Kelly Rizzo is mourning over her husband Bob Saget 6 months after his death!!

Kelly Rizzo pays tribute to her late husband – “The World Isn’t The Same”

Kelly Rizzo pays tribute to her late husband - The World Isn't The Same
Kelly Rizzo pays tribute to her late husband - The World Isn't The Same source-google

Kelly Rizzo paid tribute to her husband, late comedian Bob Saget on his 6 month death anniversary.

She added a video post reflecting on time spent with her husband. The video featured some special memories with the late Saget. She wrote,

” 6 months without my best friend, my travel buddy, my loving husband. 6 months without your silliness, laughter, music, cuteness, caretaking, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, cuddling, and warmth.

She missed his humor and further explained his qualities and how she felt without him. Kelly poured her heart out by giving details on living herself without him,

“But it’s also been 6 months of looking for silver linings, learning how to brave the world without you, 6 months of care and compassion from so many who love you, 6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughters and trying to all be strong together. 6 months of continuing to love, laugh, and live because that’s what you would want…what you’d insist upon.”

She concluded by writing the tribute by saying,

“Even though you’d want to make sure that we all still miss you…and dear God do we ever. We miss you so much, every day. Love you honey, the world still isn’t the same without you.”

Rizzo received a lot of positive and supportive comments from her friends in the comments section, which included Jana Kramer, Whitney Cummings, and Selma Blair.

On January 9, Saget took his last breath in the hotel at Ritz-Carlton in Florida at age 65. He died from slipping against the back of his head which was reported by authorities. Saget had multiple head fractures in his head before his death. He accidentally hit the head according to the autopsy.

At that time his family reported that,

“They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it, and went to sleep. No drugs or alcohol were involved,”.


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After the Saget incident, Kelly shared some of her struggles but also she said that she was very close with his three daughters. Furthermore, Bob Saget shared three daughters with his ex-wife Sherri Kramer. He shares, 35-years-old Aubrey, 32-years-old Lara, and 29-years-old Jennifer.

Rizzo in June shared her relationship with his daughters in an interview,

“I’d call it more than getting along, we love each other very, very much and talk or text every day,” she shared. “We’re just so, so grateful to be as close as we are because that’s not always the case with step-families.”

Saget divorced his ex-wife in 1997, and after that, he got married to Rizzo in 2018.

The late comedian was honored with the Impact Awards at Annual Critics Choice Real TV Award. On behalf of her husband, she received his award.

 “You watch that, and you look at him, and you’re like, ‘Bob was larger than life.’ He was so full of life. He was a force of nature. And you watch that, and you’re like, ‘How is he not the one that’s on the stage right now?’ It still doesn’t make sense. It still doesn’t really compute.”


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She took the name of his incredible daughters and that she was very honored to receive it. Rizzo said that he was full of life and beautifully portrayed his behavior.

Moreover, added how is it possible that he is not on the stage to receive his achievement and she really cannot digest the fact.

He will be missed and forever remain in our memory!







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