Kate Hudson’s son Ryder Robinson gets a graduation gift for himself! Its his first tattoo!

Kate Hudson’s 18-years old son Ryder is all grown up. He had his very first tattoo moment!! check it out.

Kate Hudson's son Ryder Robinson debuted his first tattoo
Kate Hudson's son Ryder Robinson debuted his first tattoo source- spockandchristine

Kate Hudson’s 18-years old son Ryder is all grown up!! He had his very first tattoo inked with the letters “CBR”.

Kate Hudson’s Son Ryder Robinson who she shares with Chris Robinson got a tattoo inked on his right forearm on Tuesday. During Ryder’s first tattoo experience Kate had a front-row seat watching him getting inked at Sixty Ink shop.

The moment of the first tattoo was captured by the mother herself who shared the photos and videos on social media platforms. She captured the picture of her son and the tattoo artist Claudio Traina.

The meaning of Ryder’s tattoo is not revealed yet. But it is assumed to have appeared in the name of his sibling’s initials of their names. However, the tattoo may hold greater significance and be a very sweet tribute to his siblings.

So the logic behind this prediction is. the letter C seems to stand for Cheyenne, his 13-year-old sister whom Robinson shares with Allison Bridges. The B possibly might stand for Bingham, Hudson’s 10-year-old son with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy. Moreover, the R looks like it stands for Rani Rose, Hudson’s 3-year-old daughter whom she shares with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Maybe R also includes his initials? what are your thoughts?

Ryder Robinson with the tattoo artist Claudio trians
Ryder Robinson with the tattoo artist Claudio Triana

This year is full of a milestone for the kid. He turned 18 years this January,  just some months after June he graduated from high school. AND NOW THE KID HAS HIS FIRST TATTOO!! In addition,  to remember the special occasion of his graduation the mom shared an Instagram post marking his day!!

Don’t Forget To Checkout Exclusive News On Gossipybio>>>>Kate Hudson and Her Ex-Husband Chris Robinson Reunite for Son Ryder’s High School Graduation

The two exes (Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson) reunited for the high school graduation of their son Ryder. She posted photos of the moment and captioned them as “Way to go baby”. Kate cheered up her baby saying,

“It was a day you talk about when your kids are little and say things like, ‘Hey, one day it will be 2022 and you’ll graduate from high school!’”. “As if that day is so far it is barely reachable. And then here we are! Furthermore, she said

“Raising you has been one of the great gifts and pleasures of my life. You bring so much to everyone’s life. You are kind, loving, generous, patient, hilarious and one of a kind.” “I am so excited for this next chapter. Way to go baby! Ma loves you! … Letting your babies fly ain’t easy but fly kiddos fly! ?.”


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She posted a slideshow of pictures from the event where Ryder held his graduation certificate from Crossworld school. Kate and Chris were at the side of their son cheering.

Ryder was rocking his green cap and a green gown and he also posed with his siblings. Ryder is the only child shared by Chris and Kate. They were in 5 years of relationship before they parted ways in 2006.

She was also seen discussing divorce and co-parenting kids with her exes. She further said that “Divorce sucks”. Moreover, she revealed the tips and tricks to maintaining a very healthy co-parenting relationship that indulges communication, self-sufficiency, and giving first priority to the kids.


Yes, you heard that right. Ryder is in a relationship with Iris Apatow the daughter of Jude Apatow and Leslie Mann. The cute couple celebrated their anniversary in April after announcing their relationship in February.

Kate has been seen cheering up the couple commenting on their picture with ‘Sweets’.

Well, it’s Ryder’s new journey as an adult 18 years old, and hopes to see him doing great in life!!






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