Kate Hudson posted a topless picture on Instagram! Her brother, Oliver Hudson gives an awkward reaction!!

“This might be the most brother response ever” says one of the followers of Kate Hudson after seeing Oliver’s response!

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson's brother, Oliver Hudson gave awkward reaction after seeing her topless picture source: Page Six.

Kate Hudson posted a topless picture on Instagram on July 2, Saturday. Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother reacted to the picture by seeing his sister topless covering her chest with her hair.

Furthermore Details

Kate Hudson is an American actress and businesswoman and the recipient of various accolades. Similarly, she is a bold and beautiful actress who is capable of doing anything. Talking about Kate’s recent post on Instagram, she has posted a topless picture. In addition, Hudson is sipping a coffee and on the side, she is holding a phone.

Likewise, Kate is covering her chest part with her blonde long hair. On the other hand, she is wearing black high waist underwear which covered her apps. Additionally, Hudson has captioned her post by adding some emojis like, “🌞’s out ☕️☕️☕️


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Wanna know more?

Kate after posting the picture which looks very adorable, almost half a million likes and over 6,000 comments appeared. One of her followers commented,  “I must recreate this 😍😍😍😍 Icon.”

Meanwhile, another follower also wrote, “If I looked like this, I would literally go anywhere and everywhere wearing this and only this. #katehudsondamngirl ❤️🔥😍.”

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What about Kate’s brother’s reaction after seeing the picture?

Kate Hudson’s brother is Oliver Hudson who is an American actor. Talking about Oliver and Kate’s relationship, they are very supportive of each other. However, we normal people think that celebrities must have another type of relationship not like ours.

Though, after seeing Kate and her brother’s relationship we can know that they are normal people like us. Furthermore, in the post shared by Hudson on Instagram, Saturday, Oliver commented, Nope…”

As soon as the comment is posted, many likes and replies started coming. Similarly, till now there are 118 likes in his comment, and many fans and followers gave a reply to Oliver’s comment.

Moreover, one of the fans commented, “@theoliverhudson perfect sibling response!😂😅😂 @katehudson is cracking up!😂.”

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson together
source: US Weekly

Also, another added his point in the comment section,@theoliverhudson this might be the most brother response ever.”

Likewise, the third fan added, “I showed this to my brother and he said he would say the exact same. Love seeing that celebs still have normal sibling relationships, your sibling is always the person who is going to keep you grounded!”

More about Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Kate and Oliver are siblings who took birth from Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Both the siblings are very close and both of them support each other throughout the good and worst days. Similarly, they have also mentioned in several interviews that their bond gives them the confidence to really go after their dreams.
Moreover, seeing the bond between Kate and Oliver, their children also learned from them. On the other hand, Kate also stated previously in The Things about their children bond saying,

“Our kids are like siblings—they want to be with each other at all times. I either have the kids or I send my kids to Ollie’s. Then we come over and we meet up and we have dinner.”


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Though, when Kate and Oliver were kids they used to get jealous of each other. Similarly,  Hudson stated,

“I think my mom said it started when I came home from the hospital and he was catapulting clementines into my crib, and she had to remove him from my nursery. And it just expanded from there.”


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Despite the differences before, now at the present time, Kate and Oliver have the strongest bond. They both help each other with each other’s problems such as complicated childhood, relationship breakdowns, and career highs and lows.

We hope to see this bond forever!

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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