but this time as a coach.

Abdul couldn’t accomplish as much as he did during his playing career, though. In addition, he was frequently perceived as rude, sulky, or difficult to deal with by others.

Additionally, he hasn’t accomplished much as a coach. He even made an attempt to become the head coach of the Bucks, but he failed miserably.

He served as an assistant for the Seattle SuperSonics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

In 2002, he served as the Oklahoma Storm’s head coach in the United States Basketball League.

Aside from Basketball

Kareem is a multi-talented person who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. In 1972, he made his screen debut in Bruce Lee’s Game of Death.

In addition, Kareem has a published writing career.

Giant Steps, his autobiography, was released as his first book in 1983. Kareem and Peter Knobler worked together on it.

Similar to this, two of his other well-known books are Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance and On the Shoulders of Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion.

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Kareem Jabbar | Net Worth

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a legendary basketball player, has amassed a staggering amount of wealth from his incredibly lucrative NBA career and other side hustles.

He has a $20 million current net worth.

Jabbar easily earned $3 million in salaries and bonuses throughout his playing career.

Moreover, he currently resides in a multi-million dollar home in Marina Del Rey. Kareem received $6 million for the sale of his 5,000-square-foot villa in 2014.

Social Media Presence

Kareem is active on social media even though he is in his mid-seventies. On Twitter and Instagram, he has a sizable fan base.

His social media feed features quotes, news about the NBA, and interviews. More than a million people follow him on Instagram, and 2.2 million people follow him on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kareem wore glasses during games—why?

Kareem’s eye was scratched during one match, so he shielded his eyes with goggles, which later became his trademark.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was he the greatest basketball player ever?

He truly is among the all-time greats in basketball. If we were to analyze the data, Michael Jordan would unquestionably be considered a basketball legend.

Has Michael Jordan ever faced off against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Eight games were played between Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan.

Quick Facts

Full Name  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Birth Name Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.
Nickname The Tower from Power
Date of Birth  April 16, 1947
Place of Birth  Harlem, New York City, United States
Age 75 Years Old
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  Black
Religion  Muslim
  • Power Memorial  Academy
  • University of California
Father’s Name  Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr.
Mother’s Name  Cora Lillian
Siblings  No
Zodiac Sign  Aries
Hair Color  Black
Eye Color  Black
Height  7 ft. 2 inches /2.18 m/218 cm
Weight  102 kg/225 lbs.
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Position  Center
Net Worth  $20 Million
Affiliation  NBA
NBA Debut 1969
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Marital Status  Divorced
Ex-Wife Habiba Abdul-Jabbar (Janice Brown)
  • Habiba Abdul-Jabbar
  • Sultana Abdul-Jabbar
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jr.
  • Amir Abdul-Jabbar
  • Adam Abdul-Jabbar
Merch Rookie Card, Signed Photo, Signed Jersey
Social Media  InstagramTwitter

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