Kate Middleton and Prince William attended King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation with their children. What did they wear?

“We’re all very excited about Prince George’s role in the coronation, it will be an incredibly special moment,” says one spokesperson

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William wore robes and mantles source: Page Six

Kate Middleton and Prince William showed their appearance at Westminster Abbey in London for the crowning ceremony of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Their three kids also watched the coronation.

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the crowning ceremony in formal attire. On Saturday, the Prince and Princess of Wales went to Westminster Abbey in London for King Charles’s and Queen Camilla’s crowning ceremony. Similarly, people are really excited to watch the Royal families’ outfits for the big day. And the first picture they got was of Kate and she was looking absolutely gorgeous.

As per the request of the King and Queen, Kate Middleton wore a formal robe and mantle for the king’s coronation. The Princess of Wales was wearing a gown designed by Alexander McQueen.

Further, the gown was in ivory silk crepe with silver bullion and it featured a rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrock motifs. However, it symbolizes the UK’s four nations as a whole. Also, Kate spices up her looks with some jewels and pearl and diamond earrings of late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Likewise, Prince William also carried a formal robe and mantle with a ceremonial uniform of the Welsh Guards. Kate and William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis also attended the crowning ceremony with their parents. Prince George joined the ceremony with King Charles’s three other Pages of Honor. But, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis being the youngest took place with their parents.

After King Charles’s death, Princess William will become the king and Prince George will follow his father in the line of succession. This is a historic process that King Charles also followed after the death of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. On the other hand, Prince George is the youngest future monarch to attend the coronation according to the sources.

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More Details

Kate Middleton and Prince William arrived at King Cahrles’ coronation a bit late. Though they wore dresses according to King and Queen’s request. King Charles’s three pages of honor are Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, Nicholas Barclay, and Ralph Tollemache along with his grandson Prince George. Furthermore, Queen Camilla’s Pages of Honor are her three grandsons and great-nephew.

Meanwhile, when Prince Charles was 4 years old, he was brought to watch his mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in the year 1953. Likewise, Princess Elizabeth in 11-years old also watched her father King George VI’s crowning ceremony in the year 1937. So, this time Prince George also followed the same process and his involvement in the coronation was everyone’s topic of discussion.

Moreover, the sources claimed that many people were excited to see Prince George’s role in the crowning ceremony. According to one spokesperson,

“We’re all very excited about Prince George’s role in the coronation, it will be an incredibly special moment.”

Additionally, another source stated,

“The Prince and Princess of Wales are cognizant that he is old enough to understand what’s going on. But they’re mindful that normal life resumes when George is back at school next week, where the weekend’s events will likely be the talk of his classmates”.

Besides, one insider of the royal family said,

“His parents are very excited and delighted that he is a page. It’s something that his parents have thought long and hard about and are very much looking forward to — and I’m sure George is too.”

Although the crowning ceremony was completed perfectly it was less formal than past ceremonies. At the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, all the ladies wore tiaras and elbow-length gloves but this time they chose purple velvet mantles over formal dress.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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