Kate Hudson stop drinking alcohol before her ‘Glass Onion’ bikini scene

While her co-stars drank, the Fabletics co-creator consumed “a cucumber and feta.”

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson stop drinking alcohol before her ‘Glass Onion’ bikini scene source: netflix

Prior to filming her famous bikini scene in “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” Kate Hudson made the decision to abstain from alcohol.

Kate Hudson said on “This Morning” on Wednesday that she was “waiting” to get that moment out of the way after watching a clip of herself walking alongside a pool in an orange two-piece.

“While everyone else was having Aperol Spritzes in Greece. I was just waiting for that scene to be shot so I could just join everybody,” the 43-year-old actress explained.

“Everybody was having a great time,” Hudson continued. “I was like, ‘I’ll take that cucumber and feta.’”

The co-creator of Fabletics, who portrays Birdie Jay, a “bold, very loud, tone-deaf,… [and] not that smart” character in the “Knives Out” sequel, hasn’t appeared in a significant motion picture since 2016 and said that “waiting on the sideline” was “hard.”

She gushed to Vanity Fair earlier this month that her most recent character was like reaching a “sweet spot.” But she said, “Because of the way my career has gone. The movies that I’ve wanted to make are not the movies that I’ve been getting.”

Following her hiatus, the Golden Globe winner claimed that she didn’t put any “pressure” on herself while filming.

“In terms of … being driven by fear. That’s never really been the way I move through life,” Hudson told the outlet. “I just want to do good work, always.”

While promoting the Dec. 23 Netflix release, the Oscar nominee talked about the nepo baby issue that has gotten prominence since New York Magazine’s most recent cover feature.


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According to Hudson, who was raised by his mother Goldie Hawn, and stepfather Kurt Russell, nepotism in Hollywood ultimately “doesn’t matter” “as long as [aspirants] work hard and kill it.”

The “Fool’s Gold” actress’ remarks drew criticism. One Twitter user claimed that she spoke: “like a true a true nepo baby.”

Another person continued, “i don’t understand so many of these people who clearly benefitted from parental connections (and that’s ok) who go out of their way to say [this].”

Hudson is the mother of Ryder, 18, and Bingham. 11, as well as Rani, 4, and believes that “storytelling” is in her “blood.”

Written by Prad Nungel

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