Katy Perry regrets her decision not to work with Billie Eilish in the song, “Ocean Eyes”. Are Katy and Billie friends?

Katy Perry decline the offer to work with Billie Eilish because she thought the song, “Ocean Eyes” was boring

Katy Perry
Katy Perry regrets her decision not to work with Billie Eilish source: Public TV

Katy Perry stated that she regrets her decision not to collaborate with Billie Eilish in the hit song, “Ocean Eyes”. Well, this decision didn’t break their friendship though.

Katy Perry revealed the big secret in front of her fans and followers on Friday. One TikTok clip posted by 102.7 KIIS FM went viral where Katy mentioned her biggest regret.

In the video, she says that she got the chance to collaborate with Bellie Eilish but she declined the offer.

According to her, the song was boring and she didn’t like that at the time. But, when the specific song, “Ocean Eyes” became a hit of the time, she instantly regrets on her decision. Similarly, explaining what really happened, Katy said,

“I received an email from someone who said, ‘ Hey check out this new artist. I’d really like us to work with her because she was working with me for Unsub [Records].”

Likewise, Perry continued the statement by saying,

“It was a song called ‘Ocean Eyes,’ and it was just a blonde girl”

Though she didn’t take Billie’s name, her statement made it clear that she is talking about Billie. Further, she thought that the song was not exciting rather she said, “And I was like, ‘Meh, boring'”. 

Following this, the American singer stated the decision was her huge mistake, a big mistake. Accepting her mistake, she also joked, “Don’t let this hit the Internet.” 

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Now, let us talk about Billie Eilish’s one-hit song, “Ocean Eyes”. The song became very popular and it lead to global stardom as well. In 2015, the song was first released and it has won seven Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. Not only this but “Ocean Eyes” has also become successful in winning Oscar for Best Original Song.

This song was first written and produced by Billie’s brother,  Finneas O’Connell. Her brother gave the song to her because he thought the song fitted Eilish’s vocals. Ocean Eyes was first released on November 18, in the year 2015, but commercially it was again released on November 18, in the year 2016.

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More Details

Katy Perry and Billie Eilish share a strong bond together. They are very good friends since the documentary, Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry“. The documentary is directed by R. J. Cutler and Billie Eilish. It was first released via Billie’s social media on September 28, 2020.

It was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Nonfiction or Reality Program. The Emmy Awards also include Outstanding Sound Editing, Outstanding Picture Editing, and Outstanding Music Direction.

However, the film was officially released in theaters, Apple TV+ on February 26, in the year 2021.


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From that time, Katy and Billie became good friends and Perry also introduced her then-fiancee to Billie. When Eilish and Orlando Bloom first met each other via Katy, Billie had no clue about that. She also didn’t know Orlando was the actor in the movie, “Pirated of the Caribbean”. Katy introduced Orlando Bloom by saying,

“My fiancé doesn’t listen to modern music, he’ll only play you in the car all the time.”

Moreover, Bloom also hugged Billie and said, “I’m so proud of you.” Continuing the conversation, Perry added,

“Congrats, I’m so proud of you. I wanted to say, this is going to be wild for 10 years. If you ever wanna talk… ’cause it’s a weird ride.”

But the funniest part is, Billie didn’t know who Orlando was except Katy’s boyfriend. When her brother, Finneas told her he was the actor in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, she became a fangirl. In addition to that, she said,

“That guy?! That was him?! No way! Bring him back. I want to meet him again. He kissed me on the cheek. I did not know that was him. I thought that was just some dude Katy Perry met.”

Apart from this, we are hoping Katy and Billie in the same song once. Despite the regret, Katy Perry and Billie Eilish are going well together.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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